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(392) Jeff Scored 4 pts., Ksau-3 & Joy-1 in Guam Chess Tilt

From left, Leon Ryan, President of Guam Echecs and organizer of 2013 Guam Chess Tilt, Palau's Jeff Balbalosa, champ Poland's Jacek Stopa, who is willing to come to Palau's PICC in November, Palau's Ksau Anthony Whipps and Chief Arbiter and President of Oceania Chess Confederation FM Brian Jones of Australia. BEST ORGANIZED GUAM CHESS TOURNAMENT --ALA WORLD CHESS OLYMPIAD!!!
(Photo by Jeff Balbalosa)

             IN 2013 GUAM CHESS TILT

THREE chess players represented Palau in the 2013 Guam International Open Chess Tournament held from Feb. 15-20 at Bayview Hotel in Tumon.

They are Jeffrey D. Balbalosa, with FIDE rating of 1626 and currently Palau’s no. 10 player. He scored 4 points from 3 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses in this 9-round Swiss system tourney.

Nine-year-old Ksau Anthony Whipps (1392) won 2 games, lost 5 and drew 2 for a total of 3 points while his unrated mom Joy Flores Whipps scored a whole point from 2 draws and 7 losses.

Fifteen invited players from Australia, Taiwan, Korea, England, Poland and Palau took part in the event organized by Guam Echecs – Island Chess Club President Leon Ryan, who also participated in the open tilt.

The other 15 players are from Guam where 3 of them finished tied at 3rd place. The tournament was won by top seed International Master (IM) Jacek Stopa of Poland, who swept all of his 9 opponents for a perfect score of 9/9. He is followed by Ashwin Sewambar of Taipei and FIDE Master (FM) Chris Briscoe of England.

4this last year’s champ from Australia Leon Kempen and the remaining finalists, Felix Lacno, Miguel Herrares, Paul Sumilong and Jonathan Molod are all from Guam.

Roberto Hernandez, resident musician of Palau Royal Resort and the Secretary/Treasurer of Palau Chess Federation, was contacted by Kim Taylor of ABC Radio Australia of how can they interview any of the Palau representative in the said tourney.

He was able to set a date for the interview with Jeff on Monday, Feb. 25 at 10:20 am (Palau time). This is another way of promoting chess in Palau—in Australia and to the world.

Oceania Chess Confederation President FM Brian Jones praised the effort of Palau in forming a team that participated in the 2012 World Chess Olympiad in Istanbul, Turkey. He said that if Palau had done it, Guam can, too. He also added that he hopes that Guam can send a team to the 2014 World Chess Olympiad in Tromso, Norway where Palau will be sending Men (Open) and Women’s team.

The first tourney of PCF for the year 2013 will fire off on Feb. 24, Sunday at Tito Cabunagan/Jose Celiz’ residence at the 2nd floor of Malakal Ocean Mart with 41 players participating in Group A, B, Women and junior divisions.

The players of the Group A and B have been drawn during the Annual General Meeting of PCF held on Feb. 10, 2013 at PRR.

14 new players were added to the ever-growing interested players most notably the 10-year-old daughter of Palau’s top chess player Cyril Tomas Montel, Jr. – Cyrelle Ann Montel; new employee of PRR Leizl Michael; newly elected PCF President Eric Ksau Whipps; his father Surangel Whipps, Sr.; Franz Bawotong; Joey Balute; David Wong; Remrel Dizon; Kenyan Nasser Okoth and Gerald Sungino, who withdrew from the tournament because he just got a high position job in the government a few days ago.

Four come-backing players were also added to the list – Glen Navarosa, who participated in 2002 All-Filipino Chess tournament and 2002 Open, Michael Jordan (MJ) Ngiratechekii, who took part in 2003 Age Group Chess tourney, former chairman of PCF Francis ‘Sno’ Temaungil and George Anzawa.

The format of the tournament will be published next issue.

Solution to this week’s puzzle: 1. Qxg7+!! Kxg7 2. Bf6+ Kg8 3. Nh6 mate

This week’s puzzle: White to move and mates in 3 (Solution next issue)

Chessmate by Roberto Hernandez
Tia Belau Newspaper
Pages 13 & 15
Volume 22
Issue 16
February 25, 2013

(391) PHOTOS (Opening Day of 2013 Rapid Chess Tournament)

Paz Ngiratechekii, left, played her first game of the 2013 Palau Rapid Chess Tournament against Baby Edna Mission held on Sunday, Feb. 24 at Tito Cabunagan's residence. Paz is interested to participate in the Oceania Zonal Chess Championship in Fiji in May 2013.
(Photo by Roberto Hernandez)
Lilibeth Cabunagan, wife of Tito, joined the other 5 women chess players in the 2013 Rapid Chess tourney to be held at their residence from Feb. 24-April 21. She lost against Baby Edna Mission. There might be 2 husband and wife members of Palau Chess Team to Tromso, Norway --Menandro Manuel and his wife Elizabeth, who took part in 2012 World Chess Olympiad in Istanbul and Tito and Elizabeth. IT'S ALL IN THE FAMILY!
(Photo by Roberto Hernandez)
Eugene Labarda, left, of Palau Pacific Resort, played his first serious chess tournament game against Bangladeshi bet Mohammad Manik Hossain. Being a non-member, he paid $10.00 membership fee and $10.00 registration fee. George Anzawa, middle, will pay only $5.00 as junior participants will only pay half. Glen Navarosa, 3rd from right, paid only $10.00 because he's been a member since June 09, 2002. Others in the photo, standing from left, Jeff Balbalosa, Miguel Hilario, Jr., Cyril Montel, Jr. and Tito Cabunagan -venue host.
(Photo by Roberto Hernandez)
Comebacking player Glen Navarosa vs. 2nd timer Miguel Hilario, Jr. in their first round action.
(Photo by Roberto Hernandez)
Palau's no. 1 Cyril Tomas Montel, Jr. vs. Palau's no. 4 Tito Cabunagan. Cyril blundered away his queen and lost with Tito's remaining time still intact with 22 minutes left. Two minutes were added because of 10 seconds increment. George Anzawa had a field day with photo sessions as no other junior players arrived.
(Photo by Roberto Hernandez)
Remrel Dizon, left, another newcomer who paid $20.00, missed the capture of unprotected rook of Mohammad Manik Hossain, right, in their endgame encounter. George saw the blunder and a roar from the crowd and the players ensued when Remrel missed it. Manik collected his 2nd straight victory but lost his 3rd game to Tito Cabunagan.
(Photo by Roberto Hernandez)
Jose Celiz, left, and 2012 PNCC Class B champion Dennis Gonzales, didn't meet in the 2012 PNCC. In the first round of both player, Dennis prevailed after the exchanges of queens and Jose couldn't prevent the promotion of the a pawn. George is still waiting for a junior opponent.
(Photo by Roberto Hernandez)
Roberto Hernandez, left, and Glen Navarosa played their 3rd game in 11 years! Their last game was in September 2002. Glen's been inactive since then and being rusty, he lost easily to Roberto likewise in their previous 2 games 11 years ago.
(Photo by Roberto Hernandez)
Last 2 games of the first round of 2013 Rapid Chess tourney are being played before Roberto Hernandez, middle, left the tournament site for choir practice at Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ 4th Watch (Palau Locale).
(Photo by Roberto Hernandez)
Cyril Tomas Montel, Jr., right, prevailed over Jose Celiz while Tito subdued Manik.
(Photo by Roberto Hernandez)

(390) Chess Tournament Opens Today (PDN-Feb. 16, 2013)

The 2013 Guam International Open Chess Tournament opening ceremony was held last night at the Guam Plaza Hotel. Evelyn-Blas Castaneda, left, Guam Echecs member and emcee for the night, sits with chess players representing Palau: Joy Flores Whipps, Ksau Anthony Whipps and Jeffrey Balbalosa.
(Photo by Virgilio Valencia/For Pacific Daily News)

                                                    (By Phillip H. Blas)
                                                    Pacific Daily News

THE GUAM Echecs organization held the opening ceremony for the 2013 Guam International Open Chess Tournament last night at the Guam Plaza Hotel Kahida Ballroom.

Oceania Chess Confederation President Brian Jones said Guam has a lot of potential for a strong chess following.

"Guam offers a perfect platform for players to get exposure to higher levels of competiton before sending a team to world chess team events," Jones said.

The five-day tournament is scheduled to begin at 1 pm today at the Bayview Hotel in Tumon and end Wednesday when there will be a closing ceremony to award the players. A total of 30 players will compete in the tournament.

The participants include 15 international players from Australia, Taiwan, Korea, England, Poland and Palau, and 15 players representing Guam.

Last year, the Guam Echecs held three major chess tournaments at Micronesia Mall and Agana Shopping Center, according to a press release.

During that time, the Guam Echecs organization was accepted as an affiliate member by the Federation Internationale des Echecs, which is the world's governing body for chess, according to Leon Ryan, president of Guam Echecs.

"The ultimate goal is to build mental strength in our youth and adult population through chess," Ryan said.

Ryan said the organization wants to provide the local community the opportunity to engage in chess as a competitive mental sport.

Jones said that last year Palau managed to form a team that competed in the World Chess Olympiad and he believes that if Palau can do it, then so can Guam.

"I particularly look forward to seeing Guam players compete in the Oceania Championship in Fiji later on this year," Jones said.

"I also look forward to seeing Guam compete in the 2014 World Chess Olympiad in Tromso, Norway," Jones added.

Pacific Daily News
Page 28 Sports
February 16, 2013

Friday, February 22, 2013

(389) MUSIC AND ME (Feb. 21, 2013) B R E A D

: 3 REQUESTS, 9 JAPS, $10.00 TIP

Among this 9 Japanese guests, 3 requested different songs – Dancing All Night by the guy at left, back row, Tokino Nagareni Mia Makase by one of the ladies and Yume No Tochu by the guy 2ndfrom right, back row, who is also the one that gave $10.00 tip. He said to me,“I remember you.”

                        B R E A D

I was in Japan in April 04-Sept. 28, 1982 playing with “The First Quarter Band”, a 5-member band composed of lady singer Jane Ramas, Frankie Ganalon as lead guitar, Toto as drummer, Matt as bass guitar and me on the keyboard (I’m using an electon organ with bass pedal). Because Matt was the ‘weakest’ among us because he’s not experienced enough, I usually play the bass pedal to support the band’s weakness.

Our schedules of performances at Hayashida Hotel in Kagoshima City were 12:00 noon-12:30; 30 minutes break; 1:00pm-1:30 pm; 6:00-6:30 pm; 30 minutes break; 7:00-7:30pm; 30 minutes break and 8:00-8:30 pm.

The band’s day off is Monday and I’m playing at Celestial Bar of the hotel for extra income. I have the same time of performances as the band’s performances but only during evening.

At 1:30 pm, most of the time, we’re doing window shopping on our way to our apartment. One afternoon, we passed by at a music store where original cassette tapes were being sold. Jane, our singer, asked me to help her to look for “Bread”, a very popular American band whose hits songs include “Aubrey”, “Baby I’m A-Want You”, “Belonging”, “Diary”, “Everything I Own”, “Games of Magic”, “If”, “Make It With You” and “The Guitar man”.

When Bread disbanded, its lead singer David Gates still continue doing solo and carried himself very well with some hits like “Clouds”, “Goodbye Girl” and “Take Me Now”.

I started to look for Bread in the hundreds of cassette tapes on display. Jane became impatient and asked me again, “Have you found any Bread?”


I shouted to her when I found something different but better. I said, “JANE, I FOUND “BREAD”WITH BUTTER INCLUDED!!! I didn’t know that there is a group of musician and their name is BREAD AND BUTTER!

We all laughed and had good time learning about Bread And Butter!


Half of “D” (33 songs)

DADDY’S HOME (Cliff Richard) R 26

DAHIL MAHAL KITA (Boyfriends) (Filipino Song) OPM 27


DAHIL SA IYO (Filipino Song) OPM 28

D A I T E (Japanese Song) J 8

DANCING ALL NIGHT (Japanese Song) J 10

1976 DANCING QUEEN (Abba) DB255

DANDANSOY (Filipino Song) OPM 78

DANIEL (Elton John) G 37

1913 DANNY BOY (Irish Song) DBI 37

DANNY’S SONG (Loggins & Messina) R 19

1945 DAY BY DAY DB140

1955 DAY-O (Banana Boat) (Harry Belafonte)


DAY TRIPPER (Beatles) R 209

DEEP IN MY HEART (Jose Mari Chan) (Filipino Song) OPM180

1979 DÉJÀ VU (Dioone Warwick) R 129

DELILAH (Tom Jones) G 37

DELTA DAWN (Tanya Tucker) G 39

DEREBCHESIIL (Palauan Song) DBI 62


1984 DESERT MOON (Dennis De Young) DB 48

1973 DESPERADO (Eagles) G 41

196 DEVOTED TO YOU (Everly Brothers) B 189

D. H. LOBANG (Palauan Song) DBI 69

1957 D I A N A (Paul Anka) B 70

D I A R Y (Bread) R 130

DICK AND JANE (Bobby Vinton)

196 DIDN’T WE (Frank Sinatra) (Paul Williams) G 43

DIL DIL LOMAIS (Palauan Song) G P 17

1985 DI NA NATUTO (Gary Valenciano) (Filipino Song) OPM 45

DITO BA (Kuh Ledesma) (Filipino Song) OPM 74



During the pictorial of 9 Japanese guests, my wife Flor used my gift certificate of dinner for one person.

Source: Music and Me by Roberto Hernandez
Tia Belau Newspaper
Pages 9 and 12
Volume 22
Issue 15
February 21, 2013

(388) PALAU CHESS FEDERATION 2011 Calendar of Events

                     PALAU CHESS FEDERATION
                                      2011 Calendar of Events/Participation

Oceania Zonal Chess Championship
Rotorua, New Zealand
January 25-31, 2011
Players to be sent:
Roberto Hernandez
Tito Cabunagan

Rapid Chess Tournament
Beken's Store and General Merchandise
P. O. Box 1662 Koror, Palau 96940
March 08-April 05, 2011

3rd Palau Invitational Chess Championship
June 28-July 05, 2011
Koror, Republic of Palau
Invited players from Papua New Guinea, Australia and Europe.

2011 Palau National Chess Championship
September 13-December 13, 2011

Solution to last week's puzzle: 1. Qa6+!! Nxa6 2. Bb7+ Kb8 or Ka7 3. Nc6 mate.

This week's puzzle: White to move and mates in 3 (Solution next issue)

Chessmate by Roberto Hernandez
Tia Belau Newspaper
Page 12
Volume 20
Issue 10
March 07, 2011


Palau Royal Resort GM (not Grandmaster but General Manager) Masayuki 'Mike' Kawaguchi, middle, receives his certificate of appreciation in recognition of his valuable support for the 6th Palau National Chess Championship from Roberto Hernandez, resident musician of PRR, during the Annual General Meeting of Palau Chess Federation. Mr. Eric Ksau Whipps, left, was elected President of PCF, and Hernandez, who finished 2nd, as Secretary/Treasurer.
(Photo by Roberto Hernandez)


THE FOLLOWING is the minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Palau Chess Federation held at Palau Royal Resort on Feb. 10, 2013:

PRESENT: Roberto Hernandez, Paz Ngiratechekii, Mohammad Manik Hossain, Eric Ksau Whipps, Jeff Balbalosa, Jon

Manuel Reyes, Dennis Gonzales, Cyril Tomas Montel, Jr., Angie Parrado, Destiny Sisior, Angelil Sisior,

Baby Edna Mission, Miguel Hilario, Jr., Elizalde Madrinan, Paquito Suringa, Jr., Dan Roldan, Luciano

Sibayan, Ferdinand Altea, Ronel Gutierrez, Miguel Gancayco, Nino Flores, Masayuki Kawaguchi,

ABSENT: CM Bernardo Garcia, Tito Cabunagan, Jose Celiz, Nilo de Jesus, James dela Cruz, Elpidio Manaligod,

Tutii Joe Chilton, Geoff Martin, Joy Flores Whipps, Ksau Anthony Whipps, Zachary Techall Whipps,

Gonzalo Escapatoria,

Before the official start of AGM, Roberto Hernandez led a short prayer. The recount of nomination ballots was held and confirmed the new sets of officers as follows –Eric Ksau Whipps (President), Tito Cabunagan and Dennis Gonzales (Vice Presidents), Roberto Hernandez (Secretary/Treasurer) and Cyril Tomas Montel, Jr., CM Bernardo Garcia and Jamie Kenmure as members of Executive Board.

The certificates of appreciation were given to the present players by Eric and Roberto. Palau Royal Resort General Manager Masayuki Kawaguchi gave the prizes to Class A champion Tito Cabunagan (in his absence) and to 1st runner-up Roberto Hernandez; to Class B champion Dennis Gonzales and to 1strunner-up Jeff Balbalosa.

Three separate certificates of appreciation were given to GM Kawaguchi, Eric Ksau Whipps and Lucy Sugiyama, Assistant General Manager of Palau Pacific Resort. The Secretary/Treasurer Roberto Hernandez submitted the financial report of PCF.

The suggestion to have an Auditor was not approved as it is written in the By-Laws that at any appropriate time, any member can ask for an audit of financial transactions by the Secretary/Treasurer.

The suggestion to have a Delegate in the list of officers was not approved likewise. The PCF will designate a Delegate at any Congress and Chess Olympiads, most likely Mr. Jan Berglund of Sweden, who was the Delegate of Palau in 2008, 2010 and 2012 World Chess Olympiad in Germany, Russia and Turkey respectively.

The abolishment of Palau Chess Federation didn’t push through because of uncertainty in future dealings and transactions using Palau Chess Federation Inc especially to FIDE and to Attorney General’s Office. The first priority is the amnesty (2007-2012) that can be given if PCF will not be dissolved.

It is also agreed that players with old dues to PCF (registration fees), will not be allowed to play in the next tournament – the Rapid Chess tourney on Feb. 24-April 21, 2013. Non-members will have $20.00 registration fee, double than members. The juniors registration fees are half only ($5.00).

The players from the same company must play in the first 3 rounds and NOT in the last 3 rounds. It is also suggested that players must have uniforms of PCF on their own expenses.

During the succeeding Palau Invitational Chess Championships at Palau Royal Resort, dress code will be implemented – no sleeveless shirts, no shorts.

The groupings of A and B have been drawn and it is as follows:

Group A-- 1. Roberto Hernandez 2. Jeff Balbalosa 3. Miguel Hilario, Jr. 4. Luciano Sibayan 5. Dan Roldan 6. Geoff Martin 7. Gonzalo Escapatoria 8. CM Bernardo Garcia 9. Paquito Suringa, Jr. 10. Rafael 11. Surangel Whipps, Sr. 12. Franz Bawotong 13. Glen Navarosa 14. Francis ‘Sno’ Temaungil

Group B – 1. Tito Cabunagan 2. Cyril Tomas Montel, Jr. 3. Jose Celiz 4. Dennis Gonzales 5. Mohammad Manik Hossain 6. Jon Manuel Reyes 7. Nilo de Jesus 8. Eric Ksau Whipps 9. Elpidio Manaligod 10. Joey Balute 11. Jerry Sungino 12. David Wong 13. Jaime de Jesus 14. Eugene

Juniors – 1. George Anzawa 2. Destiny Sisior 3. Ksau Anthony Whipps 4. Angelil Sisior 5. Zachary Techall Whipps 6. Cyrelle Ann Montel

Women – 1. Angie Parrado 2. Baby Edna Mission 3. Joy Flores Whipps 4. Paz Ngiratechekii 5. Leizl Michael

Hernandez will make the cross-table without the names yet and before the start of the tournament, players name will be drawn to fill up the vacant slots.

If the time control is standard, it is suggested that there will be a brilliancy prize. In playing in the non-official venue, it will be allowed only if at least one of Palau’s 3 national arbiters (Roberto Hernandez, CM Bernardo Garcia or Dennis Gonzales) is present in the area.

The second venue is suggested – the Seventh Day Adventist gym. There are no tables and chairs there so Hernandez will ask for donation of old chairs and tables from PRR GM Masayuki Kawaguchi. Instead of 10 chairs and 2 tables, he will ask for 16 chairs and 4 long tables, to be divided into SDA gym and Tito and Jose’s residence.

The prizes for the Rapid, Blitz and National Championship are trophies this time instead of gift certificates so that the winners have something to cherish that they have finished a tournament at the top.

The plan to buy a scanner/printer for PCF is not possible this time. Roberto will be allowed to scan any materials for posting at PCF website through Jon Manuel Reyes with permission from new PCF President Eric Ksau Whipps.

For the 2013 4thPalau Invitational Chess Championship, Mr. Eric Ksau Whipps suggested to charge the invited players higher than the local players registration fee as what Guam did. They charged $200.00 entry fee per invited player so that they can have a decent cash prizes for the top finishers.

At exactly 5:00 pm, the AGM was adjourned.

Nobody among the present in the meeting ordered drink or food. The Chinese section chef David Wang charged the PCF of $2.00 per head. Invoice no. 182144 for the amount of $26.00 + 10% service charge for a total of $28.60.

A few days after the AGM, 4 players were added to all groups (1 each) to the growing list of participants. At Group A, Nasser Okoth, from Kenya, was added while Remrel Dizon became the replacement of CM Garcia.

Leizl Michael, a new employee of Palau Royal Resort, was added to the women’s section. She practiced with Paquito on Thursday evening at PRR Dormitory 1.

The very welcomed news is the addition of Cyrelle Ann Montel to the juniors division. The 10-year-old daughter of Palau’s top chess player Cyril Tomas Montel, Jr. took the first step in the advancement of junior chess in Palau.

Two days after the AGM, Palau’s first titled player CM Bernardo Garcia announced his withdrawal from this coming Rapid Chess tournament due to projects in his office.

Solution to last week’s puzzle: 1. Qxf7!! Nxf7 2. Rg8+! Rxg8 3. Nxf7 mate.

This week’s puzzle: White to play and mates in 3 (Solution next issue)

Source: Chessmate by Roberto Hernandez
Tia Belau Newspaper
Pages 13, 14, 15
Volume 22
Issue 14
February 18, 2013

(386) MUSIC AND ME (Feb. 14, 2013) Perfect Attendance

Mr. Kowasuru should be given a plaque of appreciation for having an almost perfect attendance of being a guest of Waves Restaurant of Palau Pacific Resort. Everybody at PRR calls him "Daddy". I call him "PA" for Perfect Attendance. (Photo by Roberto Hernandez)


FOR13 years working at Image Restaurant (July 1992-May 2005), I had a perfect attendance within those 13 years. I don’t call it ‘absent’ because my boss Margarita Borja Dalton took me to Airai View Hotel in 1993 to play the white Yamaha grand piano there.

Orly Matias, the bus driver there, is very curious when I’m playing “Song For Anna”because he knows that the grand piano is also a player piano. A player piano is a piano that plays by itself when you plug-in a machine with music selection to play using a ‘cassette’ type of component.

The keys of the piano get down when those notes are ‘played’ by the player piano. It can be used to scare someone—that a ghost is playing the piano!

Orly was sure that “Song For Anna” was not in the list of selected songs. He goes behind me and when he saw that the machine is not plugged-in, he said, “So, it’s really you playing. I thought you’re just ‘following’ the plugged-in machine.

It’s like ‘lipsing’ when singing karaoke. You just pretend that you’re singing but actually you’re just singing it by ‘lipsing’.

Even when I’m sick, I still play music because my job is not manual labor but I call it ‘art’ labor.

Music is art whether classical or contemporary, in which anyone can express himself/herself through playing a musical instrument.

When I was just learning to play guitar and bamboo flute, I had wished that someday I can play with expression playing the tenor saxophone.

It didn’t happen. But when I worked as keyboard player at Khayam Taverna (Greek Restaurant) in Bahrain, the technology in producing a real-like tenor sax on keyboard somehow ‘fulfill’ my wish of playing tenor sax with expression.

With modern technology, I can now play “Careless Whisper” by Wham like I’m playing a real sax by using a keyboard. Decades ago, the flute sound on keyboard is so real that even the ‘blowing’ sound from the player can be heard.


Even when I’m studying in Elementary School, I still go to school even when I’m sick. I remember my father picked me up from the school because I still attend the class though I’m sick.

He had a bamboo stick in his hand to be used to spank my ass for disobeying his order not to go to school because I’m sick.

I PUT A CARDBOARD TO MY ASS TO PROTECT IT! The spanking from my father is‘controlled’ as he knows I’m sick. It still elicits a smile from me remembering that “ass protection”.

My wife Flor, who works at Dragon Tei since 2006, had a perfect attendance there in the year 2008.

Mr. Kowasuru, the chief engineer of Palau Pacific Resort, had an almost perfect attendance as guest at Palau Royal Resort in 2012.



Last 27 songs of “C”

1970 CLOSE TO YOU (They Long To Be) (Carpenters) DB 74 COLD, COLD HEART (Hank Williams) G 30

1970 COLOUR MY WORLD (Chicago) DB 72

COME IN FROM THE RAIN (Diana Ross) R 145

C L O U D S (David Gates) R 143

COME PRIMA (Italian Song)

COME AWAY WITH ME (Norah Jones) B 53

1969 COME TOGETHER (Beatles) R 231

1978 COME WHAT MAY (Air Supply) V 5

COME WHAT MAY (Lani Hall) DB 91

1967 COMO ESTA AKASAKA (Japanese Song) J 7

CONSTANT CHANGE (Jose Mari Chan) (Filipino Song) OPM 177

1964 CONSTANTLY (Cliff Richard) B 177

1978 COPACABANA (Barry Manilow) G 98


COTTON FIELDS (Highway Men) G 12

COWARD OF THE COUNTY (Kenny Rogers) V 32

C R A Z Y (Patsy Cline) G 86

1985 CRAZY FOR YOU (Madonna) B 257


C R E O L A (Jimmy Buffett) G 38

1972 CROCODILE ROCK (Elton John) G 33


1961 C R Y I N G (Don McLean) R 12

CRYING IN THE RAIN (Everly Brothers) B 167


CZARDAS (Instrumental)
Source: Music and Me by Roberto Hernandez
Tia Belau Newspaper
Pages 9-10
Volume 22
Issue 13
February 14, 2013