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Manuel Nedic, left, is bound to get his first trophy in his second try. He is currently 3rd in the standings in the ongoing 2005 Open Chess tournament where his opponent, Jose Omega, is the frontrunner with 2 crucial games left for his first title.
(Photo by Roberto Hernandez)
*Original colored photo submitted at Tia Belau, not returned.


THE fundraising is on for the payment of Palau's financial obligation of $476.00 to World Chess Federation (FIDE) so that the local Palau chess players can participate in the World Chess Olympiad in Turin, Italy next year.

The last Chess Olympiad was held in Mallorca, Spain from October 14-31, 2004.

Palau Chess Federation Chairman Tutii Joe Chilton and Knights and Rooks Chess Club Chairman Roberto Hernandez each contributed $50.00 for the campaign.

Active players are requested to contribute during the 14th round of the 2005 Open Chess tournament held on Sunday, September 11, 2005.

Frontrunner of the Sunday's event was Jose Omega. He kept the lead after defeating Palau bet Morton Sawaichi in 30 moves of Nimzo-Indian Defence (Rubinstein Variation)

He also won by default over Chilton and his adjourned game against Cyril Montel, Jr. was postponed. Montel, Jr. stayed at the 2nd spot after winning by default over Mario Ramos.

Idle Manuel Nedic is currently in the 3rd place followed by Bong Alipoon, who also collected a dafault win over Ramos.

Hernandez solidified his hold at 5th place with a win over Gene Pastrana in 35 moves of Modern Defence.

And in a marathon of 120-move game between Joel Azana and Ivan II Chess Computer, who is leading on his clock.

Had Azana's time expired, he will lose by time forfeit because Ivan II had enough materials to checkmate him.

All other games were defaults going into the last 2 weeks of the tournament. Default draws were also declared between Eric Espartero and Dennis Gonzales; Ramos vs. Espartero; Ivan II vs. Gonzales; Ivan vs. Ramos and Chilton vs. Espartero.

Latecomer James dela Cruz collected 2 default wins over Marcial Rodriguez and Mario Ramos and Hernandez over Gonzales.

Players are requested to call the Chairman at 587-2784 if they can't make it in the last 2 playing days of the tournament.

The tournament is sponsored by Bendix N. Lakobong, Leo Lacambra, Jr. and Roswell Macapagal of T-Shirt Printing Atbp.

Absent players will lose by default. Special game between Omega and Alipoon was reset this week.

Alipoon is still in the running for a first title in 10 tournaments. Omega and Montel, Jr. are also seeking their first title ever. Omega was a 2-time Class B champion.

Former 2-time champion Menandro Manuel is willing to go to Italy next year to be the Board 1 player if he keeps his rating as the top player after the national championship
next year to select the top six players to represent Palau in the 2006 World Chess Olympiad.

If the fundraising campaign could not produce enough funds for the players airfare, only 4 player will be sent or player(s) who did not make it to the top six but were able to get sponsorship for his own ticket, can still make it with this first participation of Palau in an international event.

A Palauan guy named Brandon W. practiced with Hernandez last Sunday and willing to learn as much as he can. He promised to make it to the top 6 next year.

Hernandez assured him that if he made it to the top 6 next year, he may represent Palau in the Olympiad. If he can't make it, and some players made it to the top 6, then he can't go.

He might take a spot if he can get sponsor for his ticket. Board and lodging are shouldered by the host nations while tickets are the responsibility of the national federations.

Source: Chessmate by Roberto Hernandez
Tia Belau Newspaper
Volume XIV
Issue 37
September 16-23, 2005

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