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                  Cyril Tomas Montel, Jr., middle, is receiving his championship medal from Roberto Hernandez after clinching the 2016 Palau Rapid Chess Championship on April 17. His 5 straight national titles were snapped by Tito Cabunagan in the final day of 2016 PBCC. He is on with a new streak with the win. Jeff Balbalosa, left, missed his 2nd straight national title with a lost to Rustum Cabuso in the 9th round. 
                                                (Photo by Roberto Hernandez)

DEFENDING champion Cyril Tomas Montel, Jr. keeps his stride in topping the 2016 Palau Rapid Chess Championship being held on Sunday, April 17 at Surangel’s Campaign Headquarters within the Mason’s Hardware premises.
                Cyril won all of his last 3 remaining games to pull away with a round to spare when 1st runner-up finisher Paquito ‘Pax’ Suringa, Jr. lost to Gonzalo Escapatoria, Jr. while 2nd runner-up titlist Tito Cabunagan collected the same number of points (7) but settled for 3rd place after the tie breaks were used. The only loss of Cyril was dealt to him by Pax in the 2nd round.
                Roberto Hernandez lost his 7th round game with Dennis Gonzales in 48 moves of Sicilian Defence, won by default over Josef Karlo Moyet and mated Arnold Inres in 38 moves of another Sicilian Defence to finish tied at 4th place with Dennis.
                THE MOVES: Hernandez, Roberto (1842) - Gonzales, Dennis (1696) [B32]
2016 PRCC (7), 17.04.2016
          1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 d5 4.dxc5 dxe4 5.Qxd8+ Nxd8 6.Bb5+ Nc6 7.Ne5 Bd7 8.Nxd7 Kxd7 9.0–0 e5 10.b4 a6 11.Ba4 Be7 12.Bb2 Bf6 13.Nd2 Kc7 14.Bxc6 Kxc6 15.Nxe4 Rd8 16.Nd6 Nh6 17.Rad1 Rd7 18.Ne4 Rhd8 19.Rxd7 Rxd7 20.Nxf6 gxf6 21.f4 Ng4 22.fxe5 fxe5 23.h3 Ne3 24.Rf6+ Kb5 25.Rb6+ Ka4 26.c6 bxc6 27.Rxc6 Kxb4 28.Bxe5 Kb5 29.Rc3 Nc4 30.Rb3+ Ka4 31.c3 Nxe5 32.Rb6 Ka5 33.Rh6 Re7 34.Rxh7 Re6 35.h4 Rf6 36.Rh5 Re6 37.Rf5 Ka4 38.h5 Ka3 39.h6 Ng6 40.Rxf7 Kxa2 41.h7 Re1+ 42.Kf2 Rh1 43.Ra7 Nf8 44.c4 Nxh7 45.Rxa6+ Kb3 46.c5 Rc1 47.c6 Nf6 48.c7          0–1
            Inres, Arnolfo (1607) - Hernandez, Roberto (1842) [B23]
2016 PRCC (9), 17.04.2016
          1. e4 c5 2.Nc3 d6 3.f4 Nf6 4.Nf3 a6 5.Bc4 e6 6.a3 b5 7.Bd3 c4 8.Be2 Bb7 9.d3 Qc7 10.0–0 Qc5+ 11.Kh1 Ng4 12.Ng5 Nf2+ 13.Rxf2 Qxf2 14.Bf3 Be7 15.e5 d5 16.Nh3 Qb6 17.d4 0–0 18.Qe1 Nd7 19.Qg3 b4 20.axb4 Bxb4 21.Ne2 Rac8 22.c3 Be7 23.Rb1 a5 24.f5 exf5 25.Bh6 Qxh6 26.Nef4 Bh4 27.Qxh4 Qxh4 28.Nxd5 Bxd5 29.Bxd5 Nb6 30.Bb7 Rb8 31.Ba6 Qe4 32.Rf1 Qd3 33.Kg1 Nd5 34.b3 Qe3+ 35.Kh1 cxb3 36.c4 b2 37.cxd5 b1Q 38.Rxb1 Rxb1+ 39.Ng1 Qxg1#          0–1
            The invitation letter from Baku, Azerbaijan World Chess Olympiad has been sent to Palau Chess Federation that read as this: INVITATION –42nd Chess Olympiad 87th FIDE Congress Baku 2016
Dear Friends and Chess Lovers,
                The Azerbaijani Chess Federation and the Baku Chess Olympiad Operating Committee under the auspices of the Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Azerbaijan have the great honor to invite all member federations of FIDE to the 42nd Chess Olympiad and the 87th FIDE Congress taking place in Baku between September 1st-14th.
                The venue of the Olympiad is the Crystal Hall, and the Congress will be held in the Baku Fairmont Hotel. The 42nd Olympiad is the biggest chess event in Azerbaijan’s history, and we hope that it will be an exceptional event for all of us, with many strong chess moments.
                We are looking for your presence to share this Olympiad all together.

Head of the Baku Chess Olympiad Operating Committee
Mahir Mammedov

Chief Arbiter of the Olympiad
Faik Gasanov

                 Solution to last week’s puzzle No. 4368: 1. … Qxf1+! 2. Kxf1 Rc1+ 3. Ke2 Rd2 mate.

                This week’s puzzle No. 4369: Black to move and mates in 3 (Solution next issue)

Sources: Chess Mate by Roberto Hernandez
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             Chess and Music (Perfect Combination)
             The Beginning of Chess in Palau
             By Roberto Hernandez
             To be published as a book in the future

             The History of Chess in Palau
             By Roberto Hernandez
             June 09, 2002--April 25, 2016  


(1207) MUSIC AND ME (March 03, 2016) Russ and Tina -- AMERICAN COUPLE FROM WISCONSIN

     American couple Russ and Tina had a good time listening to Roberto Hernandez' music while staying at Palau Royal Resort. Russ is showing an issue of Tia Belau Newspaper where Roberto is writing about chess since Dec. 29, 2002.                     (Photo by Roberto Hernandez)

               RUSS AND TINA --
   American Couple from Wisconsin

ON FEBRUARY 29, 2016, we have an American couple guests at Breeze Bar of Palau Royal Resort. They are appreciating my renditions of American songs.
                Before 11pm, I’m having conversation with them. The guy, Russ, have a business in printing/publishing when I gave them my card and when I told them that I’m writing about chess on Palau’s first newspaper Tia Belau, we had photos taken with Russ holding the Tia Belau copy with headline “Palau To Get Patrol Vessel” together with his wife Tina.
                The said they are from Wisconsin, USA. All I remember about Wisconsin is their NCAA basketball team Badgers. Russ said Wisconsin is like a province with not so much populated. He said his family sold a piece of land to a Japanese investor and after a few years without much development in the place, they were able to get back the land for very low price.
                They gave me a glass of Palau local draft beer Red Rooster and I chose the Amber. We have more conversation about music and chess and places. They don’t play much chess but they are amazed by the fact that I have represented Palau in many places like Australia, Russia, Turkey and Norway, and also in this year’s World Chess Olympiad in Baku, Azerbaijan.
                I mentioned to them that I’m writing about chess on Tia Belau Newspaper and although there’s no connection about chess, I’m featuring once in a while some guests of Palau Royal Resort that have been part of my socializing while being the in-house musician like I have been doing in the last 9 years.
                The American couple is complaining about the long hours of trip going to Palau. Russ said he had only a few hours sleep as he is not used to sleep in the plane. He said their trip from America to Palau is about 24 hours.
                I mentioned to them that our trip to Norway is 32 hours and in coming back is 36 hours. Koror, Palau to Manila is 2 and a half hours; Manila to Hong Kong is almost  hours + few more hours of stopover  before going to Helsinki, Finland for more than 10 hours; 3 hours going to Oslo, Norway after more stopover hours and finally, one and a half hours to Tromso, Norway, the site of 2014 World Chess Olympiad.
                In going back, we have to go to Bodo, Norway before Oslo to accommodate the more than 1,300 chess players that participated in that Olympiad with a record 174 countries participated, making the Chess Olympiad the 4th most participated sports event in the world in terms of participating countries.
                These long hours of trip to participate in an Olympiad will make a sudden turnaround if Tokyo, Japan will win the bid to host the 2020 World Chess Olympiad. Although they already won the bid to host the 2020 Summer Olympics, it’s very nice to have a Chess Olympiad in an Asian country since the Philippines held it in 1992.
                With Roberto Hernandez now the Delegate to the 2016 World Chess Olympiad in Baku, Azerbaijan because the official Delegate, Eric Ksau Surangel Whipps, will be attending a wedding, it will be for sure that Palau will vote for Tokyo instead of Buenos Aires, Argentina, who already hosted Chess Olympiad multiple times. Besides, Tokyo is just a 6-hour trip from Palau, who has been occupied by Japanese during the World War II that’s why many Palauans can speak fluent Japanese.
                The word “dengwa”, Japanese for telephone, is also “dengwa” in Palau language. Many Filipino words are also similar to Palau words like “martilyo” which means hammer in Philippines but “martilyong” in Palau; “kalabasa” (squash or pumpkin) is “kalabasang” in Palau; “kangkong” (swamp cabbage) is “kamkum” in Palau.

Sources: Music and Me
              By Roberto Hernandez
              Tia Belau Newspaper
              March 15, 2012 -- April 2013

              Chess and Music (Perfect Combination)
              The Beginning of Chess in Palau
              By Roberto Hernandez
              To be published as a book in the future 


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(1206) CHESS MATE ISSUES No. 151-200 and their LINKS

                            CHESS MATE ISSUES
                                   No. 151-200
                                and their LINKS 

        151. CM151     A Little League Of Their Own                                                  Nov. 11-18, 2005

        152. CM152     Unbeaten No More                                                                    Nov. 18-25, 2005

153. CM153     Sno Sweeps Ivan II; Manuel Suffers First Loss                 Nov. 25-Dec. 02, 2005

154. CM154     More Chessboards and Clocks                                       Dec. 02-09, 2005

155. CM155     Escape with A Draw                                                                   Dec. 09-16, 2005

        156. CM156     KRCC Christmas Party Dec. 18                                 Dec. 16-23, 2005

        157. CM157    Hernandez is 2005 Christmas Blitz Chess Fest Champ    Dec. 23-30, 2005

158. CM158     Chess Mate Marks 3rd Year                                      Dec. 30, 2005-Jan. 06, 2006

159. CM159     Looking Forward to 2006 World Chess Olympiad            Jan. 06-13, 2006

160. CM160    2005-2006 Rapid Chess’ Hectic 19th & 20th Rd. –175 games   Jan. 13-20, 2006

161. CM161     Pastrana Offered to Host 2006 PNCC (Rd. 21, 22)           Jan. 20-27, 2006

162. CM162     94 Games Decided in Rd. 23, 24-‘05-’06 Rapid Tilt          Jan. 27-Feb. 03, 2006

163. CM163    Nedic -Blitz Chess Champ of the Week;                              Feb. 03-10, 2006
                          Round 25, 26 of 2005-2006 Rapid Chess Tilt

164. CM164     Penultimate round of 2005-2006 Rapid Chess                 Feb. 10-17, 2006

165. CM165     Final Round -2005-2006 Rapid Chess Tilt                             Feb. 17-24, 2006

166. CM166     Hernandez, Eti Share Blitz Chess Title                                 Feb. 24-March 03, 2006
167. CM167     Pastrana’s 1st And Only Blitz Title                                          March 03-10, 2006

168. CM168     National Rating of Possible 2006 PNCC Participants       March 10-17, 2006

169. CM169     2006 PNCC to start March 19                                                   March 17-24, 2006

170. CM170     Jess, Jose, Cyril, Edwin, Boy win on Opening Day           March 24-31, 2006

171. CM171     Eti Scores 2 wins, Morton Stuns Pastrana                          March 31-April 07, 2006

172. CM172     Montel, Jr., Eti Surging; PCF Non-Profit                              April 07-14, 2006

173. CM173     Manuel, Montel, Jr., Eti Still Unbeaten                               April 14-21, 2006

        174. CM174     Eti Upset Top Seed                                                          April 21-28, 2006

        175. CM175     Who Will Stop Eti?                                                            April 28-May 05, 2006

        176. CM176     Valenzuela Stops Eti                                                            May 05-12, 2006

        177. CM177     Palau Welcomes Campomanes                                             May 12-19, 2006

        178. CM178     Campomanes Completes Mission                                        May 19-26, 2006

        179. CM179     Cyril’s First Loss, Second Blitz Title                                        May 26-June 02, 2006

        180. CM180     Manuel Seizes Lead                                                                    June 02-09, 2006

        181. CM181     Five-Player Affair                                                                June 09-16, 2006

        182. CM182     Nedic Sweeps Manuel, Grabs Lead                                     June 16-23, 2006

        183. CM183     The Ambassador Cup Rapid Chess Tilt Starts June 25          June 23-30, 2006

       184. CM184     Ambassador Cup’s Top Seeds Prevail                                  June 30-July 07, 2006

185. CM185     Omega, Hernandez, Vidal & Soriano Lead Amb. Cup           July 07-14, 2006

186. CM186     Omega, Vergara, Pastrana & F. Hernandez – Champs            July 14-21, 2006

187. CM187     Victims of Chess Politics                                                            July 21-28, 2006

        188. CM188     Nedic Seizes Lead                                                            July 28-Aug. 04, 2006

        189. CM189     Good Luck Dennis                                                              Aug. 04-11, 2006

        190. CM190     $100 Donation from Eti                                                           Aug. 11-18, 2006

        191. CM191     Palau Invitational Chess Tilt To Be Held As Scheduled           Aug. 18-25, 2006

        192. CM192     Final Day of NCC                                                        Aug. 25-Sept. 01, 2006
                           (Front Page “TR Accepts Blame for Power Crisis”)

        193. CM193     Palau Welcomes FIDE Rated Players                                    Sept. 01-08, 2006

        194. CM194     NZ Bennett is PICC Champion                                                Sept. 08-15, 2006

195. CM195     Rapid Chess Tilt to Start Oct. 01                                             Sept. 15-22, 2006

196. CM196     Highlights of P. I. C. C.                                                                Sept. 22-29, 2006

197. CM197     All Set for Rapid Chess Tilt Oct. 1                                           Sept. 29-Oct. 06, 2006

198. CM198     Manuel, Eti Lead Rapid Chess                                                 Oct. 06-13, 2006

        199. CM199     Manuel Loses, Keeps Lead                                                      Oct. 13-20, 2006

        200. CM200     Dittrich, Andres Drew with Top Seeds                                Oct. 20-27, 2006

Sources: Chess Mate by Roberto Hernandez
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              Issue 45
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              Chess Mate by Roberto Hernandez
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              Volume 15
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              October 20-27, 2006 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

(1205) Week 3 of 2007-2008 RAPID CHESS TILT (TBN-Dec. 07-13, 2007)

             Week 3 of 2007-2008 RAPID CHESS TILT

A FEW DAYS before Christmas, some players still have found time to play as many games as they can in the resumption of 2007-2008 Rapid Chess Tournament at Jean’s Boutique and Store or at Palau Royal Resort in the 3rd week of the event.
                Koror State Legal Counsel Craig Dittrich trounced PRR Paul Garcia at Dormitory 1 of PRR while venue host Gene Pastrana lost to frontrunner Tony Villa at Jean’s Boutique and Store. Ashibi Restaurant cook Jose Omega was swept by Villa but he scored a victory over PRR’s Dennis Lara.
                NM Menandro ‘Boy’ Manuel subdued another PRR player Jaime Guevarra, the 2nd runner-up in the 2007 Palau Royal Resort Rating Chess Tourney, while newcomer Joeven delos Santos was swept by the ever-improving Dittrich, who prefers longer time control.
                Andres ‘Aying’ Mestizo II is the latest addition to the ever-growing chess enthusiasts that’s willing to test their mettle against stronger opposition.
                Dennis Gonzales felt the sting of the moves of blitz chess specialist Villa and was overwhelmed by the oozing talent from the former student of Philippine National Master Allan Saysot. According to Villa, when he and NM Saysot are playing blitz chess, the odd is-- he will have 5 minutes to Saysot’s 2 minutes and it takes many hours of practice before he can score a draw or a win over the seasoned master. When he finally defeated him, NM Saysot gave him a chess set.
                Another newcomer, Michael Mercado from Aqua Water, showed a lot of potential in giving NM Manuel Nedic a lot of what he can squeeze off before halving the point in their first game and emerged victorious in their 2nd game while Dittrich dropped a point to Pastrana, whom he had beaten in their first game. Dittrich suffered 2 more setbacks at the hands of Villa.
                Jose Omega and Roberto Hernandez, resident musician of PRR, played their 2 games at Palau Royal Resort Dormitory 1. The ‘home court’ advantage favors Hernandez as he swept Omega convincingly with a small crowd watching their games.

Solution to last week’s puzzle No. 3805: 1. Rg1+!! Keeping the queen out of action for the final blow… Qxg1 2. Qf5+ Kh4 3. Qh5 mate. With the queen still at h2, black can escape mate with 2. … Kh6.

This week’s puzzle No. 3806: White to move and mates in 3 (Solution next issue)  

Source: Chess Mate by Roberto Hernandez
             Tia Belau Newspaper
             Pages 9-10
             Volume 16
             Issue 49            


                     Allan Alcid, right, topped the qualifying tournament for Palau Open Team in the 2016 Baku Chess Olympiad in Azerbaijan with Angelo Salvadora, left, joining him and Manuel ‘Jun’ Mahor, Jr., 4th from left. Angie Parrado-Sisior, 2nd from left, led in the halfway mark of the event but faded in the homestretch to miss the cut. Women players are allowed in the Open division but men can’t play in the Women’s division of the biannual Chess Olympiad.   (Photo by Roberto Hernandez)

IN HIS conversation at Facebook since last year, Roberto Hernandez informed the 4th qualifier to the 2016 World Chess Olympiad in Baku, Azerbaijan Allan Alcid that his spot as a member of Open Palau Chess Team to Baku is still available for him.

                Alcid topped the Top 3 Qualifying tourney prior to 2015 Palau National Chess Championship where he finished 4th overall although he didn’t finish his last 3 games due to his official business trip to Philippines to buy materials for the printing business of his employer Sen. Mlib Tmetuchl. He is still in Philippines and met Palau Chess Federation President Eric Ksau Surangel Whipps there. Eric suggests that PCF should make a letter to Sen. Mlib to ask permission for him to go at the date of the Olympiad – Sept. 01-14, 2016.

                If things go well, the Palau Open Team composition will have the following Board order: 1. Allan 2. Paquito Suringa, Jr. 3. Jeff Balbalosa 4. Dennis Gonzales (also the Team Captain) and 5. Roberto (also the Delegate). Angelo Salvadora was offered a slot if Allan will not make it. Likewise to Manuel ‘Jun’ Mahor, Jr. if Allan and Angelo will not be available.

                The Top 10 Chess players of Palau who participated in the 2015 PNCC are the only eligible players to be selected to the Open Team composition of Palau Chess Team to Baku. Cyril, Tito and Eric withdrew due to varying reasons. There’s no mention whatsoever in the format of 2015 PNCC that there will be a women’s team to Baku. Those hearsays are not official.

                In the 5th and 6th round of the ongoing 2016 Palau Rapid Chess Championship, Cyril now leads the field of 12 players after winning his 5th and 6th round games with a total of 5 points followed by Pax with 4.5. Roberto lost to Rustum Cabuso in 41 moves of French Defence but subdued Glen Navarroza in the 6th round in 62 moves of Sicilian Defence. Cabuso is now the first player aside from Roberto to write his moves and was able to post the moves at Facebook.


                The participants and their Rapid ratings: 1. Cyril (1921) 2. Tito Cabunagan (1883) 3. Roberto (1842) 4. Pax (1803) 5. Dennis Gonzales ((1696) 6. Rustum (1692) 7. Jeff (1679) 8. Arnolfo Inres (1607) 9. Gonzalo Escapatoria, Jr. (1601) 10. Jun (1477) 11. Glen (1414) 12. Josef Karlo Moyet (1389).

                Solution to last week’s puzzle No. 4367 (It’s Black to move and mates in 3) 1. …Qxf1+!! 2. Kxf1 Ng3+ 3. Ke1 or Kg1 Rc1 mate.

                This week’s puzzle No. 4368: Black to move and mates in 3 (Solution next issue)

Sources: Chess Mate by Roberto Hernandez
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             April 2013--April 18, 2016

            Chess and Music (Perfect Combination)
            The Beginning of Chess in Palau
            By Roberto Hernandez
            To be published as a book in the future

            The History of Chess in Palau
            By Roberto Hernandez
            June 09, 2002 -- April 18, 2016  




Flor, Maria, Roel and Nilda in December 31, 1995, New Year's Eve Countdown.