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(306) JETS (Junior Elite Training Squad)

Daniel Lapitan, right, scored the shortest game of Oceania Zonal Chess Championship in a 12-move victory over Fiji's Gaurav Raicar. The chess whiz from Gold Coast was given a free 2-hour chess clinic by former top chess player of Australia Grandmaster Ian Rogers (now retired).
(Photo by Roberto Hernandez)

Junior Elite Training Squad

IN HIS email to Raymond Lapitan, Daniel's dad, Papua New Guinea's top chess player Joselito Marcos is asking if Daniel has been invited to the JETS as a new sponsor has come forward to support JETS following the success of Bobby Cheng as the World Under 12 years Champion.

The JETS squad was founded in 2000 and features 30 of the best junior chess players from around Australia, with an emphasis of developing the skills of young talents of 14 years or less.

Johns-Putra Limited has agreed to fully fund the 2010 JETS squad, including the national camp in Sydney in July.

Lito thinks that Daniel might be left behind by his contemporaries in the future if he would not make it to the JETS squad.

Raymond responded with: "Daniel is not qualified to go to the JETS this year because only those kids who played in the 2009 Australian Open and 2009 Australian Junior Championship are entitled to join. He did not play in the Australia Junior Championship in Tasmania last year because he had to undergo his circumsion operation which needs to be done.

But his training is non-stop. We bought a lot of good chess books (like 60 Memorable Games of Bobby Fischer, Think Like A Grandmaster by Kotov, etc.) and we are reading them everyday after his school assignments.

Daniel will also be playing a lot of chess this year because his new school, King's Christian College, finished 2nd in the Australian Primary School Championship last year.

This year, their team is much stronger with Daniel playing in Board 1 so they will have big chances of winning the title in Perth Western Australia.

The school pays for all expenses. Last year, the school spent $7,000.00 for each kid to play in Melbourne for the National Championship.

Daniel is scheduled to play in the Doeberl Cup (Adult tournament) this coming April 1-5 in Canberra. I am hoping he will be able to use and apply all the things he had learned from books since last year.

He had lots of knowledge in his head and my friend (a very strong chess player) told me that it's just a matter of time that he will make a good performance this year.

He enjoyed reading the book of Kotov and he is in the process of improving his analyzing technique."

In his recent standings at 2010 Gold Coast South Primary Schools A Grade, in Round 1-8, Daniel is undefeated with 8 straight wins followed by Martin Jack of the same school, King's Christian College and another one of the same school is 3rd -Mathew Pyper. James Kay and Melanie Karibasic of Somerset-Arase complete the top 5 in the standings.


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Source: Chessmate by Roberto Hernandez
Tia Belau Newspaper
Pages 13 &15
Volume 19
Issue 12
March 22-28, 2010

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