Tuesday, August 14, 2012

(275) MILE AND SAY CHESS (Outstanding OFW)

                               SMILE AND SAY CHESS
                                                                          By Roberto Hernandez
(                                                           The International Filipino - August 2012)


THIS IS the latest! Amante C. Caballero, one of the best Filipino chess players in Palau, was chosen as one of the outstanding OFWs in Palau.

Philippine Ambassador to Palau Ramoncito Marino gave Caballero the certificate Outstanding Overseas Filipino Worker Award during a simple ceremony at the Sea Passion Hotel on July 29.

Caballero works as a driver and golf and archery instructor at the Papago International Resort. He qualified as an awardee in the second edition of the OFW award given by the Philippine Embassy because of his long service in Palau.

"I came to Palau in December 28, 1993. Since then, I haven't had a vacation yet," said Caballero. "My former job was bus driver of Airai View Hotel.
I served the public when the old KB bridge collapsed in September 1996. From airport to KB bridge almost 24 hours I've been driving using the Airai View Hotel's bus."

The Filipino Community in Palau hosted a farewell party for the embassy at Sea Passion Hotel on July 29, 2 days before the embassy officially closes as part of the Department of Foreign Affairs' cost cutting program.

Palau will have an Honorary Consul to be appointed for Filipino community in the island. Other countries who have honorary consuls in Palau are France, Spain, Israel, Germany and Italy.

After a very hectic week of chess at the 3rd Palau Invitational International Chess Championship held at Palau Royal Resort's Conference Room from Dec. 14-19, 2011, the invited player Joselito Marcos, his wife Margarita and last-born daughter Jamie-Kirstie asked me what is the best way to unwind after a grueling week of competitive chess.

I suggested first to visit the Palau International Coral Reef Center in the morning of Dec. 20 and then play golf in the afternoon. After 2 hours at PICRC,
lunch, work at Purchasing Office and during break time, we proceed to Papago International Resort for golf and archery lessons from Amante Caballero, the best golf instructor of Palau.

Amante noticed the potential of Jamie to be the next Tigress Woods with her sweet swing and grace.

It's so frustrating that one and a half hours of golf and archery is not enough as I had to work.

The Rock Islands trip with the Marcos family happened on Dec. 22. It's a very wonderful experience for the Marcos family. As Roberto said, "a trip to Palau
without a Rock Island trip is incomplete."

Lito's family visited the Capitol, a smaller version of White House in Washington, during the last 7 hours of their stay in Palau.

Lito has nothing more to say to me except "Thank you very much, my best friend and see you in Istanbul."

Source: Smile and Say Chess
               by Roberto Hernandez
               Superstar Corner
              The International Filipino
               Volume 3
               Number 5
               August 2012
               ISSN 2094-3830

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