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Morton Sawaichi, right, and venue host Artemio Navarette, posed behind the giant chessboard made by Roberto Hernandez. It is also used to announce the change of venue. (Photo by Roberto Hernandez)


THE RAINY and windy 2nd round of the 2005 Regular Chess tournament had a sudden change of venue due to the renovation of Palau Paradise Lions Club headquarters beside Palasia Hotel and Galaxy Video Center.

Only in the last hours that the Chairman was informed about the change and the players were informed through phone calls and notice on the giant chessboard.

Still, half of the participants are at Image Restaurant, the temporary venue, and half are waiting at the Galaxy Video Center where there are 3 matches took place while waiting for the others.

Newcomer Marcial Rodriguez played his first 2 tournament games and lost both to Jose Omega and Gene Pastrana.

Another newcomer, Manuel Nedic, played his first tournament game against Mario Ramos.

Their game is such a cliffhanger that 8 persons are crowding the small table where they are playing to get a glimpse of the position where both players are playing good defence and positional play.

They are in the endgame part when the other players proceed at Image Restaurant where 3 other players are waiting: Tutii Joe Chilton, Dennis Gonzales and Morton Sawaichi.

As the players started their matches, Ramos called the Chairman to inform him that there is a clock violation committed by Nedic as they stop their game and reset it in original position where the violation was made.

Ramos said that Nedic press his clock without moving any of his pieces. Upon consultation with Menandro Manuel, the arbiter-chairman Roberto Hernandez decided to penalize Nedic with 10 minutes off his clock.

They resume the game and after some clever maneuver, Nedic won a drawish game in 68 moves of an Irregular Opening.

Having consumed much of their time in their first game, they don't have time to play a 2nd one as Nedic resides in Ngeremlengui while Ramos and Rodriguez in the very far end of Ngchesar.

Other results of 2nd round and special 3rd and 4th round:
Chilton drubbed Gonzales in 64 moves of Nimzo-Indian Defence where both players thought that the format is rapid and moved fast.

Chilton also dealt Sawaichi his 2nd straight loss in 34 moves of a Bishop Opening.

Earlier, Sawaichi lost to Ivan II Chess Computer in another 34 moves of a Sicilian Defence (Dragon Variation) where he missed the rook capture and giving up the exchange to keep a strong attack.

Gonzales suffered another loss from Manuel, who is now the solo leader after scoring one more win over 13-year old Chris Domingo without a rook on his a1 square.

Omega and Sawaichi defeated defending kiddie champ Em-R de Vera with a knight handicap.

Most Improved Player Lin de Guzman nipped Pastrana but lost to Jimmy Valenzuela, who is now in solo 2nd spot with 2.5 points after losing to Roberto Hernandez in 52 moves of Danish Gambit in the last game of the day.

Valenzuela deviated from 3 previous Danish Gambit variations on the 3rd move and won a knight on the 17th move.

Hernandez clawed back by playing precise endgame tactics. After both players got a new queen, Hernandez is up by a rook and threatens mate in 2 when Valenzuela resigned.

Bong Alipoon came late in the afternoon and didn't play while newcomer Eric Espartero came at the original venue and practiced blitz chess with Omega but unable to come at Image Restaurant for a regular match.

In a special game held at Image Restaurant on Friday, January 21, Chilton lost to Ivan II Chess Computer in 31 moves of Sicilian Defence.

The 9-year-old Israeli boy didn't come also as his parents were off island since January 14.

Israel's top 24 players are all Grandmasters with Boris Gelfand at the top.

Source: Chessmate by Roberto Hernandez
Tia Belau Newspaper
Volume 14
January 23-29, 2005

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