Monday, March 6, 2017

(1346) MUSIC AND ME (Jan. 05, 2017) ACTIVITIES FROM DEC. 26, 2016 -- JAN. 02, 2017

 It's Dec. 26, 2016 when we celebrated Christmas Lunch at Rock Island Cafe, ordering the usual Hawaiian Delight pizza. It's too much for me and my wife to finish so we have the leftover wrapped and had it as our dinner.

Three days before Dec. 31, I already started buying 13 different kinds of round fruits for New Year's Eve.
Dec. 30 when I gave Flor some (oranges, grapes, apples, watermelon and pear).
 When the 13 fruits are complete, I added 88 different kinds of round coins under those fruits and prepare for the New Year's eve countdown at Waves Restaurant. There is live band at Breeze Bar so I don't have to be there after Gala Dinner at Waves.

Raffles prizes giving away -- This Russian guy won one.

 Have a photo session with 5 Russians as they applauded when I played the Russian song "Those Were The Days".

 The Palauan dancers composing of Security personnel and staff from Rooms Division.

I stand behind the Queen of Koror, Palau -- Bilung Gloria Salii and her daughter Uroi, whom I taught piano for 2 years in 1999-2001.

Judge Oldiais Ngiraikelau, left, and his wife were impressed with my rendition of Palauan songs and he gave me $5.00 tip after I came from the rest room.

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