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P. O. BOX 1503 KOROR, PALAU 96940

                         MINUTES OF MEETING
                            19th February 2006
                               Jean's Boutique
                                      5:00 pm

PRESENT: Roberto Hernandez, Morton Sawaichi, Bong Alipoon, Menandro Manuel, Manny Nedic, Cyril Montel, Jr., Edwin Eti, Joeven delos Santos, Jess Toldoya, Rodiante Balagso, Francis 'Sno' Temaungil and Gene Pastrana

ABSENT: Jose Misael de Jesus, Jerry Sermeno, Dennis Gonzales, Joel Azana, Felix Lapitan, Tutii Joe Chilton, Flavin Andres

AS ACCUSTOMED, Mr. Roberto Hernandez, the Chairman, enlightened the meeting by welcoming everyone including new members Edwin Eti and Joeven delos Santos, who were in return, formally introduced to all members.

The 2006 Rapid Chess tournament was the first topic narrated by the Chairman. Mr. Menandro Manuel emerged as the champion, followed by newcomer Edwin Eti as 1st runner-up.

Three-time campaigner Mr. Manny Nedic as 2nd runner-up and Mr. Cyril Montel, Jr. as the 3rd runner-up.

Beforehand, Cyril escaped a possible heart-breaking loss to Mr. Bong Alipoon in their sudden-death knock-out game to determine the 4th spot position of the tournament. It was Bong's second playoff loss in 2005 chess tournaments.

The upcoming 2006 Palau Invitational Chess Championship is up for the players to grab.

It will be a once in a lifetime experience to compete with international players from Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and the Philippines.

Mr. Gary Bekker has a constant communication with Roberto and everything seems all set including the venue negotiations (Palau Royal Resort) also the cash prize at stake -- $300.00 to the champion, $200.00 for the 1st runner-up, $100.00 to the 2nd runner-up and $50.00 for the 3rd runner-up.

A prize of $100.00 for the best brilliancy game played is also at stake. The top six local players will represent Palau regardless of nationality.

The 2006 National Open Chess Championship, which is tentatively scheduled to roll in March 05, 2006 will be the qualifying round. Whoever emerged as top six players will carry their chances to the Invitational Tournament.

Mr. Cyril Montel, Jr. declined earlier even if he makes it in top six position because of work related schedules.

Most of the top player of Palau are contract workers and may not be able to play during the game schedule.

Menandro Manuel has a suggestive ideas that maybe it is possible to play one game on working days starting at 5:00 pm and maybe two games on weekend days.

That will be up to the Chairman to relate the plan of action to Gary Bekker, who has been too high-minded for Palau Chess Federation by paying our FIDE registration too.

The action plan was taken seriously by members. $250.00 registration fee for Attorney General's office to award us charter (non-profit organization) is the first priority in the next following days.

Knights and Rooks Chess Club is to lend to Palau Chess Federation the exact amount. The amount will be deducted from KRCC savings under the Secretary/Treasurer's safekeeping.

The Rules and Guidelines for the National Open was discussed while the Chairman read the draft for everybody.

A certified True Copy must be provided to all participants for better understanding and guidelines.

The discussant established addendum as follows: Whereas the registration fee for the National Open is set at $10.00 non-refundable upon payment.

Whereas the 'NO PAY NO PLAY POLICY' must be strictly imposed. Participants are advised to pay starting February 26, 2006 Sunday direct to the Treasurer Gene R. Pastrana of KRCC.

The venue is tentatively set at the Palau Community College Cafeteria. Whereas games format will be based on players rankings.

The top player will contend against the lowest rated player, so as the succeeding rankings. It will be a single round Swiss System format.

After the opening games, the following game schedules will feature winners versus winners and losers versus losers format.

The top 6 finishers will represent Palau to the Invitational Chess Championship in September 2006.

After the National Open, there might be a series of mini games that will serve as training games for the top six.

There might also some minor changes for the line-up if an unavoidable circumstances emerged. That's why all participants are advised to play their best.

The championship trophies will be donated by Mr. Manny Kimpo of Pinoy Express Remmitance, plus $100.00 cash.

It is also a privilege of the club members to hear a heart-pounding promise from Mr. William Blasquino, whose willing to donate $200.00 cash for the Palau Open.

No cash amount was at stake for the player to grab since the members will conduct a series of solicitations, looking for generous noble-minded donors that will make the Palau Open a highly competitive chess event of the year, maybe?

Since the cash to be determined later, there was an speculations that the champion will run away with $150.00, the 1st runner-up to received $100.00, he 2nd runner-up will fill his pockets with $50.00 while 3rd runner-up will be $25.00 richer upon completion of the tournament.

A $100.00 is also at stake for the best qualified Brilliancy Game ever to be played.

Mr. Jess Toldoya has not yet decided if he will accept one major responsibility this coming September Invitational Tournament. He will be trained as FIDE Arbiter together with Mr. Francis 'Sno' Temaungil by the tournament organizer Gary Bekker, who himself is an International Arbiter of FIDE.

No final agreement was made on the issue that if a player loses his/her game, he/she must pay $0.50 cents payable to the KRCC.

The Miscellaneous issue was the Certificate of Participation to be given away to all players of the 2005 Rapid Chess tournament who completed the games and who has no financial burden with the KRCC.

A special certification will be given to Mr. Jose Misael 'Jimboy' de Jesus for his participation in 2003 Chess Tournament.

The organizers failed to provide him his trophy that is to be crafted by Mr. Tutii Joe Chilton yet to this date.

Finally, the meeting was adjourned with great hope and enthusiasm.

A BLITZ game followed afterwards with 8 man contending. The first prize of $20.00 was split between Roberto and Edwin who came forth as winners.

Beers and appetizers concluded the night for the group.

cc file all members

Source: History Of Chess In Palau
By Roberto Hernandez
February 19, 2006

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