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A bunch of returning players are participating in this year's Palau National Chess Championship like Tutii Joe Chilton and Mario Ramos, far right, held at D. J. Cruz General Merchandise premises. Elpidio Manaligod, left, practices with Val Vidar of Palau Pacific Resort on the chessboard using the keyboard stand of Roberto Hernandez. Manaligod and Jun Mahor are leaders with a perfect 2-0 start.
INSET: Massum Billah -- A win and a loss is good enough.
            Mohammad Manik Hossain -- Elusive first win.
            Elpidio Manaligod -- Almost there in the top 8.
(Photo by Roberto Hernandez)


AFTER NEARLY six years of inactive competitive chess, Jun Mahor is back and tied Elpidio Manaligod with a perfect 2-0 start in the 5-round Swiss system qualifying chess tournament.

This is to determine the top 8 that will join the 4 FIDE rated players in the single round-robin 2009 Palau National Chess Championship.

Mahor outwitted Elizalde Madrinan in 32 moves of Sicilian Defence and drubbed Tito Cabunagan in their Center Counter game, the last game of the opening day, August 30, 2009 at D. J. Cruz General Merchandise premises.

Manaligod defeated Tutii Joe Chilton, another returning player, in 37 moves of King's Pawn Opening with the black pieces, the only game out of 9 that was won by a player with the black pieces.

He later subdued Masum Billah, a Bangladesh national, in 31 moves of Giocco Piano.

In the first game of the day, Cabunagan beat Mohammad Manik Hossain, another Bangladeshi, in 45 moves of Pirc Defence.

Andres 'Aying' Mestizo II took the measure of Val Vidar of Palau Pacific Resort in 28 moves of Queen's Pawn Opening.

Vidar redeemed himself and dealt Hossain his 2nd loss in 32 moves of their Center Counter game.

Billah clobbered Mario Ramos, inactive for 4 years, in 47 moves of Sicilian Defence.

Ramos bounced back from defeat and put Madrinan to the cellar in their Caro Kahn Defence encounter.

The 4 FIDE rated players Menandro 'Boy' Manuel, Cyril Montel, Jr., Gene Pastrana and Roberto Hernandez didn't see action with everybody, except Manuel, assisting the participants with their needs.

This system of 5-round qualifying before the finals was suggested by Joselito Marcos of Papua New Guinea to reduce the number of games and make this NCC more interesting.

The 12 players that will not qualify will have their own single round-robin division.

Another player was added to the roster. Bernard Garcia, an I.T. Manager at Palau Pacific Resort, will play on the 2nd Sunday of the tilt.

On Monday, August 31, Flavin Andres, inactive for 4 years also, played his first game at Palau Royal Resort Dormitory 1 against Jaime Guevarra, PRR's pastry chef.

Flavin lost a whole rook and resigned on the 39th move. He should have been mated on the 29th move but Guevarra missed a queen check that will shorten the game by 10 moves.

Another employee of PRR, Paquito 'Pax' Suringa, Jr. will have his first game against Joel Flor at 6:00 pm on Tuesday, Sept. 02 at PRR's Dormitory 1.

Oceania Zone President Gary Bekker emailed Roberto Hernandez on September 02, 2009 and thanked Hernandez for organizing the 2009 Palau National Chess Championship.

He asked Hernandez to resend the results of 2nd Ambassador Marino Cup (2nd Palau Invitational Chess Championship) for a possibility that it might be rated by FIDE (World Chess Federation).

Mr. Bekker is also sending $100.00 as support to the NCC to be used as cash prize.

The businessmen group of PALIBHASA is also asked to donate whatever amount they can give for the top 5 finishers of the event.

There will also be cash or trophy for the top 2 finishers in the group of players that did not qualify to the NCC finals.

In the match between Palau Royal Resort's cook Paquito Suringa, Jr. and Joel Flor, the former won in a marathon 74 moves of ther Sicilian Defence encounter held at Dormitory 1 of PRR on Wednesday evening, September 02.

Jose Misael de Jesus, or Jimboy, has just come back from attending the funeral of his mother and he is requesting Romeo Caballes, Bernard Garcia, Michael Mercado or Zaldy Necia to play a game with him at D. J. Cruz General Merchandise for their first game at 5 pm onwards.

It is also suggested that all players who played 2 games already (Jun Mahor, Elpidio Manaligod, Mohammad Manik Hossain, Masum Billah, Elizalde Madrinan and Mario Ramos) not to play their 3rd game yet until all other players have caught up and played at least one game.


Source: Chessmate by Roberto Hernandez
Tia Belau Newspaper
Pages 13 & 15
Volume 18
Issue 36
September 07-13, 2009

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