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Bernard Garcia, left, of Palau Pacific Resort, shakes hand with Craig Dittrich before the start of their second round qualifying round held on Sunday, September 06 at D. J. Cruz General Merchandise premises. Garcia prevailed to set up a match of unbeaten players in the 3rd round against Jun Mahor, farthest in the middle.
MARIO RAMOS -- He's back.
ROMEO CABALLES -- 3 games in one day.
JIMBOY DE JESUS -- Very slim chance to make it.

(Photo by Roberto Hernandez)


NEWCOMER Bernard Garcia, I.T. Manager of Palau Pacific Resort, joined the other 4 players with an identical 2-0 win-loss slate in the resumption of 2009 Palau National Chess Championship qualifying round held at D. J. Cruz General Merchandise premises.

Garcia survived a quality disadvantage (2 bishops and a rook against 2 rooks and a bishop) when Craig Dittrich missed a better defence to Garcia's onslaught.

Craig's passive ...h5 move resulted in a loss of 2 pawns and a shattered kingside formation despite having consumed 8 minutes for that one move, the longest so far.

The qualifying players don't take advantage of the very long time control. Some games were finished with almost 2 hours left to both players!

Prior to his match against Craig, Bernard crushed Romeo Caballes, a cook at Furusato Restaurant, in 31 moves of Bishop Opening.

Craig was given a default win over Zaldy Necia who set up the match with Bernard. Craig said that with the current situation, he can't play in the qualifying rounds.

If he makes it to the finals and somehow he'll leave Palau, his position will be taken by the 9th placer in that final standings.

In a special game held on Thursday evening of September 03, Michael Mercado trounced Jose Misael de Jesus in 52 moves of French Defence.

Jimboy suffered another setback by bowing to Caballes in 46 moves of another Bishop Opening.

On his 3rd round game vs. Mohammad Manik Hossain, Jimboy failed to cluster a crucial win and was upset by Manik in another Bishop Opening clash that virtually ousted him from getting international ranking.

Caballes played his 3rd round game of the day against Val Vidar of Palau Pacific Resort and prevailed in their Giocco Piano encounter.

In a special game held at Palau Royal Resort Dormitory 1 on Labor Day Monday September 07, Paquito 'Pax' Suringa, Jr. joined the unbeaten rank by nipping Andres 'Aying' Mestizo II in 37 moves of Queen's Pawn Opening.

It seems that 'home court' advantage is at their side as all matches held at PRR were won by its players--Jaime Guevarra and Pax.

Maybe it has an effect as Jaime lost his match against Michael Mercado in their French Defence clash at D. J. Cruz General Merchandise on the evening of September 08.

Joel Flor will be given a default win over Necia. The Tutii Joe Chilton vs. Flavin Andres match, to be played at PRR Dormitory 1 on the eve of September 07, was not played and it was declared a draw to set up the ----- 3rd round pairings as follows:

1. Garcia vs. Jun Mahor 2. Elpidio Malaligod vs. Michael Mercado 3. Tito Cabunagan vs. Mario Ramos 4. Masum Billah vs. Andres Mestizo II 5. Joel Flor vs. Jamie Guevarra 6. Pax Suringa vs. Craig Dittrich 7. Elizalde Madrinan vs. Flavin Andres 8. Tutii Joe Chilton vs. Zaldy Necia

If Necia will not show up again this week, Tutii Joe will win by default.

Source: Chessmate by Roberto Hernandez
            Tia Belau Newspaper
            Pages 13 & 15
            Volume 18
            Issue 37
            September 14-20, 2009

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