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(301) 2009 TIPS/DRINKS GIVEN TO ROBERTO (Conclusion)


Sept. 01       Waves                            Mama san & Papa san (Sushi Bar Mito)             $10.00

Sept. 06      Waves                              2 Gay Thais                                                          $5.00

                                                   (Requested“Yesterday” and Nat ‘King’ Cole songs.

                                                    I played 5 of his songs. Also lots of American songs.)

Sept. 08       Waves                      Same 2 gay Thais                                                       $5.00

                     Breeze Bar               A group of Filipinos                                            Tequila shot

                                                      Juliet is with them and gave me …                            $5.00

Sept. 13        Waves                       Mother and daughter (Japanese)                                  $10.00

                                                    (They dance when I play “Wakaretemo,

                                                         Sukinahito”and “Dancing All Night”).

Sept. 17            Breeze Bar               Group of 4 Japanese ladies                                          $2.00

                                                          2 old Japanese ladies                                                  $10.00

                                                         (Requested 8 Japanese songs)

                                                           The other lady gave me …                                           $1.00

Sept. 18               Breeze Bar               Taiwanese couple                                                       $1.00

Sept. 20               Waves                     Japanese boy with his grandfather. They sang

                                               “Subaru”and 4 other Jap. Songs. While they are singing

                                                “Koko Ni Sachiari” the grandma gave me…                         $10.00

Sept. 26               Breeze Bar                  Engineer of PPR (Japanese)                                       $5.00

                                                                  (Requested Tagalog songs)

Sept. 29                Waves              Old Japanese ladies requested “Fur Elise”…                    $10.00

                                                       Another old lady (Japanese)…                                            $2.00

                                                       Another old Japanese lady…                                             $3.00

                                   One more old Jap. Lady requested “Pray In A Maiden”…                    $5.00

Oct. 04          Waves                        Japanese couple (Kenji Sudoh 5-5-1-3804

                                                          Toyosu,Tokyo, Japan)                                                $20.00

                                                     (His wife asked Nelson Trepoli if I’m Japanese

                                                          because I play a lot of Jap. songs.)

Oct. 05         Breeze Bar                  Young Taiwanese couple ….                       Long Island Iced Tea

                                                        (Sit with them at 11:00 pm. The guy was impressed

                                                         of my Taiwanese songs and gave me ….                             $5.00

Oct. 06            Waves                       American lady                                                                     $2.22

Oct. 10            Waves                      2 Japanese couples. Eriko requested

                                                         “Goodbye My Love”, “Love Is Over” and

                                                         “Itoshino Elly” and gave me …                                           $50.00

                                                             Her husband sang with me to the song

                                                             “Chako No Kaigan Monogatari”

Oct. 11      Waves                        Eriko, her husband and the other couple enjoyed

                                                       their last day. The husband gave me….                          $10.00

                                                  I said to them, “Please, come back to Palau

                                                                     again someday.”

Oct. 12            Waves                      2 Japanese ladies                                                            $2.00

Oct. 13            Breeze Bar               Taiwanese guy                                                              $1.00

Oct. 17           Waves                        Japanese tour operator                                                 $5.00

Oct. 19            Waves                      Young Japanese couple                                               $10.00

Oct. 23            Breeze Bar                 Taiwanese couple                                                       $5.00

                                                           (Requested“The Rose”)

                         Breeze Bar                   Older Taiwanese couple                                            $5.00

                                                           (Requested“The One You Love”)

Oct. 29            Breeze Bar                   4 Koreans                                               10,000 Korean won

Nov. 05             Waves                            Palauan lady w/ 2 Palauan girls

                                                                  Girl (1) gave me …                                             $5.00

                                                                  Girl (2) gave me…                                             $5.00

                        Breeze Bar                         American guy                                                   $2.00

Nov. 12            Breeze Bar                         8 Koreans (Korean guy …                               $3.00

                                                      Another Korean guy from the group…                          $1.00

                                                                  Korean lady                                                       $2.00

Nov. 13         Waves                                 4 Japanese

                                                    One lady sang “Subaru” twice and gave…                       $10.00

Nov. 16           Breeze Bar                      4 Koreans                                                               $10.00

                                                          (Requested“My Way”, “Chinkuya”)

                                                      They gave $10.00 also to Ronald and Tonet.

Nov. 17         Breeze Bar                        Melwert Tmechtul                                                 Red Wine

Nov. 23          Waves                           Mr. Komatsu                                                              $3.00

                      Breeze Bar                        Young Taiwanese couple                                        $1.00

                     Breeze Bar                          Korean couple (Ron & his wife)                            $20.00

                                                            (Requested“Chinkuya”, “My Way”, “Green

                                                             Green Grass of Home”                                 1 can SMB beer

                                             Ron gave me also Korean souvenir--                       Nail clipper w/ opener

                          Breeze Bar                Old Japanese guy with a group                                      $10.00

                                                           (Requested“House of the Rising Sun”)

Nov. 24       Breeze Bar                     Koreans Ron and his wife –                           Lollipop & $10.00

Nov. 26         Breeze Bar                    Koreans Ron and his wife                                            Candies

Nov. 27           Breeze Bar                      8 Japanese old ladies                                            Red Wine

                                                            (They danced to all my music)

                                                        Requested a lot of songs. Ma’am Michelle &

                                                                          Ai Lin were there also.

                                                                   One lady gave me …                                              $50.00

Nov. 28          Waves                         The same 8 old Japanese ladies…                              Red Wine

                                                        Ma’am Michelle asked me if they give me

                                                   tip last night. I said $50.00. She said, “good for you.”

                       Breeze Bar                   The same 8 old Japanese ladies…                             Red Wine

                                                        They enjoyed the night again dancing with

                                                           Randy Takeo. Same lady gave me…                                $20.00

                   Breeze Bar                      Younger Japanese couple                                                   $1.00

Nov. 30        Waves                            4 Japanese ladies …                                                         $4.00

Dec. 03               Breeze Bar                             Taiwanese lady …                                          $1.00

                                                              (Requested“Yesterday Once More”)

                                                               Taiwanese guy …                                                     $1.00

                                                              (Requested“Hotel California”)

Dec. 04            Breeze Bar                         Group of Koreans                                             $2.00

                                                                  (Requested upbeat songs)

Dec. 11             Breeze Bar                        Taiwanese group                                        Mango Juice

Dec. 14             Breeze Bar                          Taiwanese couple                                            $15.00

                                                      (Requested“Love Me Tender”, “I Can’t Stop

                                                       Loving You”, “Ebony and Ivory”, “Vincent”)

Dec. 15            Waves                         Frank Kyota and his wife…                                          $10.00

                                                           (Requested Elvis Presley’s songs)

Dec. 18            Waves                                   Palauan couple …                                                $5.00

                                                            (Greeted me “Merry Christmas”)

Dec. 24             Waves                               Taiwanese couple …                                              $2.00

                                                                (Greeted me “Merry Christmas”)

Dec. 25            Waves                               American guy …                                                 $2.00 bill

                                                              (He said it’s for good luck)

Dec. 31                    Waves                        Palauan couple (Newly wed)                                  $5.00

                                                            (Requested“Wonderful Tonight” on

                                                                       New Year’s Eve countdown.

                                                                B R E A K D O W N

JANUARY                                                            $240.00

                                                                           NT 100.00

FEBRUARY                                                           $217.00

MARCH                                                                  $202.00

APRIL                                                                    $115.00

MAY                                                                        $ 98.05

JUNE                                                                      $ 12.00

JULY                                                                       $ 43.00

AUGUST                                                                 $ 47.00

SEPTEMBER                                                          $ 84.00

OCTOBER                                                                $115.22

                                                                                  Korean Won 10,000

NOVEMBER                                                             $157.00

DECEMBER                                                           $ 43.00

                                                                    Grand Total $ 1,373.27

                                                                                         NT 100.00

                                                                            Korean Won 10,000

Saturday, September 22, 2012

(300) MUSIC & ME (Aug. 30) (Part 2- 2009 Tips/Drinks Given to RH)

They usually come to Palau twice a year. This year, they came in March 22-25 and July 24-27. They like Disney movies theme songs, Carpenters and Beatles. They know about my trip to Istanbul in Aug. 27-Sept. 10, 2012 that's why they didn't come within that date. They will be back again in Palau in January 2013. (Photo by Roberto Hernandez)

                    2009 TIPS AND DRINKS GIVEN TO
                           ROBERTO HERNANDEZ

March 02           Waves                             Japanese group                                             $1.00

March 05            Waves                            Old Japanese couple                                     $5.00

                                                         (The guy sang with me “Sukiyaki”)

                          Breeze Bar                       Lone Japanese lady                                      $5.00

                                                        (Requested“And I Love You So” and

                                                                   “Twelfth of Never”)

                                                              Taiwanese couple                                   Asahi beer (1)

                                                (Requested“Longer” by Dan Fogelberg)

March 06          Waves                         A group of young Taiwanese

                                                       One of them requested “Take Me Home

                                                                 Country Roads”                             ………… $2.00

                                                                 One of the lady                                ………. $1.00

                                             Another Taiwanese guy not with the group                      $1.00

March 07            Waves              Japanese couple (the lady’s hair is blonde)               $10.00

                                                              (She requested Latin songs)

March 08            Waves                             Japanese guy                                                $5.00

                                                              Taiwanese guy                                                   $5.00

                                                   Mother of TaiwanAmbassador Maggie

                                                        Tien (on a wheelchair) gave me                         … $20.00

March 10             Waves               A group of Taiwanese ladies                                    $10.00

                                                      (No request but they’re singing when

                                                             I’m playing Taiwanese songs.)

                                                                    Japanese couple                                         … $2.00

March 13        Liao’s Room          A group of Japanese from Liao’s room

                                               are paying their bill. While waiting, a lady asked

                                              Chef Horie for me to play “Amazing Grace”                  …$5.00

                                                    She requests again “Tennessee Waltz”                   ….. $5.00

March 21          Breeze Bar        8 Filipinos (4 Men and 4 Ladies)                                $100.00

                                                    (Requested about 16 songs mostly

                                                                 American songs)

                                                       4 Koreans requested “Honesty”                                   $1.00

March 23            Breeze Bar                      Korean couple                                                 $1.00

                                                       (The lady gave me…                                         Korean beer in

                                                                                                                                    Tetra pack (1)

                                                    (The guy gave me another                                        … $1.00

                                             (Requested Korean song “Chinkuya”)

March 24               Breeze Bar                   Filipina (Juliet)                                                $5.00

March 28               Breeze Bar                 Taiwanese couple                                              $2.00

                                                                  2 Japanese ladies                                               $5.00

March 31                 Waves                        2 Japanese ladies                                              $5.00

                                                      Palauan lady with her 2 young daughters                      $5.00

April 03                 Ming’s Court                President Johnson Toribiong                       … $50.00

                                                                    First Lady Valeria Toribiong                        … $5.00

                                                                         2 Palauan ladies                                      … $10.00

                                  (The President & First Lady requested me to play for a few minutes)

April 06                  Breeze Bar                        Korean couple                                             $10.00

April 07                  Breeze Bar                          Korean couple                                             $3.00

April 12                  Breeze Bar                          Palauan couple                                          $10.00

                                                  (Requested“Desperado”, also gave me           …Glass of red wine

April 17                   Breeze Bar                         2 Koreans                                                   $1.00

                                                            (Requested Korean and Chinese songs)

April 18                   Waves                             Japanese lady in a group                               $1.00

                                                          (She danced when I played “Kita Sakaba”)

                                                              Couple (I’m not sure of their nationality)                 $5.00

April 27                  Waves                  Palauan priest Father Rusk Saburo                        … $5.00

                                                                 Palauan guy with Father Rusk                           … $5.00

April 30                  Waves                                Taiwanese lady                                            $10.00


May 02                   Breeze Bar                    Korean birthday celebrant                   …. 3 slices of cake

May 03                   Breeze Bar                            American couple                                         $2.00

May 05                   Breeze Bar                             Japanese couple                                          $2.00

                                                            (The lady requested “Hotel California”)

May 09                   Breeze Bar                              2 Japanese guys                                          $2.00

                                                           (Requested Japanese songs. After enjoying

                                                                            my music, they add                                   … $3.00

May 12                    Waves                  Mama san and Papa san (Sushi Bar Mito)                  $10.00

May 15                   Breeze Bar                             Lone Japanese lady                                     $10.00

                                                                                   Filipina lady                                              $5.00

                                                          (She gave it after I played “Hotel California”)

May 16                    Waves                                  Lone American guy                                        $2.00

                                                      Waves Liao’s Room guests (Discovery Tours) are

                                                         paying their bill. While waiting, they enjoyed

                                                      my music.Singer Emma was able to collect..                      $27.05

                                                                      from happy Japanese guests.

May 17             Waves                                        Japanese couple                                             $20.00

                                                             (Requested“Over The Rainbow”, “Speak

                                                           Softly Love”, “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes”) etc.

May 18            Waves                          2 American couples are paying their bill                   … $5.00

                        Waves                           Japanese grandma, mother & daughter                     … $10.00

                                                     (They sang when I played “Oribia O Kikinagara”)

June 05             Breeze Bar                          Taiwanese couple                                                   $1.00

June 06             Breeze Bar                          Taiwanese couple                                                   $1.00

                         Breeze Bar            Kung Yi Cheng and his wife Emailed me, Ronald

                                                                           And Tonet w/ photos

June 13            Breeze Bar                             A group of Koreans                                              $10.00

                                                                        (Requested Korean songs)

June 17-July 03                                               M Y     V A C A T I O N

                                                        (Australia – 11 days, Philippines – 6 days)

July 05        Breeze Bar                              Wilbur (Palauan singer)                                      Red Wine

Jul              Waves                                          2 Japanese couples                                                $5.00

                                                                 (Requested Japanese songs)

                   Breeze Bar                               Melwert Tmechetul                                            Red Wine

July 13        Breeze Bar                                Taiwanese ladies                                                     $1.00

                                                      (Requested American songs and the most popular

                                                     Taiwanese song “Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin”)

July 18        Waves                              Taiwan Ambassador to Palau Maggie Tien’s

                                                               mother (88th birthday). She gave me again                … $20.00

July 20          Waves                               Yuriko Irikedamoto (Dragon Tei owner)                       $10.00

                                                                  (She asked Arj to give me a glass of                … Red Wine

                                                                 She requested “The Shadow of Your Smile”,

                                                         “The Look of Love”, “From Russia With Love”, etc.

July 21            Breeze Bar                          6 Palauans (Newly wed Marvin and Amber)

                                                               They requested love song. I played “Endless Love”.

                                                                        One of the ladies gave me                               … $2.00

                                                                            Marvin gave me… $5.00

                         Breeze Bar                       Filipino guy (Mr. Cabrera)…                          2 cans
                                                                                                                                 of San Miguel Beer

August 02        Breeze Bar                            Taiwanese couple                                                $1.00

August 04         Waves                        Mama san & Papa san (Sushi Bar Mito)                      $10.00

August 08         Waves                                    Taiwanese family                                               $3.00

August 16          Waves                        Japanese family of 4 (the lady gave me                 … $10.00

                          Waves                                    2 Japanese ladies                                             $10.00

August 18          Waves                                   3 Taiwanese ladies                                             $2.00

                          Waves                          Korean couple with 2-year old girl                              $1.00

August 21         Breeze Bar                                    Korean couple                                        Red Wine

August 23         Waves                                    Rintaro & Keiko Mita                                         $3.00

                                                                       (Requested Abba songs)

                          Breeze Bar                                Taiwanese couple                                            $2.00

                        Breeze Bar                  Rintaro & Keiko Mita became my friends and

                                                                      regularly send email to me and Ronald.

August 30        Waves                              Chubby Palauan guy (birthday today)                       $2.00

                       Breeze Bar                                          Japanese couple                                        $1.00

                       Breeze Bar                                        2 Japanese couples                                     $2.00

                                                                               (Requested“Let It Be”)
Source: Music and Me by Roberto Hernandez
             Tia Belau Newspaper
             Pages 8-9
             Volume 21
             Issue 60
            August 30, 2012