Friday, October 21, 2016


             NEWLY RENOVATED 

BEFORE going to Baku, Azerbaijan for the 2016 World Chess Olympiad, the Palau Track and Field Oval is nearly on complete renovation for 6 months according to report. But it was completed months ahead of schedule.
                I said 2 years ago that the Long Island Park is the best place to jog because you can relax while jogging/running, enjoying the views and watching varieties of fishes, birds, wild roosters/chicks/hens, and you feel so much closer to nature.
                BUT… I hardly perspire while jogging/walking in there. And although I met many colleagues, friends (old and new) there, the length of distance of jogging/walking is not consistent of how many meters you have walked or jogged.
                Until I discovered the oval where you can measure how many meters you have jogged/walked by its numbers sign at the lanes.
                Also I’m meeting more people in high places like former Palau President Johnson Toribiong, Tia Belau Newspaper Publisher Moses Uludong and his wife Lily, Korean Mr. Ha of Hanpa Group of Companies, German Thomas Schubert, the Honorary Consul of Germany in Palau, old friend Delegate Lucio Ngiraiwet of Ngardmau State, former Senator Santy Asanuma, Pastor Kinsiano and his wife Lanie, who is my piano student on Sundays, Miwa Nabeyama, Rolly Jardenaso, former co-employee at Dragon Tei Japanese Restaurant, some co-workers at Palau Royal Resort like Antonio Penas, Chief Engineer of PRR, together with his partner Shirley, Ley, Kin, Ronald Reyes and many others.
                Many of the joggers have earphone and listening to music through their cell phones while jogging/walking. It shows that even in leisure hours, music is essential to our daily lives.
                I’m attending the Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) Palau Locale every Wednesday (where I am delivering the message) and Friday at 4:30am. Before 6am, I’m already doing jogging and walking at the oval. Half of the distance is jogging while the other half is fast walking.
                After the 1st lap, I’m doing 10 push-ups. Doing it again on the 3rd and 5th lap and at the 6th lap, it’s just a slower walk. After the 3rd lap and 10 push-ups, I’m already sweating a lot which I haven’t experience at Long Island Park.
                If there is sunlight already after finishing 6 laps at the oval, I will park at Long Island Park and walk for 20 minutes catching sunlight and take off my shirt to get my body have sunlight 'vitamin'.
                If there is sunlight on a Sunday morning at 7:30am, I usually walk/run from PRR to Long Island Park half naked so that I can catch some early morning sunlight as I always work at night from 7-11pm and always indoors.
                These exercises, in my personal observation, let me have a healthy sex life as I still have erection at age 61. When I have some conversation with Palau Chief Justice Arthur Ngiraklsong at the Breeze Bar of PRR, we have some good time laughing about that time that my former employer of 13 years at Image Restaurant Margarita Borja Dalton, gave me a drink of cognac and I mentioned to her that the cognac gave me sex appetite. CJ gave me a glass of red wine that night and when he offered me another drink and I said red wine again, he said jokingly, “Are you sure you don’t want to have cognac?”



It happened in late 1990's. At about past 12:00 midnight, all guests have left the Image Restaurant (which is open for dinner from 6-9 pm. Roberto Hernandez operates the karaoke from 9-11 after playing piano from 7-9pm.

Karaoke stopped and Roberto just practice with Ivan II Chess Computer while his boss Margarita 'Margie' Borja Dalton, Encely Ngiraiwet, Joyce Isechal and Frida Loftis are just talking and finishing their drinks.

Suddenly, the phone rings. AT 12:00 MIDNIGHT?

It's an unusual time to get a phone call for a restaurant. All restaurants in Palau closed at 11:00pm at the latest.

Being the owner and manager of Image Restaurant, Margie answered the call... "Image Restaurant, Good Evening."

There's a middle-aged Palauan guy who asked Margie an unexpected question -- "Can I eat your pussy?" 

Margie, being a smart, quick to response to any question, replied with, "SORRY, IT'S NOT IN THE MENU!"

Roberto just learned about that response when the 4 Palauan ladies started to laugh very loud. Maybe the Palauan guy didn't expect that response and was in shock. 

When I told this joke to Palau Chief Justice Arthur Ngiraklsong before Christmas of 2013, he enjoyed it especially the quick response from Margie. He knew her since childhood. He adores her beauty until now that she's past 65 years old. 

He told Roberto on that night that he heard this joke, that Margie asked her once --"CAN YOU MARRY ME?" 


Margie replied back --"No, I mean I'm getting married and I want you to marry us at the Rock Island wedding." 

Margie married (for the 3rd time) Japanese businessman Masa Shibuta at the Rock Island in the late '80's or early '90's. Mr. Shibuta comes to Palau every 3 months since their wedding.

Chief Justice also enjoyed the joke "WHICH ROOM?"
   Four persons died at the same time in 4 different places. One is a priest, the other is an American soldier in Iraq, the 3rd one is a chess Grandmaster and the 4th one is a prostitute.

                At the pearly gate of heaven, St. Peter asked them one by one of “What are the good things that you have done while you’re living on earth?”

                The priest said, “I am a priest and I think I don’t need to explain anything.”

                St. Peter sees the purity in the priest’s heart and said to him – “You go to the WHITE ROOM.”

                Next is the American soldier who died from a bomb explosion in Iraq. He said, “I’m a soldier. I died serving my country.”

                St. Peter sees the bravery in his heart and said to him –“You go to the RED ROOM.”

                The 3rd one is the chess Grandmaster. He was asked again of “what are the good things that you did while you’re still living on earth?” He said, “I’m a chess Grandmaster. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink alcohol. I dedicate my whole life to chess.”

                St. Peter sees the dedication of the Grandmaster and ask him – “You go to the CHECKERED ROOM.”

                And lastly, St. Peter asked the prostitute –“What are the good things that you did on earth while you’re still living?” She said, “I make a lot of men happy!”

                St. Peter asks her, “Okay, you go to MY ROOM”.




When Roberto was given by Chief Justice the 2nd glass of red wine,  CJ jokingly asked, "Are you sure you don't want a cognac?"

Chief Justice Ngiraklsong became a chess addict when he was studying Law in the USA. When his grades deteriorated because he's not focus on studies, he was advised to totally stopped playing chess. Which he did but he regrets it today (the total stopping). He said he should stop but should have give a little time to enjoy it even once in a while.

He also likes Greek music. Roberto mentioned to him 2 years ago that he played music at Khayam Taverna (Greek Restaurant) in Bahrain for 2 years and 3 months (Jan. 1987- April 1989). CJ had seen the movie "Zorba, the Greek" and explained to Roberto how he loved the song and the story of the movie.

On Dec. 15, 2014, Roberto met CJ at Waves Restaurant when he is about to go to the rest room after playing piano. CJ said that the annex building of the Supreme Court is about to be finished in April 2015. He invited Roberto to perform again there.

In one of their conversation 2 years ago, Roberto mentioned to CJ that he played in his inauguration as Palau Chief Justice at Judicial Building on Dec. 02, 1992. He was surprised at said, "Oh! That was a long time ago!"

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(1282) ANGIE JOIN IN THE TOP 10 DIVISION (TBN-Oct. 17, 2016)

                    First round winners at left are Arnolfo Inres over Dennis Gonzales; Kyarii Sisior against Jhoana Malinao and Elizalde Madrinan overcoming rustiness to whip Baby Edna ‘Bheng’ Mission. In the last pair of players, brothers Pons Mahor edged younger brother Jun in the endgame battle. The other game in the background ended in a draw –Navarroza vs. Escapatoria, Jr. while Allan Alcid and Jeff Balbalosa had blitz chess practice.
                                                            (Photo by Roberto Hernandez)


BEING the No. 7 chess player of Palau in the Oct. 2016 edition of FIDE rating list, Angelica Parrado-Sisior is focusing her sight to improve her play and decided to join the Top 10 Division of 2016 Palau National Chess Championship.
                Without much opposition or stronger players to play in the Women’s Division, Angie is doing what Judit Polgar, the strongest woman player in the world, has done: playing in the Open division of World Chess Olympiad and other top caliber tournaments around Europe especially.
                The Qualifying tournament to select the No. 8, 9 and 10 of the Top 10 Division finally started on Sunday, Oct. 09 at Bethlehem Park. Two women players signed in to improve their play also—Baby Edna “Bheng” Mission and Joan Gemota, who didn’t show up and lost by default to Rustum Cabuso.
                Mission’s opponent showed up when she is already feeling relax in claiming a win by default. But Elizalde Madrinan, who is inactive for 6 years, showed up and played against the fast-moving Mission, that she lost a knight on the 4th move and committed an illegal move on the 5th move.
                Madrinan showed no sign of rustiness as he hangs on to his advantage of 7 points (a knight (3 pts.), 2 pawns (2 pts.) and exchange advantage-a rook for a knight (2 pts.) and prevailed after 36 moves.
THE MOVES: Mission, Baby Edna (1491) - Madrinan, Elizalde (1326) [C50]
2016 Qualifying Tourney (1), 09.10.2016
            1.e4 e5 2.¤f3 ¤c6 3.¥c4 d6 4.¤g5 £xg5 5.d4 £xg2 6.¦f1 £xe4+ 7.¥e3 ¤xd4 8.¤a3 ¥f5 9.¥d3 £g4 10.£xg4 ¥xg4 11.¦g1 ¤f3+ 12.¢f1 ¤xg1 13.¢xg1 0–0–0 14.¦e1 ¤f6 15.¦f1 ¥e7 16.¤c4 h5 17.¥g5 ¥h3 18.¦e1 ¦de8 19.¦e3 ¥g4 20.h3 ¥e6 21.¤d2 ¤d5 22.¦g3 ¥xg5 23.¦xg5 ¥xh3 24.¦g3 ¥g4 25.¤e4 f5 26.¤g5 h4 27.¦g2 ¦h5 28.¦xg4 fxg4 29.¥f5+ ¢b8 30.¥xg4 ¦xg5 31.f3 e4 32.¢f2 ¤e3 33.¥d7 ¤d1+ 34.¢f1 ¦e7 35.¥g4 exf3 36.¥xf3 ¤e3+      0–1
            Dennis Gonzales didn’t make it to the Top 7 and has to qualify to be able to participate in tournaments outside Palau esp. World Chess Olympiads. He faced the ever-improving Arnolfo Inres and lost to stall his inclusion for an unprecedented 3rd Olympiad while the Glen Navarroza vs. Gonzalo Escapatoria, Jr. match ended in a fighting draw. THE MOVES: Navarroza, Glen (1356) - Escapatoria, Jr., Gonzalo (1574) [C01]
2016 Qualifying Tourney (1), 09.10.2016
            1.e4 d6 2.d4 e6 3.¤c3 ¥e7 4.¤f3 h6 5.¥e3 a6 6.¥d3 ¤c6 7.a3 ¥d7 8.£d2 ¤f6 9.0–0 ¤h7 10.e5 d5 11.¥xh7 ¦xh7 12.¤a4 g5 13.b4 b5 14.¤c5 g4 15.£d3 ¦h8 16.¤d2 ¥g5 17.¤db3 ¤e7 18.£c3 c6 19.a4 ¢f8 20.f3 g3 21.h3 ¤f5 22.¥xg5 hxg5 23.f4 ¥e8 24.¤b7 £e7 25.¤3c5 ¢g7 26.axb5 cxb5 27.¤d6 g4 28.¤xf5+ exf5 29.£xg3 ¦h4 30.e6 £f6 31.exf7 £xd4+ 32.¢h2 ¦xh3+ 33.gxh3 ¥xf7 34.c3 £f6 35.¦g1 ¦h8 36.¢g2 ¦xh3 37.£e1 £h6 38.¦h1 d4 39.£e5+ ¢g8 40.£xd4 £c6+ 41.¤e4 ¥d5 42.¦xh3 gxh3+ 43.¢h2 ¥xe4 44.£d8+ ¢f7 45.¦d1 ¢e6 46.£g8+ ¢f6 47.£f8+ ¢e6 48.£h6+ ¢f7 49.£xc6 ¥xc6 50.¢xh3 ¢e6 51.¢h4 ¥d5 52.¢g5 ¥e4 53.¦d8 ¢e7 54.¦c8 ¢d7 55.¦h8 ¢c7 56.¦h7+ ¢b6 57.¢f6 a5 58.bxa5+ ¢xa5 59.¢e5 ¢a4 60.¢d4 ¢b3       ½–½
            Angelo Salvadora, the supposed to be No. 7, didn’t show up in the opening round. His opponent, Flavin ‘Matlab’ Andres, didn’t show up as well and they both lost by default.
                The brothers Sofronio ‘Pons’ Mahor and Manuel ‘Jun’ Mahor, Jr. squared off in the 1st round with the older Pons hanging on to his one-pawn advantage in the most difficult endgame in chess –rook and pawns endgame. But in the end, it’s only a draw.
                In the only game of the junior division, newcomer Jhoana Malinao was mated by the youngest daughter of Angie, Kyarii Sisior in 34 moves of a game in which their 5 first moves are pawn moves. Kyarii’s sisters Destiny and Angelil are the only registered players in the junior division so far.
                Angie and Bheng visited Roberto Hernandez at Palau Royal Resort’s Dormitory 1 to clarify some issues – that Angie is playing in the Top 10 division to have tougher opposition. She will let the Women’s Division be won by other than her so Palau will have its 2nd Woman National Master (WNM). The two also confirmed their participation in the 2018 World Chess Olympiad in Batumi, Georgia together with Gladys Anne Paloma, Joan Gemota and Angie’s oldest daughter Angelil as reserve.
                The rushed part of Chess Mate’s last issue is incorrect. Only the champion of this 2016 PNCC qualifies to the 2018 Olympiad. In the 2017 PNCC, if the champion is still the same player, the No. 2, 3, 4, 5 qualify. If not, the 2017 champion, the No. 2, 3, and 4 qualify. Two more players with FIDE or national/developmental instructor titles can be added as Team Captain of Open and Women’s team + Delegate and Head of Delegation for a total of 14-person delegation for a country.
                Angie showed interest also in playing at 2017 Oceania Zonal Chess Championship to be held in Auckland, New Zealand on Jan. 14-20 and in 2017 Guam International Chess Tournament, most probably in February, so that she can use her 10-year USA visa for the first time. She also suggests that the women’s team should practice as early as this month to be the most prepared Palau women’s team ever, with 5 of them having a regular weekly meeting and practice.
                The 2nd round of qualifying, a 5-round Swiss system event instead of 7 rounds, will be held on Sunday, Oct. 16 at 2pm. The drawing of the numbers of the Top 10 Division has been drawn already with the No. 1-10 as follows: 1. Qualifier No. 8; 2. Qualifier No. 10; 3. Paquito Suringa, Jr.; 4. Jeffrey Balbalosa; 5. Angelica Parrado-Sisior;  6. Roberto Hernandez; 7. Qualifier No. 9;  8. Cyril Tomas Montel, Jr.;  9. Allan Alcid;  10. Tito Cabunagan.
                Cyril and Tito will play their game as early as this Sunday with Tito having the white pieces. Additional players can be added to the 12-player roster of qualifying but they should start with a loss record (-).

                Solution to last week’s puzzle No. 3490: 1. Ka1 Ka4 2. Qh6 mate.

                This week’s puzzle No. 3491: White to move and mates in 2 (Solution next issue)

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This Japanese family are on their way to their room when they passed by me playing Japanese songs. They asked for a photo session and a little talk about Japanese music that I've played which they enjoyed. Before going back to their room on that May 16, 2016 dinner at Waves Restaurant of Palau Royal Resort, the guy gave me $10.00 tip. As usual, I forgot to ask for their names again!

This Argentine couple is not pure Argentine. The lady (I forgot to ask her name (again!), is half Mexican, half Argentine. Her husband is also half cast.
They were guests at the Breeze Bar of Palau Royal Resort where I play keyboard music from 9-11pm on May 19, 2016.
The lady is very fluent in English that's why we talked for more than 30 minutes about music and chess.

Brandon Kyle Lagmay Soriano, left, is my guitar/chess student for over a year. He celebrated his 7th birthday at Red Rooster Cafe with me accompanying him and my other 3 guitar students in a special numbers that delighted the invited guests on May 16, 2015.

 This time, he celebrate his 8th birthday at Palau Royal Resort's Waves Restaurant on May 15, 2016. There's no buffet dinner at that Sunday so they just ordered ala carte.

 His present from his parents is a Star Wars Lego that costs a hundred dollars!

 I gave Kyle a pin from Baku Chess Olympiad 2016 and a necklace (dolphin), which is our gifts to our opponents during the 2014 World Chess Olympiad in Tromso, Norway.

 After taking this last shot, I proceed to attend the Evangelistic night of Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (Palau Locale) after playing "Happy Birthday" song for Kyle with me playing the piano.

Taiwanese couple, Mr. Yang and his wife are professional divers in Taiwan. After this photo was taken in April 04, 2016, he sent me through my email exactly the same as this picture with short message about them. I tried to copy those photos but it's not resized and hard to copy.

Palauan Seth Gulibert, left,  is the brother of Angaur State Delegate Mario Gulibert. He is the moderator of a party being held at the wooden area of Waves Restaurant of Palau Royal Resort. While taking a break, they had this photo session and some talks about music, chess and politics on that night of March 30, 2016.

German Research Economist of Asian Development Bank Institute Matthias Helble, right, likes my rendition of international songs. Had I have known earlier that he is German, I should have played the German song I know " Lily Marlene". 

He gave me $2.00 tip and he is with a Filipino guide who refuses to have photo with us. Matthias is based in Kasumigaseki Building 8F
3-2-5 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku
Tokyo 100-6008 Japan

Sources: Chess Mate by Roberto Hernandez
                 Tia Belau Newspaper
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                 Chess and Music (Perfect Combination)
                 The Beginning of Chess in Palau
                  By Roberto Hernandez
                 To be published as a book in the future

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(1280) ON WITH THE QUALIFYING TILT AND 2016 PNCC (TBN-Oct. 10, 2016)

                Angelica Berlene Magno, left, is receiving her Certificate of Participation in the 2015 Palau National Chess Championship in the Women’s Division from Roberto Hernandez.  She is now rated internationally at 1051 and No. 31 among PCF active players. She started to have music lessons from Roberto on Oct. 02 with the keyboard first and later guitar.
                                         (Photo by Roberto Hernandez)

         AND 2016 P. N. C. C

THE MEETING/REUNION of Palau Chess Team Olympians with Tito Cabunagan and Cyril Tomas Montel, Jr. at Palau Royal Resort’s Waves Restaurant was cancelled due to the miscommunication from some players. Palau Chess Federation President Eric Ksau Surangel Whipps is still on vacation.

                Only Allan Alcid, Roberto Hernandez and Paquito Suringa, Jr. showed up at Waves Restaurant. The drawing of numbers for the Top 10 Division is also not finalized with some development from Palau’s first Woman National Master (WNM) Angelica Parrado-Sisior. She text Baby Edna Mission that if she sees Roberto while he is renewing his passport at Palasia Hotel, that Angie will join the Open, which means the qualifying, like what she did in the 2015 Qualifying Tilt to select the No. 8, 9 and 10 players in the Top 10 Division of 2015 PNCC.
                Early in the night of Oct. 8, 2016, Angie clarifies again through Mission that since she is the No. 7 in the list, she wants to play in the Top 10 Division. This has some complication and needs the approval from the Board of PCF. If she plays in the Top 10 Division, she cannot play in the Women’s Division in which she is the defending champion. If she would not finish in the top 5, she couldn’t qualify for the Open division for the 2018 World Chess Olympiad in Batumi, Georgia. Women players are allowed in the Open section of the Olympiad but male players can’t play in the women’s section.
                The drawing of numbers of the Top 10 Division will be done at the opening day of qualifying tilt. The top 7 players can now play against each other with the color of the pieces already known for players. Suringa will play against anybody on Sunday, Oct. 9 as he is not available on the succeeding Sundays of this month. Games of Roberto and Paquito against any other 5 players in the Top 10 Division can be played at PRR Dormitory 1 on any agreed date and time.
                The World Chess Championship Match, to take place in New York in November of 2016, is to be broadcast live in 360° Virtual Reality, a global first for any sport. The VR broadcast of the Match, which will take place between Magnus Carlsen of Norway and his challenger Sergey Karjakin of Russia, will be exclusively available through
                Ilya Merenzon, the Chief Executive of World Chess by Agon Ltd, the commercial rights holder to the World Chess Championship, said: “We are proud to announce that chess, one of the oldest sports in the world, is creating a global first: a totally new and immersive way of watching a contest that will captivate hundreds of millions of new and existing fans.”
                World Chess has teamed up with Livestream to create the unprecedented viewer experience that will place the audience closer to the action than ever before. As well as the 360° video stream there will be a number of other cameras within the players’ arena to provide multiple angles on the match.
                The online broadcast will include commentary in multiple languages, with guest appearances from celebrity chess fans, a chess analysis engine so viewers can gain an insight into the players’ strategic decisions, as well as a host of other features. “Everything we are doing is designed to enable viewers to get into the minds of the players. This is the first Chess World Championship for the smart phone generation,” Mr. Merenzon added.  Livestream, the leading provider of live video services, is the broadcasting partner of the Championship Match.
                A spokesperson for Livestream said: “We are excited to be the streaming partner for the World Chess Championship at a time when the broadcast and overall presentation of the game is being transformed by Agon." Chess fans can sign up to receive the VR broadcast by registering at A season pass for the 12 round Championship Match will cost $15, or $1.25 per game. The pay-per-view model with advanced premium features, such as full 360-degree broadcast, is expected to significantly add to the commercial prospects of chess as a global sport and increase its appeal to brand partners.
                A basic free live broadcast of the Championship Match will also be available to view. It will include a live representation of the game and will be made available to select broadcasting partners and chess federations that agree to join the World Chess affiliate program. Mr. Merenzon said: “We are investing into the 360-degree broadcast because we believe that it is a major commercial opportunity for a sport which has required additional revenue streams to fulfill its global potential. The millions of dollars in extra revenue that our new model will bring into the game will be re-invested in player prize money, events in the World Chess Championship cycle and in grass roots initiatives.
                But we also want to ensure that as many people as possible can follow the Match and recognize that not everyone is prepared to pay to follow the Championship Match - that’s why we will offer a free broadcast as well.” The 360° Virtual Reality broadcast will be available to view by anyone with a smart phone, tablet or computer or VR device.
                Magnus Carlsen, the reigning World Champion, said: “In my opinion, chess has the potential to reach and engage a much broader audience than what we see today. To succeed with this; innovation, and most of all quality in the production and transmission, are key elements.” 

                Solution to last week’s puzzle No. 3489: 1. Ba4 Kxa4 2. Qa6 mate.

                This week’s puzzle No. 3490: White to move and mates in 2 (Solution next issue)

Sources: Chess Mate by Roberto Hernandez
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(1279) KAREN'S LITERATURE ESSAY (Mindzenty High School - Palau) December 17, 2003

  (Mindzenthy High School -- Palau)
               December 17, 2003

Sources: A Dead Man's Path, The Movie

            Acceptable Risk, The Movie

            Mindzenty High School Literary Essay