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                   (R-L) In the 2009 OZCC, Roberto Hernandez met for the first time Fernando Aguilar, Raymond Lapitan and Joselito Marcos, who became best friend of Roberto. They renewed their friendship in Russia 2010 World Chess Olympiad and in the 3rd Palau Invitational Chess Championship held at Palau Royal Resort in Dec. 14-21, 2011.             (Photo by Roberto Hernandez  -- Taken by Nancy Lapitan)


IN JUNE 18-July 04, 2009, Roberto Hernandez had a 17-day vacation in Philippines in which the 11 days of it, he spent in Australia to represent Palau for the first time in the bi-annual Oceania Zonal Chess Championship, the first step to determine the challenger to the World Chess Champion.

                It became a reality because of the generosity of then Oceania Zone President Gary Bekker, who bought the roundtrip airfare of Roberto from Manila-Sydney-Gold Coast. The excess from $500.00 travel fund were from Mr. Bekker’s own pocket.

                In the 2011 OZCC in Rotorua, New Zealand, Roberto and Tito Cabunagan were chosen to represent Palau. Some conflicting schedule of Tito forced him to withdraw and opened the door for Mohammad Manik Hossain to take his place. The travel subsidy then is $300.00 each for 2 players. Due to shortness of time and resources, Manik and Roberto didn’t make it.

                Candidate Master (CM) Bernardo Garcia and Paz Ngiratechekii were considered to represent Palau in 2013 OZCC in Fiji but it didn’t happen likewise due to financial constraints.
                The 2015 OZCC will be held at Norths Sydney, Australia in July 04-10. All officers and top players of Palau Chess Federation agreed to have Tito to be the rep of Palau because he missed his trip to 2014 World Chess Olympiad in Tromso, Norway because the Olympiad coincided with Pacific Islands Forum.
                An invitation from Peter Abbott, the Secretary of Norths Chess Club was sent to PCF President Eric Ksau Surangel Whipps that read as follows:
              To Eric Ksau Surangel Whipps. President, Palau Chess Federation.
 Dear Eric,
            Norths Chess Club is delighted to be hosting the 2015 Oceania Zonal at Norths Leagues Club, Cammeray, Sydney, between 4 and 10 July. We warmly invite members of the Palau Chess Federation to compete in this tournament and shall be grateful if you will bring this event to the attention of your members.
          Tournament details are available at which will take you to both the tournament brochure and website.
         You, as President of a FIDE Zone 3.6 Federation, may nominate seeded players to receive free entry for the tournament and room-share accommodation including breakfast. You may nominate one player in the Open section and one in the Women’s section by 31 May 2015 to receive these benefits. Please provide me with the name of your nominees together with their FIDE I/D number and date of birth, copying Oceania Chess Confederation President, Paul Spiller on your nomination.
         Norths Chess Club, its President, Paul Glissan and Tournament Organiser Norman Greenwood look forward to welcoming Palau players to Sydney in July.
        Peter Abbott,
        Secretary, Norths Chess Club.

       WNM, DI Angelica Parrado will be Palau rep in the Women’s Section. The $500.00 travel fund will be deposited to Tito and Angie’s account a week or two after they come back to Palau as what happened to Joselito Marcos when he represented Papua New Guinea in 2011 OZCC.
       Other top players of Palau (NM Menandro Manuel, NM, FI Roberto, NM, NI Cyril Montel, Jr., Garcia, NI Dennis Gonzales, NI Jeff Balbalosa, DI Baby Edna ‘Bheng’ Mission and DI Gladys Anne Paloma), who would like to go to 2015 OZCC will have to buy their own airfare, pay the entry fee and shoulder their own accommodation for a week.
       Even though Roberto would like to go, the schedule of his vacation (June 02-23, 20015) prevented him to participate this time. Bheng has a round-trip ticket to Cairns, Australia and it might be a good chance to use it to lessen some of her expenses.

       Solution to last week’s puzzle No. 4861: 1. …Bxf2+! Wins. If 2. Qxf2, Qa1+ is mate in 4.

       This week’s puzzle No. 4379: Black to move and mates in 3 (Solution next issue)

Source: Chess Mate by Roberto Hernandez
            Tia Belau Newspaper
            Page 10
            Volume 24
            Issue 16
            February 23, 2015


The logo of Knights and Rooks Chess Club (Palau) was used also in the t-shirt and polo shirt printing with the name of the players printed on the left front. At the back is 8 times bigger. Players have ordered a white or dark green or both of the shirts for $7.00 (t-shirt), $8.00 (polo shirt). Mario Ramos wants his big name "Mario" at the back part also and was charged with extra $2.00.The KRCC was founded in Sept. 15, 2002 with Roberto Hernandez elected as Chairman, Jimmy Valenzuela as Vice Chaiman and Danny Dandoy as Secretary. The name of the club was chosen from 6 nominated names. The KRCC was suggested by Tutii Joe Chilton, Roland & Omkar Tangelbad and Tommy Tutii.                 (Photo by Roberto Hernandez)


September 15 – December 01, 2002


1. It will be a single round robin. If contestants exceed 30, there will be a 5-round Swiss    

    System classification and the top 15 will have a single round robin final of Class A.

    And the 16-30 finishers will have their own Class B final single round robin.

2. First round pairings will be drawn with the no. 1 vs. the highest number drawn.

    The number two will face the second highest number drawn, etc.

3.  The time control is 45 minutes for each player to finish the game.  

    Each player must play 3 games every Sunday. Eddie Grefiel can play up to 5 players at

    a time because he has 2 Sunday offs in a month. Defaulting time is 45 minutes.

4. Special prize for brilliancy game for player who writes chess notations during games.

5. Before the start of the game, the players will form a chess club and will choose the

    name of the Chess Club.

6. A majority decision will be finalized if everybody will agree to 50% of registration fee goes to TFCP and the other half will be for cash prizes, including the brilliancy prize.

7. Registration fee is $10.00.

8. Will suggest to have a $1.00 monthly due for each member to have access to books, chess clock and others. Books are Sahovski Informator (Chess Informant #20), Chess by
Laszlo Polgar (5334 Puzzles and Games).

9. From registration fee collected, the club will buy 5 more chess boards and a chess computer that will participate in future tournaments.

10. The tournament venue is Mindzenty Auditorium from 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm.


1. CHESS MOVERS                                                         Eddie Grefiel

2. TFCP WORLDWIDE CHESS CLUB                          Amante Caballero

3. TFCP CHECKMATE CHESS CLUB                          Jimmy Valenzuela

4. GRANDMASTERS CHESS CLUB                             Roberto Hernandez

5. KNIGHTS AND ROOKS CHESS CLUB (Palau)       Tutii, Roland, Tommy, Omkar

6. CHECKMATE CHESS CLUB OF PALAU                Roberto Hernandez


                                               (Founded September 15, 2002)

Elected Chairman:                  ROBERTO HERNANDEZ

Elected Vice Chairman:          JIMMY VALENZUELA

Elected Secretary:                  DANNY DANDOY


 Mike Miguel, Jr., Jose Misael de Jesus, Eugene Koh, Tutii Joe Chilton, Roland Tangelbad, Omkar Tangelbad, Tommy Tutii, Amante Caballero, Bong Alipoon, Julius Torres, Noel Filomeno, Glen Navarosa, Cyril Montel, Jr., David Clumpner, Ricky Cabarubias, Mariano Agustin, Jr., Eddie Grefiel, Mario Ramos, Jun Mahor, Richard Reyes, Edgardo Enarsao, Ben Ramos, Kris Ramos, Eric Carlson, Nilo de Jesus


                NAME                           NATIONALITY            AGE         TEL. NUMBER

 1. JIMMY VALENZUELA               FILIPINO                  46               488-6876

 2. JOSE MISAEL DE JESUS            FILIPINO                   43               488-1247

 3. MIKE MIGUEL, JR.                     FILIPINO                   46               587-3606

 4. EUGENE KOH                             FILIPINO                   31               488-1699/7436

 5. ROBERTO HERNANDEZ           FILIPINO                    46              488-3694

 6. TUTII JOE CHILTON                  PALAUAN                 33               488-2617

 7. ROLAND TANGELBAD             PALAUAN                 34              488-4863

 8. OMKAR TANGELBAD              PALAUAN                   9               488-4863

 9. TOMMY TUTII                            PALAUAN                 11              488-3470

10. AMANTE CABALLERO            FILIPINO                    43              587-2121

11. BONG ALIPOON                        FILIPINO                    40              488-4149

12. JULIUS TORRES                        FILIPINO                                      488-3839

13. NOEL FILOMENO                     FILIPINO                    27              488-8025/1309

14. GLEN NAVAROSA                    FILIPINO                   24               488-6106

15. CYRIL MONTEL, JR.                 FILIPINO                   32               488-4991

16. DAVID CLUMPNER                  AMERICAN               24               488-3470

17. RICKY CABARUBIAS               FILIPINO                   32               488-6876

18. MARIANO AGUSTIN, JR.         FILIPINO                   60               488-8380

19. DANNY DANDOY                     FILIPINO                   40               488-5213

20. MARIO RAMOS                         FILIPINO                   35                654-1060

21. EDDIE GREFIEL                        FILIPINO                   35        824-1138/1183ext113

22. BEN RAMOS                              FILIPINO                   57                587-2370

23. KRIS RAMOS                             FILIPINO                   16                587-2370

24. NILO DE JESUS                         FILIPINO                   39               488-2302

25. JUN MAHOR                              FILIPINO                   31               488-6502

26. ERIC CARLSON                        AMERICAN                

27. RICHARD REYES                      FILIPINO                   27               488-4991

28. EDGARDO ENARSAO             FILIPINO                    46               488-6685 

Source:      The History Of Chess In Palau 
                 by Roberto Hernandez          
                 Part 2      
                 September 15, 2002

                           (Inventories of Properties) 

                    ITEMS                                              Amount

1. Ivan II Chess Computer                                     $126.37
2. Grandmaster chess clock (2)
    Wooden Tournament Size Chessboard (2)          100.00
3. Meisterschach chess clock (2)                              80.00
4. Wooden tournament size chessboard (2)             10.00
5. Medium size chessboard (2) Plastic pieces           20.00
6. Duct tape                                                               4.99
7. Plastic file case                                                       .99
8. 296 pages of Chess book (Print-$0.10 each)        29.60
9. PC-7 Epoxy paste, Screws                                   10.99
10. Black spray paint (2)                                            7.18
11. Markers (2) Red and Black                                   2.98
12. Paper punch                                                        2.25
13. Push pins                                                            1.49
14. Cutter                                                                    .50
15. Scissor                                                                  .99
16. Clear Masking tape                                              1.29
17. Masking tape (1 inch)                                            .99
18. Notebook                                                             1.69
19. Floppy Disk (2)                                                    1.80
20. Video Camera tape (2)                                        11.30
21. Pentel Pen (2)                                                      3.00
22. Date Stamp                                                           .99
23. Elmer's Glue                                                        1.49
24. Staple wire                                                           1.49
25. Tournament size chessboards (2)
      (Donated by Eddie Grefiel)                                 10.00
26. Liquid Paper                                                         1.99
                                                               TOTAL    $434.26

Source: The History of Chess in Palau
             By Roberto Hernandez
             September 15, 2002 - January 11, 2004
             To be published as a book in the future                                          

Thursday, February 26, 2015


    It looks like new because I wear this red polo shirt only on Christmas day and Valentine's day. It's one of the uniform provided to us at Image Restaurant. The 2 Filipino ladies are Palau Royal Resort's guests on Valentine's day 2015. The 3 kitchen staff (L-R) Bobby, Eli and Allan have just sung "Happy Birthday" to a celebrant guest. During Valentine's Day, the first song I always play is "My Funny Valentine.                                                    (Photo by Roberto Hernandez)

Christmas 2013 with Melwert Tmechtul and family--I taught piano to 3 of his kids --Dirramong, 3rd from left, Keo, and Nirblush, 3rd from right. Melwert is generous enough to give me $10.00 tip that night. I tuned their piano on Dec. 23, 2013 and back job of fine-retune on Dec. 24, 2013.
                                           (Photo by Roberto Hernandez)

Palau first recording artist Johnny B on Christmas day 2013 with his 2 aunties.
                               (Photo by Roberto Hernandez)

Flor Hernandez, sitting at the piano, and Nilda Raquinio are wearing the red uniform at Image Restaurant in the year 2002-2003.
                                          (Photo by Roberto Hernandez)

                      CONTINUATION OF
                             --- L --- 


1956    LA BAMBA (Richie Valens) (Spanish Song)                                                 DBI 32
            LA CUCARACHA (Mexican Song)                                                             DBI 11
            LA DECADANCE (Richard Clayderman)                                                  
            L A D Y   (Kenny Rogers)                                                                             R   136
            LA ISLA BONITA (Madonna)                                                                     R     72
            LA MALAGUENA (Trio Los Panchos) (Spanish Song)                                DBI   9
            LAMBADA (South American Song)                                                             DBI   8
            LANGIS AT TUBIG (Sharon Cuneta) (Filipino Song)                                OPM134
            LAN HUA CAO (Orchid) (Taiwanese Song)
            LA PALOMA (Julio Iglesias) (Spanish Song)                                                DBI 36
            LAST CHRISTMAS (Wham)                                                                       G   121
            L A T E L Y   (Stevie Wonder)                                                                      R     29
1945    L A U R A                                                                                                    R     44
            LA VIEN ROSE (French Song)
1978    LAY DOWN SALLY (Eric Clapton)                                                             G     49
1982    LEADER OF THE BAND (Dan Fogelberg)                                                  G     46
1969    LEAVING ON A JET PLANE (John Denver) (Peter, Paul & Mary)              B   181
            LEAVING YESTERDAY BEHIND (Keno) (Filipino Song)                       OPM162
            LEMON TREE
            LENG SUPER (Palauan Song)                                                                      DBI 70
            LERON-LERON SINTA (Filipino Song)                                                    OPM 79
            LES BICYCLETTES DES BELSIZE (Engelbert Humperdinck)                    V     18
1970    LET IT BE (Beatles)                                                                                     R   194
196      LET IT BE ME (Everly Brothers)                                                                  B   153
1974    LET ME BE THERE (Olivia Newton-John)                                                  G   123
1933    LET ME CALL YOU SWEETHEART                                                       
            LET ME GET TO KNOW YOU                                                                 DB  96
1973    LET ME TRY AGAIN (Frank Sinatra)                                                         R     43
            LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOY                                                                 B     65
1982    LET’S MAKE A MEMORY (Rex Smith)                                                     B   298
1961    LET’S TWIST AGAIN (Chubby Checker)                                                   B     83
1982    LET THE PAIN REMAIN (Basil Valdez) (Filipino Song)                           OPM176           
1975    LET YOUR LOVE FLOW (Bellamy Brothers)                                            V     46
1982    LIFT UP YOUR HANDS (Basil Valdez) (Filipino Song)                           OPM207
1967    LIGHT MY FIRE (Doors)                                                                           G   125
            LIHIM NA PAG-IBIG (Filipino Song)                                                      OPM  98
1985    LIKE A VIRGIN (Madonna)                                                                       B     66           
            LILY MARLENE (German Song)
1962    LIMBO ROCK (Chubby Checker)                                                               
1968    LITTLE GREEN APPLES                                                                            R     61
1973    LIVE AND LET DIE (Paul McCartney and Wings)                                       DB180
            LOKOLOK (Pohnpei Song)                                                                          DB  14
1959    LONELY BOY (Paul Anka)                                                                          B   144
1980    LONGER (Dan Fogelberg)                                                                            R     41
1973    LONG TRAIN RUNNIN’ (Doobie Brothers)                                               DB218
1978    LOOKING THROUGH THE EYES OF LOVE (Melissa Manchester)          B      2
1977    LOOKS LIKE WE MADE IT (Barry Manilow)                                            DB177
1991    LOSING MY RELIGION (R. E. M.)                                                            DB  60
1960    LOSS OF LOVE                                                                                           R     60
1978    LOST IN LOVE (Air Supply)                                                                        DB  94
1976    LOST WITHOUT YOUR LOVE (Bread)                                                     B       1               LOTTA LOVE (Neil Young)                                                                          B     67
1970    L O V E   (John Lennon)                                                                                R     34
            L O V E   (Japanese Song)
            LOVE AND DEVOTION (Intrumental)
                                      (Jose Feliciano)                                                                   R   137
1976    LOVE HURTS (Nazareth)                                                                             DB  93
            LOVE IS ALL THAT MATTERS (Eric Carmen)                                           DB219
1955    LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDORED THING                                              R     33
1967    LOVE IS BLUE (Paul Mauriat) (French Song)                                              DBI 46
            LOVE IS LOVE (Culture Club)                                                                    B       3
1982    LOVE IS OVER (Japanese Song)                                                                J      26
1974    LOVE IS STRONGER FAR THAN WE (Esther Satterfield)                        R     21
1945    LOVE LETTERS                                                                                         R     32
1935    LOVE LETTERS IN THE SAND (Pat Boone)                                            G   122
            LOVE ME (Michael Cretu)                                                                          R     28
            LOVE ME DO (Beatles)                                                                              R   211
            LOVE ME FOR WHAT I AM (Carpenters)                                                G     82
1956    LOVE ME TENDER (Elvis Presley)                                                            V     47
            LOVE ME TONIGHT                                                                                G   129
            LOVE ME WITH ALL YOUR HEART (Engelbert Humperdinck)               R   114
            LOVE OF MY LIFE (Queen)                                                                     G     18
1980    LOVE ON THE ROCKS (Neil Diamond)                                                    DB  95
            LOVE’S BEEN GOOD TO ME                                                                  B     68
            LOVE’S GROWN DEEP (Shalamar)                                                          B   200
1970    LOVE STORY (Where Do I Begin)  (Andy Williams)                                   B   188
1974    LOVE’S THEME (Barry White’s Love Unlimited Orchestra)                        R   140
            LOVE WILL KEEP US ALIVE (Eagles)                                                     DB    4
1973    LOVE WILL KEEP US TOGETHER (Captain & Tennille)                          DB  26
            LOVE WILL LEAD YOU BACK (Tony Braxton)
1982    LOVE WITHOUT TIME (Nonoy Zuniga) (Filipino Song)                         OPM169
            LOVING ARMS (Kris Kristofferson & Rita Coolidge)                                 B      4
1975    LOVIN’ YOU (Minnie Riperton)                                                                 R   112
196      LUCKY GUY (Cascades)                                                                           B   175
            L U H A   (Aegis) (Filipino Song)                                                              OPM104
            LUMANG SIMBAHAN (Larry Miranda) (Filipino Song)                         OPM  83
            LUMAYO KA MAN SA AKIN (Rodel Naval) (Filipino Song)                OPM  71
            L U P A   (Asin) (Filipino Song)                                                                OPM102
            LYIN’ EYES (Eagles)                                                                                  DB184
            LUBI-LUBI (Filipino Song)                                                                       OPM124
1975    LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS (Beatles) (Elton John)                R   188

Sources: Chess and Music (Perfect Combination)
              The Beginning of Chess in Palau
              By Roberto Hernandez
              December 2013 - February 2015
              To be published as a book in the future

             Music and Me
             By Roberto Hernandez
             February 2015