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(1273) THE NEW TOP 7 OF PALAU (TBN-October 03, 2016)

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EXACTLY as it was published last week, the new Top 7 chess players of Palau has been released and published at with Cyril Tomas Montel, Jr. still on top with 1845 FIDE rating for the month of October 2016. At No. 2 (not No. 3 as reported last week) is Roberto Hernandez with 1782 rating, minus 16 from his previous 1798 September rating. Although he is the highest scorer of the Palau Chess Team to Baku, Azerbaijan Chess Olympiad, his current rating is still ahead by 3 rating points to No. 3 Tito Cabunagan (1779), who together with Montel, Jr., didn’t participate in the Olympiad due to varying reasons.

                Jeff Balbalosa lost 19 rating points but still hang on at No. 4 with 1749 from his previous 1768 while Allan Alcid lost the most number of rating points (66) due to his inability to score points from rated international opponents but nevertheless keep the No. 5 slot at 1684 from his previous 1750.

                Paquito Suringa, Jr. hangs on to No. 6 due to the fact that the slot was left by CM Bernardo Garcia, lost 32 rating points to drop from 1712 to 1680. Like Alcid, he didn’t score a win in the Olympiad against rated international opponents.

                Palau first Woman National Master (WNM) Angelica Parrado occupied the number 7 slot but because there will be Women, Reserves and Junior Division in the coming 2016 Palau National Chess Championship, the No. 7 slot belongs to Angelo Salvadora with 1643, 14 points ahead of Olympian Dennis Gonzales, who lost 22 rating points to drop at No. 9 with 1629. Nilo de Jesus (1591) completed the new Top 10 of Palau.

                The qualifying tilt to select the No. 8, 9 10 of the Top 10 Division will start on Oct. 02, at Bethlehem Park for registration, practice and preparation for the competitors that will include Dennis. For him to be able to participate again in the 2018 World Chess Olympiad in Batumi, Georgia, he needs to qualify in this event.

                According to Salvadora, there is a good chess player working at the newly-open The Cove Resort that will join the qualifying event. Expected to join the fray aside from Dennis and Nilo are Gonzalo Escapatoria, Jr., Arnolfo Inres, Rafael Paloma, Eugene Labarda, Manuel Mahor, Jr., Glen Navarroza, John Mark Tamayo, Joel Gemota, John Malinao and the come-backing Flavin ‘Matlab’ Andres.

                Hernandez will suggest having the numbering of the Top 10 Division be drawn on Sunday with the No. 8, 9, and 10 vacant so that the Top 10 Division can start together with the qualifying tilt to end that division earlier so that the 2 participants of 2017 Oceania Zonal Chess Championship (Cabunagan and Montel, Jr.) can finish their games ahead. The OZCC will be held in Auckland, New Zealand on Jan. 14-20, 2017.
                As agreed in the later part of the Palau Chess Federation Board Meeting on Sept. 21, 2016, the 3 Gift Certificates of dinner for 2, given to Roberto by Palau Royal Resort GM Masayuki Kawaguchi, will be used on Sat. Oct. 08, 2016 with all the Palau Chess Team members in Baku Olympiad to have buffet dinner at PRR’s Waves Restaurant including Tito and Cyril for a meeting/reunion.

                The Olympians are Eric Ksau Surangel Whipps (Delegate), Roberto Hernandez (Team Captain/Player), Jeff Balbalosa (Player), Dennis Gonzales (Player), Allan Alcid and Pax (both players).
                A little misunderstanding occurred when Roberto gave one gift certificate to Pax and have to get it back because Pax didn’t bring 25 brochures that Roberto will use to promote PRR to the Olympiad participants. The link for the complete story is:

            Solution to last week’s puzzle No. 3488: 1. Qc3!! bxc3 2. Ra4 mate.

            This week’s puzzle No. 3489: White to move and mates in 2 (Solution next issue)

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             Chess and Music (Perfect Combination)
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