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FOURTH SEED Cyril Montel, Jr. (5-1-0 win-loss-draw record) suffered his first loss in the 6th round but grab the lead of the 2004 Non-Master Chess tournament held on Sunday, February 15 at Paul Brothers Tri-M General Merchandise and Food Retail in Malakal.

He defeated Jose Omega (2-2-0) after being down by 4 points (he had a rook against Omega's queen) when the latter blundered away his queen with a king move that allowed him to check Omega's king and regained the initiative.

Omega resigned after realizing his blunder due to over-confidence.

In a great show of sportsmanship, Montel, Jr. agreed to replay his default win over Jimmy Valenzuela (2-6-0) and the result was the same.

He defeated Valenzuela in 30 moves of Caro-Kahn Defence. In his 3rd game of the day, he lost to Mike Miguel, Jr. (4-3-0) in 48 moves in which Miguel, Jr. missed a mate on the 6th move.

Their game started with 1. e4 Nc6 2. Bc4 e6 3. Bb3 Bc5 4. Nf3 Qf6 5. c3 Ne5 6. Nxe5?? After this blunder, the game would have been over with 6. ... Qxf2 mate but Miguel, Jr. responded with 6. ... Qxe5 and later down by a piece in exchange of 3 pawns. It took him another extra 42 moves to win the game with a superb endgame technique.

Bong Alipoon (2-3-1) scored his 2nd victory in 6 games by defeating Miguel, Jr. and defending champion Roberto Hernandez (2-3-1) rose from a slump to beat Danny Dandoy (4-2-0) in 31 moves of Sicilian Defence (Dragon Variation).

Hernandez played a very cautious game and when Dandoy made a mistake on the 29th move, he blitzed his way to win the queen and the game.

Idle Jess Toldoya remains the only undefeated player and his adjourned game against Omega will be resumed on Sunday. He is in a passive position when their game was adjourned.

Charles Aquino is the only junior player who came to play in the 6th round. He played best of 3 series against Ivan II Chess Computer. He was in a winning position in the first game but overlooked a double check by Ivan the led to checkmate. He lost the 2nd game in 28 moves of Semi-Slav Defence.

Only 4 players attended the meeting on February 14. Another meeting will be set later. The Knights and Rooks Chess Club's chairman Roberto Hernandez prepared an inventory of the club's properties (Ivan II Chess Computer, chess clocks, books, chess boards and others. The grand total now is $432.37.

Source: Chessmate by Roberto Hernandez
Tia Belau Newspaper
February 20-27, 2004

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