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                   More new talents in chess are discovered in Palau every year. This year, Allan Alcid, 2nd from left, won 3 titles in a few months (2 of them 1st place finish). In the current 2015 PNCC, he outwitted Tito Cabunagan, 3rd from left, who is posing here against another talented newcomer Angelo Salvadora, who has yet to win in his first National Chess Championship participation.
                                                  (Photo by Roberto Hernandez)

              PAX, FELIX WIN
THE SECOND round of 2015 Palau National Chess Championship was the busiest week so far with the organizing Palau Chess Federation running out of chessboards and clocks, and pens also. More than 20 pens were issued to players in the last 2 rounds and only 4 were returned. In the 3rd round on Sunday, Oct. 25, they have to share with available ball pens unless Felix Oling will donate a hundred pens, as he promised.

The first upset of the tourney was recorded by top qualifier Allan Alcid over 3rd seed Tito Cabunagan in 39 moves of Sicilian Defence (Pelikan and Sveshnikov Variations). Allan showed signs of toughness after playing accurately till the 38th move, when Tito blundered by 38…. Bf5. Instead of capturing the “a” pawn with the king or bishop, its promotion became unstoppable.

THE MOVES: Alcid, Allan - Cabunagan, Tito (1825) [B01]
2015 PNCC (2), 18.10.2015
           1. e4 d5 2.e5 d4 3.Bc4 Nc6 4.Nf3 h6 5.h3 Bf5 6.d3 e6 7.0–0 Bc5 8.c3 Nge7 9.b4 Bb6 10.Bb2 dxc3 11.Bxc3 Nd5 12.Bxd5 Qxd5 13.a4 Rd8 14.a5 Bd4 15.Bxd4 Nxd4 16.Ra3 Nxf3+ 17.Qxf3 Qxf3 18.gxf3 Rxd3 19.Rc1 Rxa3 20.Nxa3 c6 21.b5 Kd7 22.bxc6+ bxc6 23.Rd1+ Kc7 24.Kg2 Rd8 25.Re1 Rd5 26.Nc4 g5 27.Nd6 Bg6 28.a6 Kb6 29.Rc1 c5 30.Ra1 Kc7 31.Nb5+ Kb8 32.Ra2 Rxe5 33.Rb2 Bd3 34.Nd6+ Kc7 35.Nxf7 Rd5 36.Rb7+ Kc6 37.Rxa7 Kb6 38.Re7 Bf5 39.a7         1–0

            The 1st round matches of Dennis Gonzales vs. Jeff Balbalosa and Paquito Pax Suringa, Jr. vs. CM Bernardo Garcia did not happen. Instead, they played their 2nd round match with Paquito subduing Angelo Salvadora; Bernard outwitted Gonzales and Jeff clobbered Manuel Mahor, Jr.
            The longest game of the day belongs to Cyril again, this time against top seed Roberto Hernandez. Their very instructive game was witnessed by many chess enthusiasts who saw a seesaw battle of the current top 2 chess players of Palau. They managed their time so nicely that when Cyril blundered away a bishop, Roberto became overconfident and lost instead in a marathon 54 moves of Nimzovitz-Larsen Opening. As in the first round, Cyril finished the round after 6pm.

THE MOVES: Hernandez, Roberto (1840) - Montel, Jr., Cyril Tomas (1837) [A01]
2015 PNCC (2), 18.10.2015
           1.b3 e5 2.Bb2 Nc6 3.Nf3 e4 4.Nd4 Nxd4 5.Bxd4 d5 6.e3 Nf6 7.c4 c5 8.Bxf6 Qxf6 9.Nc3 d4 10.Nxe4 Qe5 11.Ng3 h5 12.f4 Qe6 13.f5 Qe5 14.e4 h4 15.Nh5 Bxf5 16.d3 Bg6 17.g4 Bxe4 18.Qe2 0–0–0 19.Qxe4 Qc7 20.0–0–0 Be7 21.Bg2 g6 22.Nf4 Bg5 23.Rhf1 Rhe8 24.Qf3 Re3 25.Qf2 Rde8 26.Kb1 Qa5 27.Qd2 Qxd2 28.Rxd2 Re1+ 29.Rd1 Rxd1+ 30.Rxd1 Bxf4 31.Rf1 g5 32.h3 Re2 33.Bd5 f6 34.Be4 b6 35.a3 a5 36.Ka1 Kd7 37.Kb1 Kd6 38.Ka1 Ke5 39.Bf5 Bd2 40.Be4 Bf4 41.Bf5 Re3 42.Rh1 Rg3 43.Kb1 Rg2 44.Re1+ Be3 45.Rf1 Rg3 46.Rh1 Kf4 47.Be4 Bg1 48.Kc2 Ke3 49.Kd1 Kf2 50.a4 Rebxc63 51.b4 Rxe4 52.dxe4 Kg2 53.Rxg1+ Kxg1 54.Ke2 axb4         0–1

            In the Gonzales-Garcia match, it takes accurate coordination of his 2 rooks and queen that forces Gonzales to resign facing mate in one. Pax and Roberto analyzed the position in which Pax thought that Dennis will be ahead by a rook but analyses shows that Dennis will be mated in 4 moves if he will accept the sacrificed piece. 
THE MOVES: Gonzales, Dennis (1680) - Garcia, Bernardo (1734) [D10] 2015 PNCC (2), 18.10.2015
          1.d4 d5 2.c4 c6 3.c5 Bf5 4.Nc3 Nf6 5.Bg5 Nbd7 6.Nf3 Ne4 7.Bf4 Qa5 8.Bd2 Nxd2 9.Qxd2 e5 10.e3 exd4 11.exd4 Be7 12.Be2 0–0 13.0–0 b6 14.cxb6 axb6 15.a3 Rad8 16.b4 Qa7 17.Rfe1 Rfe8 18.Qf4 Bg6 19.Nh4 Qb7 20.Nxg6 fxg6 21.Bf3 Rf8 22.Qd2 Bd6 23.b5 Nf6 24.Re6 c5 25.Rxf6 Bxh2+ 26.Kxh2 Rxf6 27.dxc5 Qb8+ 28.Kg1 bxc5 29.Bxd5+ Kh8 30.Qe2 Re8 31.Qc4 Ref8 32.f3 Rf4 33.Qxc5 Qe5 34.Rc1 R4f5 35.a4 Rd8 36.b6 Rb8 37.Kf2 Qf4 38.Qc7 Qd2+ 39.Kg3 Rg5+ 40.Kh4 Rf8 41.Ne4 Rf4+ 42.g4 [42.Kxg5 h6+ 43.Kxg6 Qxg2+ 44.Ng3 Qxg3+ 45.Kh5 Rh4#] 42...Qh2+      0–1

            There is a new player that joined the Women Division. Her name is Angelica Berlene Magno, who is just new in Palau but she played chess in her school in Philippines. She tested her chess skills against 3rd seed Gladys Anne Paloma and lost to her. Gladys is currently pregnant. Earlier report said that she delivered already a baby boy but that is incorrect. She just had an ultra sound and it is another boy. They have already two boys.

            In the Reserves Division, Felix Oling was underestimated by his opponent, John Malinao and mated him in just 17 moves; Nilo de Jesus lost by default to Glen Navarroza when he failed to show up because he is playing basketball. Gonzalo Escapatoria, Jr. also won.
            Round 3 games of Top 10 Division: 1. Cabunagan vs. Hernandez 2. Salvadora vs. Montel, Jr. 3. Balbalosa vs. Alcid 4. Garcia vs. Mahor, Jr. and 5. Suringa, Jr. vs. Gonzales.

            Solution to last week’s puzzle No. 3791: 1. Nb6+! axb6 2. Qxc6+!! bxc6 3. Ba6 mate.

            This week’s puzzle No. 3792: White to move and mates in 3 (Solution next issue)

Source: Chess Mate by Roberto Hernandez
                Tia Belau Newspaper
                Page 9
                Volume 24
                Issue 86
                October 26, 2015 

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