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                        MACAPAGAL --
            SPONSORS OF 2005 OPEN 

BEFORE the awarding ceremony of the 2005 Regular Chess Tournament even begins, the next chess tournament – the 2005 Open Chess Tilt, have already got trophies and brilliancy game prize sponsors. Palau businessman Bendix N. Lakobong, his Operations Manager Leo Lacambra, Jr. and Production Manager Roswell C. Macapagal have agreed to host/sponsor the next chess tourney after talking to Knights and Rooks Chess Club (Palau) Chairman Roberto Hernandez. It will start on May 22 and will conclude on September 25 at Galaxy Video Center premises.
                During their conversation, they agreed to use the name T-Shirt Printing Atbp as the company with all of their names to be mentioned in all succeeding issues of Chess Mate by Roberto Hernandez in Tia Belau Newspaper. Lacambra also designed the T-Shirt/Polo Shirt printing for players to order if they wished to have 2 shirts (white and dark green) wearing those while playing or as souvenir for participating in that event. They also agreed to have a brilliancy prize of $50.00 and will issue certificates of participation to players who paid their registration fee.
                In the 2005 Regular Chess Tournament (January 16-April 17), no certificates were issued to Eric Espartero and Joel Azana for failing to pay their $10.00 registration fee within that 3-month period. Those others who didn’t make it in the awarding ceremony will get theirs on the opening day of the event. They are Manuel Nedic, Em-R de Vera, Chris Domingo, Lin de Guzman, Mario Ramos, Marcial Rodriguez, Dennis Gonzales, Tutii Joe Chilton, Liam Bornovski and Ronald Maomay.
                The players who confirmed their participation are Menandro Manuel (2061 Approximate National Rating), Roberto Hernandez (2056), Cyril Montel, Jr. (2044), Jose Omega (2027), Bong Alipoon (2012), Ivan II Chess Computer (2006), Jimmy Valenzuela (1994), Mario Ramos (1890), Dennis Gonzales (1825), Gene Pastrana (1822), Joel Azana (1789), Morton Sawaichi (1780), Manuel Nedic (1759), Tutii Joe Chilton (1693), Eric Espartero (1579), Marcial Rodriguez (1571) and James dela Cruz (1500).
                It will be a single round-robin so 15 games will have to be played by each player. The time control is 90 minutes for each player to finish the game.
Adjournment is allowed if a player has to go back for work. The position must be recorded with the time remaining for each player and the player to move will seal his move and will give it to the Chief Arbiter (Hernandez). At the resumption of the agreed date, it will be open and play will resume.
Players can play as much as 2 games every Sunday and special games in different places can be arranged. For those late participants, the time control can be reduced to the agreed time control of both players.
Registration fee is $10.00. No certificates will be issued to those players who didn’t pay their registration fee like in the 2005 Regular Chess Tournament. Writing chess notations is mandatory either in English or Algebraic notations.

Solution to last week’s puzzle No. 3768: 1. Ne6++ Ke8 2. Qe7+!! Nxe7 3. Rd8 mate.

This week’s puzzle No. 3770: White to move and mates in 3 (Solution next issue)

Source: Chess Mate by Roberto Hernandez
             Tia Belau Newspaper
             Page 9
             Volume 14
             May 13-20, 2005 

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