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The second round of the 204 Non-Masters Chess Tournament play partially indoors due to heavy rain. At left is Nilo de Jesus, sponsor of cash prize in the kid's top 3 finishers, playing the white pieces against Cyril Montel, Jr. who won four straight games. (Photo by Roberto Hernandez)

NINTH SEED Danny Dandoy, a teacher at Palau High School, dealt 3rd seed Menandro Manuel his first loss of the tournament in the 5th round of the 2003 Non-Masters Chess tournament held on Sunday, February 08, at Paul Brothers Tri-M General Merchandise and Food Retail in Malakal.
He scored another upset later in the afternoon by beating 5th seed Jimmy Valenzuela. Dandoy now totes a 4-1-0 win-loss-draw record and is tied for 2nd place with idle and undefeated Cyril Montel, Jr. (4-0-0).
The surprise of the day was Mario Ramos' much improved play. He defeated co-host Lin de Guzman after being down by a rook, then beat 2nd seed Roberto Hernandez in 43 moves of Sicilian Defence (Najdorf Variation).
Ramos also almost won over 8th seed Mike Miguel, Jr. when he failed to convert his material and positional advantage and lost instead. Ramos (2-2-0) tried to play as many games as he could because he is now assign indefinitely in Melekeok and could not play every week.
He got a chance to play after voting in the TFCP election of new officers where 2 players (Hernandez and Jess Toldoya) ran for auditor and board of director post respectively.
Hernandez made it with 654 votes in the unofficial count but Toldoya didn't make to the top 15.
Tenth seed Nilo de Jesus (1-4-0) used his favorite defence when handling black, the Benko Gambit, against Ivan II Chess Computer. He made a poor defensive play on the 16th move and did not recover after Ivan II (2-2-1) unleashed a series of simplification moves and won 2in 8 moves in less than an hour of play.
Miguel Jr., (3-2-0) defeated Valenzuela (2-6-0); Valenzuela lost another game to Bong Alipoon (1-3-1) and finally, Jose Omega (2-1-0) won over de Guzman in which the only game that Omega could play with his available time. His adjourned game with Toldoya will be resumed this Sunday.
In the kid's division, former champion Jayrome Soriano (2-0-1) defeated Ricky 'Jun'Jun' Camacho (0-3-0) in just one game. Lone female contestant Karen Hernandez (3-0-1) swept 9-year-old Georby Domingo (2-0) to stay at second place.
Chris Domingo (1-3-1), the older brother of Georby, already in the mating position against Ivan II Chess Computer when some junior players distracted his composure and Ivan II escaped with a draw by stalemate. It means he has no legal move and is not under check, so stalemate occurs and it is a draw.
Defending champion Charles Aquino (6-0-1) used the same level as Domingo has set up against Ivan and won to keep on top of the standings.
Finally, 16-year-old Michael Velarde (2-2-0) defeated Chris Domingo and now in solo third spot.
There will be a meeting this Saturday, Feb. 14 at Paul Brothers to discuss the election of new officers of the Knights and Rooks Chess Club, the next tournament, club's financial report, expenses and other related matters.
All available players are requested to attend this meeting that will start at 2:00 pm.
Chessmate by Roberto Hernandez
Tia Belau Newspaper
Pages 17 & 19
February 13-20, 2004

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