Tuesday, January 31, 2017

(1339) MUSIC AND ME (Dec. 15, 2016) BONDING TIME for Exec. HR and Sales & Marketing of PRR

 Left to right, Roberto Hernandez, Ella Asuncion, Kenny Uludui, Wilfred, Bob Hsiao and Rodney Yakuchil during the bonding party of Executive Department, HR Department and Sales and Marketing Department of Palau Royal Resort on Dec. 03, 2016 at Airai View Hotel's Water Paradise.

2 days prior to Christmas, the Executive, HR, and Sales and Marketing Department of Palau Royal Resort held its bonding party at Airai View Hotel Water Paradise. Those who attended are GM Masayuki Kawaguchi, his secretary Ella Asuncion, Ivana Bautista, Chief of Security Kenny Uludui, Wilfred, Rod Yakuchil, HR Manager Bob Hsiao, Ramil (cook at Cafeteria, Vina F Liwanag, Ley Balba.
I met there an Israeli family -- Liat, Amir and their son Liam, which is the combination of the first 2 letters of their names. Liat is interested to have me teach Liam drums lessons at Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) Palau
Locale one of these days. It happened in Dec. 5, Monday and it was a rock! Liam enjoyed every minute of it. The last part of that afternoon lesson is Liat at the drums, Liam holding a guitar like a Hawaiian guitar style, and me playing the guitar and singing Hotel California while Amir is taking a video of us. Liat knows the lyrics of the song. It was a fantastic experience with the Israeli family. They go to Yap for a week and back again to Palau before Christmas. They said goodbye to me on the afternoon of Christmas day and we have some good conversation and photo session at the lobby of PRR.

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