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Joselito Marcos, middle, is like Santa Claus to Roberto Hernandez in terms of giving financial, technical and moral supports. On December 14, 'Santa' is coming to Palau with his wife Margarita and daughter Jamie Kirstie, right. SANTA CLAUS IS UNGIL TUTAU! Kikmal oureng rakmal ungil Kurismas. Ma ungil bechese rak. (Photo by Joselito Marcos)

JOSELITO Marcos of Papua New Guinea became a friend of Palau’s Roberto Hernandez during the 2009 Oceania Zonal Chess Championship in Gold Coast Australia. They renewed their friendship in the 2010 World Chess Olympiad in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia. A lot of things were given to Hernandez by Marcos in terms of knowledge, financial, technical and moral supports.

In the 2009-2010 Palau National Chess Championship, Tolitz (his Russian nickname), sponsored $100.00 as additional cash prize to have the top 6 finishers of that event getting $80.00, $70.00, $60.00, $50.00, $40.00, $30.00 and $20.00 cash respectively. He also donated to Palau Chess Federation a whole set of journal magazines of 2002 Bled, Slovenia World Chess Olympiad where he gained his FIDE international rating of 2200.

The 3rd Edition of Palau Invitational International Chess Championship is slated to be held at the Conference Room of Palau Royal Resort on December 14-19, 2011 and he is the first one to confirm his participation from the 7 invited participants. Last year, he treated his mother, wife and daughter to a Christmas holiday in Hong Kong. This time, he’s treating his wife Margarita and last-born daughter Jamie Kirstie a trip to Palau for chess and leasure. WE WELCOME THE MARCOS FAMILY TO PALAU – The Paradise Island.

The second invited player to confirm his participation is Dr. Alfredo Paez. A last minute problem occurred when Dr. Paez’s passport got lost. He asked for the assistance of Philippines Congressman Prospero ‘Butch’ Pichay and after completing all the necessary documents, the last one (birth certificate) needs him to go to the local officials for confirmation. If things will go smoothly, he can have his new passport on December 12 or 13, just in time for the trip to Palau on December 13.

Source: Chessmate by Roberto Hernandez
Tia Belau Newspaper
Pages 13 & 15
Volume 20
Issue 51
December 12, 2011

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