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                     These 10 players (L-R) Angelo Salvadora, Angie Parrado, Josef Moyet, Jun Mahor, Nilo de Jesus, Pons Mahor, John Mark Tamayo, Arnolfo Inres, Glen Navarroza and Allan Alcid with fight it out on the final 3 games on Sept. 27 to qualify to the Top 10 chess players of Palau. Cash prizes and medals await to the top 3 finishers.                                          (Photo by Roberto Hernandez)

            LEAD AFTER 6 ROUNDS 

NEWCOMER Angelo Salvadora won all of his 3 games in the 2nd week of 2015 Top 3 Qualifying Tournament held on Sunday, Sept. 20 at Bethlehem Park to lead the 10-player field. With just a point behind him are the surging Glen Navarroza and Allan Alcid.

After subduing John Mark Tamayo in the 4th round, Salvadora clobbered Alcid in the 5th round and out-dueled the surprising co-leader Glen Navarroza in the 6th round to gain solo leadership.
              4th round pairings fit Manuel 'Jun' Mahor, Jr., who replaces Nilo de Jesus, against his elder brother Sofronio 'Pons' Mahor;  Josef Karlo Moyet vs. Felix Oling, who didn't show up, and was replaced by Nilo de Jesus. Isn't it confusing?

              Arnolfo Inres, tested the hidden talent of Glen Navarroza and Angie Parrado lost to Alcid.
Salvadora was late for 5 minutes but still defeated Tamayo to start an undefeated 2nd week of the event--(3 games). Navarroza confided to Roberto Hernandez the reason why he is doing well in this tourney – all the contestants are the same level as his. Unlike in the national championships and other tourneys that he is fitted against Palau’s best, he’s not doing well. He has a good chance to reach the level of Top 10 caliber if he would win last 3 games against Moyet (7th round), Mahor, Jr. and Tamayo.

             In the 5th round, Salvadora, with the black pieces, subdued Alcid to gain the momentum of winning twice in a row while Angie lost to Navarroza when her time expires. Roberto is doing the results with his laptop when Cyril Montel, Jr. informed him that Angie’s clock has expired. Angie knows it and when Roberto declared the win for Glen, they just analyze their game.

             Inres clobbered Moyet to keep abreast with the leaders while Tamayo lost 2 in a row this time against Mahor, Jr., whose elder brother Pons out-dueled Nilo de Jesus, who replaced the spot of Felix Oling, for his 5th straight loss.

             In round 6, leaders Salvadora and Navarroza collided. The deciding factor was when Salvadora attack Navarroza's queen with a knight. Glen thought of a pawn move that will attack Angelo's knight and queen. But the capture of Glen's queen is with check that resulted in him to settle for 2 knights for a queen which is a 3 points disadvantage.

            Mahor, Jr. crawled back to contention with a win over Inres. Alcid also gain an inch in toppling Moyet while Parrado's run for the top 3 spot was somehow faded with a draw with Pons, in a game where she should have moved her king instead of the a pawn. Pons was able to control the promotion square of the ‘a’ pawn to force a draw.

         And finally, De Jesus clinched his first win over Tamayo, who lost all of his 3 games in the 2nd week.
After winning his first game, Nilo paid his $5.00 registration fee to Palau Chess Federation Treasurer Dennis Gonzales.
1. Salvadora, Angelo ( 4.5  pts.)  2. Navarroza, Glen (4)   3. Alcid, Allan   (4)    4. Inres, Arnolfo  (3.5)
5. Parrado, Angelica  (3)  6. Mahor, Jr., Manuel (3)  7. Mahor, Sofronio   (2.5)  8. Moyet,  Josef  (2)             
9. Tamayo, John Mark  (1.5) 10. De Jesus, Nilo  (1)

ROUND 7 PAIRINGS: (First name to play white)
            Sept. 27, 2015 2pm and onward (Bethlehem Park) 

1. Inres vs. Salvadora   2. Alcid vs. Mahor, Jr.  3. Navarroza vs. Moyet
4. De Jesus vs. Parrado 5. Mahor, S. vs. Tamayo

Solution to last week’s puzzle No. 3787: 1. Bf2+!! Nxf2 2. Nd4 Nc4 3. Nf3 mate.

This week’s puzzle No. 3788: White to move and mates in 3 (Solution next issue)

Source: Chess Mate by Roberto Hernandez
             Tia Belau Newspaper
             Page 9
             Volume 24
             Issue 78
             September 28, 2015

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