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(692) ROBERT JAMES FISCHER 1943-2008 (Booby Fischer - The Times Obituary)

                  Bobby Fischer: The Times obituary
                             from Times Online, January 18, 2008, by GM Raymond Keene

Bobby Fischer, the brash, unschooled chess genius from Brooklyn who toppled the might of the Soviet chess system before his 30th birthday, is the only North American World Champion and was the only non-Soviet or non-Russian title holder between the Second World War and the victory of Indian Viswanathan Anand in October last year.

Fischer's taking of the World Championship from Boris Spassky in 1972 was hailed as a symbolic moment for American hopes in the Cold War, and in many ways, Fischer's story epitomized the self-reliant, frontier ideals of Americans. (It also inspired Chess, the musical).

Yet Fischer was a deeply disturbed man, and the dream evaporated after his victory in Reykjavik. Dramatically, Fischer renounced chess after failing to agree terms for his defense of the title and did not play a single competitive game for 20 years. Instead he descended into paronaoia, characterized by hate-filled and poisonously anti-Semitic outbursts against his own country.

Robert James Fischer was born in Chicago in 1943 to a Jewish mother and a German father (though his actual paternity has been a subject of speculation). His parents split when he was 2, and he moved with his mother and sister to New York. He took up chess aged 6 and soon became obsessed with the game, eventually dropping out of high school.

He won the US Championship at 14, thus qualifying for the World Championship Candidates Tournament of 1958, and becoming at the age of 15, the youngest Grandmaster in the world in the process. He performed very creditably, but the top Soviet players who dominated world chess had no problem handling him, and he was crushed 7-1 in his games against Tal and Petrosian.

His reaction in the renewed failure in 1962 qualifying event in Curacao was passionate, accusing the elite contenders of playing as a team, and refusing to countenance participation until the tournament system had been replaced by a series of matches and tournament thereafter often featured similarly brusque demands, and his career was interrupted more than once by long periods of withdrawals from international chess.

When he did play, it was obvious that a remarkable talent had emerged. His sharp, clear and vigorous style, his breathtaking speed of play and massive determination at the board made him a legend even before he won the world title.

He first sprang to prominence, when he won a brilliant game at the age of 13 in 1956 against the American master Donald Byrne. This game involved an amazing queen sacrifice, it went round the world and became known as the game of the century. It propelled Fischer's career in a way that no amount of first prizes in tournaments could possibly have done. He once won the US Championship with an 11-0 score and, in the Candidates' Matches of 1970-1, he succeeded in winning his first two matches against Taimanov and Larsen by six games to nil.

Fischer's World Championship match with Spassky was also characterized by his detailed demands and his near-refusal to play. After nerve-wrenching brinkmanship, Fischer condescended to sit at the board, persuaded by a personal telephone appeal from Henry Kissinger and the injection of considerable last-minute extra funds by British millionaire Jim Slater.

He began to play magnificent chess, which he backed up with an extraordinary battery of off-the-board protests that must have put great psychological pressures on both players. Fischer did not turn up for the second game, which was awarded to Spassky by forfeit; for the third game, Fischer insisted on the exclusion of all TV and film cameras and that the game should be conducted in a small closed room.

Has Spassky refused, the subsequent history of world chess might have been very different; Fischer won his first ever game against Spassky and quickly went on to establish a lead in the match. The Russians ultimately and belatedly retaliated by having the hall swept of electronic and chemical equipment and X-raying the players' chairs. The result of this exercise in paranoia was the discovery of two dead flies in the light fitting.

The match ended in an emphatic victory for Fischer, yet, after his recent Candidates performances, the 12.5-8.5 score actually lost him rating points.

The 6th game was widely regarded as the most elegant. The Argentine connoisseur Grandmaster Miguel Najdorf compared it to a symphony by Mozart. Harry Golombek, chess correspondent of The Times, who was present at the match added: "One very nice touch was that Spassky joined in the applause at the end. 

Fischer being human was affected by this, but as he subsequently told a friend, he had to hurry away to hide his feelings. "What a gentleman Spassky is,' Fischer is reported to have said. However, he wanted to restrain  such feelings for fear that they would interfere with the tigerish quality which he regarded as essential for crushing an opponent."

Fischer's demands performed one lasting service to the followers of chess and to his fellow-professionals. The vast prize of modern prize funds is a direct result of his insistence that chess players should be paid on a scale comparable with champions in other sports. And his cult of invincibility created a massive upsurge in the popularity of chess, particularly in the West, having shown that the Soviet stranglehold on the game could be broken.

The contest seemed to have strangely traumatic effects on both players: Spassky subsequently disappeared into a shell of caution, Fischer into self-imposed exile, like that of Paul Morphy, the earlier American genius. He forfeited his title after refusing to defend it against Anatoly Karpov in 1975.

He lived a peripatetic existence, abandoning conventional chess and promoting both his own form of the game, involving a semi-random arrangement of the pieces on the first rank, and a method of time control involving time being added after each move: the later has achieved greater currency in chess circles.

He did not even visit a chess club, or chess event as a spectator until his profitable but competitively meaningless "return match" with Spassky in Yugoslavia in 1992. But Yugoslavia was then the subject of US sanctions, and Fischer was threatened with prison if he took part - a warning he literally spat on at a press conference. A warrant was issued for his arrest and he never returned to the US.

Fischer occasionally surfaced elsewhere, condemning the "stinking Jews" whom he accused of plotting to dominate the world (the Holocaust was dismissed as "a money-making invention"), and the "brutal, evil dictatorship" of the US. On Filipino radio in 2001 he hailed the attacks of September 11 as "wonderful news. It is time to finish off the US once and for all."

In 2004 he attempted to fly out of Japan, where he had been living with his long-term Japanese partner, Miyoko Watai, head of the Japan Chess Association. The US authorities had, however, revoked Fischer's passport, apparently without telling him, and he was detained at Narita airport. He was held for almost nine months while the US attempted to have him extradited.  

The Icelandic government, with fond memories of 1972, offered him residency. This was not enough for the Japanese, but after Iceland's parliament unanimously voted to give him full citizenship, he was flown to Reykjavik, where his arrival was broadcast live and crowds turned out to greet him. Iceland's welcoming of Fischer drew international criticism, but the Icelandic ambassador to the US said the decision was a humanitarian one, unrelated to Fischer's noxious views. Fischer, he said, should be "considered the subject of pity, rather than hatred."

Bobby Fischer, chess champion, was born on March 9, 1943. He died of kidney failure on January 17, 2008, aged 64.   







Robert James Fischer (1943-2008), the only American ever to become World Chess Champion in 1972 after winning the title match against Boris Spassky has unexpectedly passed away on the 17th of January, 2008 in a hospital in Reykjavik.

Chess players all over the world have always appraised his contribution to the royal game and admired him for the fighting spirit, his unquestionable devotion to the game and many other things he has done for chess.

As a young chess player, he showed quite early his talent and became the youngest Grandmaster in 1958. In many tournaments after that time he scored excellent results but the highest attention he received were connected with the crushing victories against super Grandmasters in the quarter -and semi-final games leading to the title match with Spassky. 

In the match, Fischer achieved a convincing victory after profound struggles with his opponent and a similar achievement was reached by him in the World Championship Rematch (as he interpreted in that time) in Sveti Stefan/Belgrade in 1992 when after a long period of absence he returned to the chess life.

Unfortunately, there was no continuation of this return and the chess world has lost a great player forever. Beyond the opening systems he renewed and filled with new ideas, he innovated the chess clock/time system now most widely used in FIDE tournaments where the players get some extra time after their moves made.

This system completely eliminated the big trouble of the past games, the serious middle-game time pressure and the postponement of the continuation of the game for the next day. He also invented the random (shuffle) chess opportunity as in his view, not only the preparation but mainly the performance on-the-board should decide the outcome of the game.

During his life he has had many disputes with chess authorities, with the US Chess Federation, with other authorities but almost never with a fellow chess player. 

As a human being, he was a very controversial person but the chess world shall be thankful to him for changing the conditions of the tournaments and increasing the reputation for the game. 

He will always be undefeated champion in our eyes and wish him a peaceful rest. People of the chess world will remember him until chess is played.

Peter Rajcsanyi
Public Relations and Marketing Director

(690) BOBBY FISCHER FREED FROM JAPAN (Palau Horizon -March 20-28, 2005)

Source: Palau Horizon
             Page 15
             March 25-28, 2005

(689) MORE ABOUT HYDRA (64 by Zaldy Dandan - Marianas Variety July 08, 2005)

Source: 64 by Zaldy Dandan
             Marianas Variety
             Friday, July 08, 2005


     Former Executive Chef Horie prepared a harassing and stupid piano guidelines that Roberto Hernandez is not following since he resigned already. One of that is no. 4 --Don't let the guests play the piano. Here, a Taiwanese boy was allowed to play with his father taking videos and photos using his and my cellphone's camera.
                                                        (Photo by Roberto Hernandez)

On July 24, 2012, former F & B Director and Executive Chef of Palau Royal Resort Masaki Horie made Roberto Hernandez to sign a pianist guidelines that he prepared to harass me once more. It says exactly like this:
                               PIANIST GUIDELINES:
                    - DON'T SING WITH THE MUSIC YOU PLAY
                    - DON'T PLAY GUESTS REQUEST BECAUSE THEY'RE GOING TO SING                              ALONG  WITH IT
                    - DON'T LET GUESTS PLAY THE PIANO






(687) THE HUMANITY (Michael Adams vs. Hydra) 64 by Zaldy Dandan (July 01, 2005)

                   THE HUMANITY
                                                                  64 By Zaldy Dandan

Sources: 64 by Zaldy Dandan
              Marianas Variety
              Friday, July 01, 2005

             History of Chess In Palau
             By Roberto Hernandez
             September-October 2010

(686) Balbalosa Dominates Ksau Cup; Roberto is 22 years in Palau on Feb. 4 (TBN-Feb. 03, 2014)

     From left, Casto 'Toti' Abundo, Eric Ksau Whipps, Tutii Joe Chilton and Geoffrey Borg did a photo session at Joe's private tutoring place. Mr. Borg, who is the CEO of FIDE, is willing to supply chess materials to Palau schools if chess will be taught in schools as an elective or extra curricular activity'
                                                    (Photo by Roberto Hernandez)

           ON FEBRUARY O4, 2014


MARTHA of United Airlines mentioned to Roberto sometime ago this words: “Why is my son Dmitri Kyle Villanueva trying everything –from chess, basketball, baseball, swimming, bodybuilding, etc. He is trying everything.”
                My response is, “Let him try everything and when he finds the right sports or activity where he can exploit his full potential, then let him choose the field where he will excel and be happy.”
                 Maybe kids will be inspired or challenged by the wonderful experience of Ksau Anthony Whipps in the 2013 World Youth Chess Championship in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates.
When the kids found the sports or activity where they can excel then there is a chance that they will represent Palau in the 2014 World Youth Chess Championship in South Africa and in 2015 WYCC in Baku, Azerbaijan.
                 It’s now time for chess puzzle. If kids can solve this week’s chess puzzle (White to move and mates in 3), Roberto will give them 1 dollar each to all kids from 18 years and below. Just text or call Roberto the answer at 778-5392.
                Jeffrey Balbalosa dominated the recently concluded Ksau Cup with a perfect 23/23. His new rating will put him back in the Top 10 chess players of Palau, now at 8th with 1696. At 2nd is Rafael Paloma with 21.5 points followed by the first Woman National Master of Palau Angelica ‘Angie’ Parrado with 20 pts.
                At 4th is Angie’s daughter Destiny Sisior getting 17.5 points followed by Ksau Anthony Whipps with 17. At 6th is Gladys Anne Paloma at 16.5. She will be getting his first international rating.
                Tied at 7th place are Eric Ksau Whipps and surprising newcomer Crisarjo Ulap with identical 15.5 points. Tied at 9th are Angelil Sisior, another newcomers Allan Leuterio and Jo-Arl Cris Ulad with 15 each.
                Tied also at 12 are Jon ‘Sib’ Manuel Reyes and Joy Flores Whipps with 12.5 points apiece. At solo 14th is Joseph Osorio with 12. At 15th place is Ojhea Perdon (10.5) followed by Roxanne Parco (9) and at 17th is Rengeos Naruo (7.5). Bernie Dambo (7) is at 18th and Nasser Ongyango (5.5) at solo 19th.
                Tied at 20th are Kayah Whipps and Francois Millimono at 5 points each. Second to the last spot is Daniel Mendoza at 2 points and at the cellar is Myra Moralde Ulap with 1 point.
                Roberto will be 22 years in Palau on Feb. 04, 2014. He remembers his first time in Palau on the afternoon of Continental Airlines flight. During the landing, he saw an egret or heron at the side of the landing area. If that bird is in the Philippines, somebody already shoot it with a sling shot and cook it!
                It’s been 10 years since the first-ever chess tournament was started in June 09, 2002.
                Looking back then, Palau now has 48 players listed in www.fide.com for the month of Feb. 2014.
Palau was represented in 2009 Oceania Zonal Chess Championship in Australia, 2010 World Chess Olympiad in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia, 2012 World Chess Olympiad in Istanbul, Turkey, in 2013 Guam International Chess Tournament and lately in the 2013 World Youth Chess Championship in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates.
                Palau Chess Federation has new energetic President in Eric Ksau Whipps and they are looking forward to participate in 2014 World Chess Olympiad in Tromso, Norway with Men (Open) and Women’s Team and more Palauans in its delegation.
                Solution to last week’s puzzle: 1. Qxh7+!! Nxh7 2. Bxh7+ Kh8 or Kf8 3. Ng6 mate.
               This week’s puzzle: White to move and mates in 3 (Solution next issue)
                           $1.00 cash prize each for kids 18 years and below who can solve this puzzle.

Source: Chessmate by Roberto Hernandez
             Tia Belau Newspaper
             Pages 9-10
             Volume 23
             Issue 10
             February 03, 2014 

(685) MUSIC AND ME (Jan. 02, 2014) Meeting 3 Japanese Couples on my Birthday

     Mr. Hitoshi Takeda and his wife Yoshiko have been my guests on Jan.
02, 2014 (my birthday) at Breeze Bar of Palau Royal Resort. They enjoyed my music and they gave me Asahi beer. I gave them my card and said to them, "Please check the Palau Chess Federation website http://palau-chess.blogspot.com  and I will feature you there someday."

                                                    (Photo by Roberto Hernandez)
    *Our lead guitarist, Frankie Ganalon, in our band in Japan (First Quarter Band) noticed the similarity of Mrs. Yoshiko Takeda to Akemi, front desk employee at Hayashida Hotel in Kagoshima City where they played for 6 months (April 04-September 28, 1982).


I DON'T have time to check my Facebook account on New Year's Day evening because I spent the night with my wife and brought my free birthday cake from Palau Royal Resort.

When I check who among my over 5,000 Facebook friends have sent me birthday greetings, some 150 friends who greeted me were never known to me because I can't access to them.

My 24-hour free internet is slow and I can't open that much volume. I'm sorry that I didn't send back simple thank you notes.

Before I teach Mr. Yoshiharu Kurata from 11:30am -12:30pm, I drop by at a store where Mohammad Manik Hossain, is tending in the morning. We have a short talk about chess and before proceeding to Mr. Kurata at 11:25, Manik gave me a box of chocolate as present for my birthday.

After lunch at PRR, that's the only time that I was able to check my emails and Facebook account.

Only the recently sent birthday greetings were the ones I responded with "Thank you and All The Best In 2014".

While playing piano at Waves Restaurant, I was told that there is a Japanese guest who have the same birthday as me.

They staff sung "Happy Birthday" song with me at the piano. I prepared one business card for the birthday celebrant to be given to him if they will pass by me.

Unexpectedly, they left earlier than I expected. I stop playing the song that I'm playing and talk to them in Japanese --"O tanjobi omedetou gozaimasu. Watashi mo tanjobi ichigatsu futsuka."

It means --"Happy Birthday. My birthday is January 2 also." Then I gave him my card.

I proceed to Breeze Bar for another 2-hour keyboard performance. There's a Japanese couple who sat in front of me. I sung mostly old Japanese songs. They enjoyed it and ask a waitress to give me a drink. I ordered Asahi beer.

I talked to them for a while. I gave them my card and told them that I will feature them someday at the website http://palau-chess.blogspot.com

After they left, there's another Japanese couple in which the guy has been to Palau many times. His wife requested some songs. I sat with them at 11:00pm.

They guy's name is Higuchi Yoshitomo and he's been to Palau 8 times already (mostly in December).

I gave his wife my card. He said he already have my card which I don't remember. That's one of my problem. I can't easily recognize guests even if they've been to Palau many times.

He offered me a drink and I ordered red wine.
We had another picture taken...


Source: Chess And Music: Perfect Combination
             The Beginning of Chess In Palau
             By Roberto Hernandez
             January 2014
             To be published as a book in the future





     Mr. Brian Jones, right, President of Oceania Chess Confederation, is coming to Palau for 7 days with his wife Margaret for talks about the promotion of chess in Oceania and the holding of Micronesian Open. The other Jones, Rupert, was a roommate of Roberto Hernandez in the 2009 Oceania Zonal Chess Championship and 2009 Gold Coast Open in Australia.                             (Photo by Roberto Hernandez) 

                MICRONESIAN OPEN, 


THERE is still a chance for the Micronesian Open to push through with FM/IO Brian Jones of Australia as the only foreign player to participate or act as supervising arbiter and Palau Chess Federation President Eric Ksau Whipps to be his assistant so that Eric can add a norm to his FIDE Arbiter Title aspiration as he passed the exam for it during the World Youth Chess Championship in Al Ain, UAE.
                In a meeting with Board Members of PCF, it was agreed that a round-robin Micronesian Open will be held at Palau Royal Resort Conference Room on Feb. 19-24, 2014 with Mr. Jones against Palau players with 1600 ratings and above.
                A separate division will also be held with 1600 and below ratings so that unrated local players/newcomers will have a chance to try their savvy in a real chess tournament.
                Mr. Jones and his wife Margaret was booked by Roberto Hernandez at Palau Royal Resort for his 7-day stay (Feb. 18-25, 2014). If no tournament will be held during their stay, he’ll have a talk with PCF officials about chess development in Oceania, where he’s the president of Oceania Chess Confederation.
HEAD OF DELEGATION:  Frank Kyota or Baklai Temengil                  DELEGATE: Eric Ksau Whipps
MEN/OPEN TEAM:          Captain: Roberto Hernandez                      Board 1: Cyril Tomas Montel, Jr.
                                                Board 2: Tito Cabunagan                      Board 3: CM Bernardo Garcia
     Board 4: Mohammad Manik Hossain               Reserve: Ksau Flores Whipps or Jeffrey Balbalosa
WOMEN’S TEAM:          Captain: Tutii Joe Chilton or Jeffrey Balbalosa or Ksau Flores Whipps
                                         Board 1: Angelica Parrado            Board 2: Gladys Anne Paloma
                                         Board 3: Baby Edna Mission         Board 4: Destiny Sisior or Joy Flores Whipps
                                                Reserve: Joy Flores Whipps or Kayah Flores Whipps
                Roberto praised this selection of Eric with an email:
                “I like your suggested line-up of Palau Chess Team! It's a dream come true to me! I've waited for 8 years for this moment to have Palauans in the team. I can't ask for more. By being the team captain, I can attend the International Arbiters seminar/training/exam like what Jamie did in Istanbul. That's where he got his IA title. He grabbed that opportunity. I'll get my chance this time.
    Thank God for having you as PCF President!”
                Eric is humble enough to reply with: “Thank you Roberto, I'm glad I could help anyway possible. Thanks again for including me in Palau Chess. Let's meet soon to discuss future of Chess in Palau.”
Here’s an inspired and grateful email of Eric to Mr. Geoffrey Borg and Mr. Ignatius Leong:
Hello Mr. Borg and Mr. Leong,
            I would like to thank FIDE and both of you for your continued support. This year looks to be a very bright year for the development of chess in Palau. Interest from within Palau has grown and can expect to add around 20 Palauan citizens as members to the Palau Chess Federation and another 30 Palau residents within this year.
Meetings with Palau National Olympic Committee and various government offices will also help with exposure and future development of chess. The interest in Palau from both FIDE and other FIDE members also may bring more opportunities for development and cooperation in the near future.
I am thankful that I was able to attend the WYCC in UAE last year as it helped to show how active chess is, as I did not realize how large and dedicated the chess community is today. The chess competitions give immeasurable benefits to those who can represent their countries in international competition. It was amazing to see young children play with such skill and become so emotional with every game.
During the event I was also fortunate enough to meet FIDE President Ilyumzhinov and Deputy President Makropoulos together with CEO Borg and ACF Gen. Sec. Abundo. Unfortunately I only learned upon departure that Mr. Kasparov was present at WYCC and that Mr. Berglund decided not to attend.
 I would like to thank Mr. Borg and Mr. Abundo for their visit to Palau last week. Palau Chess thanks you all for your genuine interest to provide support and commitment to continue promotion and development of chess in Palau and the world.
Best Regards, Eric Ksau Whipps
The increase of PCF membership is the fastest in 9 years, garnering 36 new members and 2 honorary members (Mr. Geoffrey Borg of Malta and Mr. Graeme Gardiner of Australia).
The numbers will grow more after the conclusion of the ongoing Ksau Cup Blitz Chess Tournament. As suggested by Mr. Borg and Mr. Abundo, local chess tournament must be held constantly to reach all areas of Palau and to improve chess activities and levels of play.
Roberto won the Board of Directors seat (9th place) in the TFCP election and the oath taking ceremony will be held on Sunday, Feb. 09, 2014 at D’ Multi Purpose Convention Hall from 5-9pm with the Guest Speaker none other than Eric Ksau Whipps, who is also the Honorary Consul of the Philippines.

Solution to last week’s puzzle: 1. Qh8+!! Kxh8 2. Nxf7++ Kg8 3. Nh6 mate.
This week’s puzzle: White to move and mates in 3 (Solution next issue)

From left to right, Joy Flores Whipps, Eric Ksau Whipps, Lourdes Funa, Polycarp Basilius, Tito Cabunagan and Ben Asuncion during the Oath Taking Ceremony of TFCP Election winners.
                                       (Photo by Roberto Hernandez)

  Nonoy Arganda, left, and fellow Board Member winner Roberto Hernandez.
                                                     (Photo by Roberto Hernandez)

The 15 winners of Board of Directors seats (left to right) -Beth Cabunagan and Rogie Salazar (Emcees) 1. Lorna Asido 2. Obet Aguilar 3. Nonoy Arganda 4. Lita Campingco 5. Rey Fortus 6. Let Tayag 7. Philip Afable 8. Lourdes Funa 9. Bhoie Castaneda (right to left, back row) 10. Conrado Almanzar 11. Angel Salvador 12. Roberto Hernandez 13. Anthony Eusebio 14. Nimfa Ramos 15. Rhea Malonzo
                                           (Photo by Roberto Hernandez)

Elected top 3 positions- left to right- Louis Molina (2nd Vice President), Aga David (President), Max Joseph Asido (1st Vice President) and Eric Ksau Whipps, Honorary Consul of the Philippines to Palau, President of Palau Chess Federation and Palau Badminton Federation.
                                  (Photo by Roberto Hernandez)

Source: Chessmate by Roberto Hernandez
             Tia Belau Newspaper
             Pages 13-14
             Volume 23 
             Issue 12
             February 10, 2014