Tuesday, October 2, 2012


The new General Manager of Palau Royal Resort, Mr. Masayuki Kawaguchi has offered the use of PRR Conference room for 9 straight weekends as the official venue of 2012 Palau National Chess Championship. This photo was taken during the 3rd Palau Invitational International Chess Championship held in Dec. 14-20, 2011 with Joselito Marcos and Menandro Manuel winning the event. (Photo by Roberto Hernandez)


1.It will be a single round-robin for the top 10 players of Palau – 1. Cyril Tomas Montel, Jr. (1943 FIDE rating) 2. Menandro Manuel (1883) 3. Roberto Hernandez (1858) 4. Tito Cabunagan (1814) 5. Paquito Suringa, Jr. (1734) 6. Gonzalo Escapatoria (1689) 7. Jose Celiz (1687) 8. CM Bernardo Garcia (1673) 9. Manuel Mahor, Jr. (1646) and 10. Dennis Gonzales (1600).

2.Because of shortness of the rated players in the 1600 and below category, it will limited to 8 unrated players and they will be having also a single round-robin among 1. Angie Parrado (1551) 2. Jeff Balbalosa (1540) 3. Mohammad Manik Hossain (1528) 4. Elpidio Manaligod (1516) and unrated 5. Paz Ngiratechekii 6. James dela Cruz 7. Dan Roldan 8. Luciano ‘Bong’ Sibayan 9. Ma. Florida Hernandez 10. Scott Hess 11. Jon Manuel S. Reyes and 12. Ksau Anthony Whipps.

3.The time control is 90 minutes for each player to finish the game with 30 seconds increment that will start from move one.

4.Registration fee is $10.00 that will be added to Palau Chess Federation account.

5.We would like to thank the new General Manager of Palau Royal Resort Mr. Masayuki Kawaguchi for allowing the use the Conference Room of Palau Royal Resort as the official venue of event. The place with be reserved for the 9 consecutive weekends (Saturday and Sunday)—October 13, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28. On November 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25 and on December 1, 2, 8, and 9 the final day of PNCC.

An alternative venue is the residence of Akiwo Ngiratecheckii where James dela Cruz and Paz Ngiratechekii are residing. Those living near this place can play their games there. The third alternative venue is LEHNS Apartment and Space Rental where Elpidio Manaligod is working. Like last year, the player who wants to play him must come there with the chess materials for their official game preferably at 6:00 pm and onwards.

6.The prizes are – Top 10 CategoryChampion– One night stay at Palau Pacific Resort

1stRunner-up – One night stay at Palau Royal Resort

2nd Runner-up – Brunch for 2 at Palau Pacific Resort

3rd Runner-up –Lunch for 2 at Palau Royal Resort

Under 1600 CategoryChampion – Dinner for 2 at Palau Pacific Resort

1st Runner-up – Dinner for 2 at Palau Royal Resort

7.The date of the tournament will be from October 13 -- Dec. 09, 2012. Playing days at PRR Conference Room are Saturday and Sunday only. If there are players that are available for official game on weekdays, they will be playing at PRR Dormitory 1 Lounge.

8.Writing chess moves in mandatory. Score sheets and chess clocks will be provided by the organizer/arbiter.

9.This is a FIDE-rated event. Those players without international rating will have a chance to acquire international ratings after this event that will be published at the start of every month at ww.fide.com

10.The tournament is organized by Roberto Hernandez, who will also be acting as arbiter. The cross table of this tournament will be sent to Palau Rating Officer Jamie Kenmure of Australia for submission to FIDE.

11.The FIDE Laws of Chess will be posted at the tournament site for referral in case of protest, touch move violations, time forfeit and other complaints.

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