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Palau Chess Federation Chairman Tutii Joe Chilton, left, receives his certificate of appreciation from Knights and Rooks Chess Club Chairman Roberto Hernandez. The two are working together to raise funds for Palau's membership payment ($476.00) to FIDE so that Palau chess players can participate in the World Chess Olympiad in Turin, Italy next year.                                                                        (Photo by Roberto Hernandez)

           MORTON'S REVENGE;

PALAUAN bet Morton Sawaichi has never beaten Ivan II Chess Computer in their 3 previous matches. But on the 14th round of 2005 Open Chess tournament held Sunday, September 04, he demolished the machine in their Sicilian Defence (Dragon Variation) match.

He sacrificed a knight for a pawn on the 20th move and gave the exchange (a knight for a rook) to obtain a ferrocious attack that Ivan had to give up its queen to thwart the mate threat.

Their game could have ended in just 30 moves but Sawaichi 'tortured' Ivan II by gobbling all its pieces except the lone pawn before mating it to his full satisfaction.

Had he annotated the moves, it could have been another qualified game for brilliancy prize of $50.00 courtesy of the sponsors -- Leo Lacambra, Jr., Bendix N. Lakobong and Roswell Macapagal of T-Shirt Printing, Atbp.

Newcomer James dela Cruz likewise defeated Ivan II by using the Four Knights Defence in 38 moves.

Rapid chess format/time control was used to allow dela Cruz to play as many games as he could to catch up.

He lost both to frontrunner Jose Omega in 27 moves of Slav Defence and to Manuel Nedic, who stayed at 3rd spot with a 9-3-0 win-loss-draw card.

Despite the 2 losses, dela Cruz climbed from 14th place to 12th. After the 3 matches, he left the tournament site to coach the Airai basketball team and came back again after 2 hours.

The much-awaited match of co-leaders Omega and Cyril Montel, Jr. finally took place but after one hour and 17 minutes of quality chess match, Omega left for work and their game was adjourned on the 29th move with Omega ahead in the exchange.

Later in the afternoon, Montel, Jr. dealt unbeaten Bong Alipoon his first loss of the tourney with a masterful 23-move victory in their Caro-Kahn Defence game.

Alipoon whipped Gene Pastrana earlier in the afternoon to stay at 4th with 6-1-3 record followed by idle top seed Roberto Hernandez (6-4-1).

Marcial Rodriguez lost by default to Mario Ramos, Dennis Gonzales and Jimmy Valenzuela.
Ramos d. Tutii Joe Chilton and Joel Azana drew with Chilton by default draw.

Another blitz chess fest was held after the completion of all regular games. Seven players participated--1. Menandro Manuel 2. Hernandez 3. Nedic 4. Alipoon 5. Montel, Jr. 6. Lin de Guzman 7. Pastrana.

It's just a single round-robin format to allow Hernandez to go to work at 8:00 pm.

Manuel won his first 5 games but Montel, Jr. also won 5 and lost 1. The last game between Alipoon and Manuel completed the event.

With everybody watching, Alipoon outwitted Manuel and half of the prize was split between Manuel and Montel, Jr., who won his first blitz chess title in more that 10 tries.

Hernandez emailed the Treasurer of the World Chess Federation (FIDE) to inquire how much is the financial obligation of Palau.

Mr. David Jarrett's response also noted that after paying $476.00, Palau can then participate in the next World Chess Olympiad in Turin, Italy and don't have to be an observer first.

An email from Gary Bekker was also received by Hernandez. Mr. Bekker is offering financial support for Palau and an internet match between Palau chess players and Melbourne, Australia's chess club players.

Hernandez and Chilton emailed him back, thanking him for whatever amount he can give and set up the internet match.

Chilton and Hernandez are planning a fundraising campaign to raise the money for the membership fee to FIDE.

Another plan is to have Hernandez teach chess classes at Palau Community College.

He will collect a dollar from each student and save the money for FIDE payment and to fund the players who will participate in the Chess Olympiad.

Some new chess talents might be discovered to represent Palau in other international events like Oceania Zonal Chess Championship and World Chess Olympiad.

Source: Chessmate by Roberto Hernandez
            Tia Belau Newspaper
            Volume XIV
            Issue 36
            September 09-16, 2005

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