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(299) MUSIC & ME (2009 Tips/Drinks Given to Roberto)

Mr. Rintaro Mita and his wife Keiko enjoyed my music when they came to Palau in Aug. 23, 2009. We regularly communicate through Facebook and they usually send me postcards and letters through regular mail since then.
(Photo by Roberto Hernandez)


Date                                          Guests/Customers                                              Amount/Drink

January 01             Breeze Bar Rose (Palauan Lady)                                           Orange Juice

                              Breeze Bar Japanese couple                                                        $5.00

                                     (Requested “Hawaiian Wedding Song”)

January 05              Breeze Bar Korean guy                                                             $10.00

                               (Requested Korean song “Chinkuya”)

Jan. 06                  Waves                    Japanese lady                                                  $5.00

                                (Requested“Without You”)

                               Breeze Bar Japanese guy                                                            $7.00

                                (Requested“Wonderful Tonight” &

                                                                   “Hotel California”)

Jan. 12                    Breeze Bar Korean couple                                                          $5.00

                                 (Requested“Something” by Beatles)

                                   Breeze                                                                                            $4.00

                                (Requested“She” & “Canon”)

Jan. 13                    Waves Old Japanese lady $5.00

Jan. 15                      Breeze Bar Japanese couple $5.00

                                        (No request but the guy sings with me)

                  Breeze Bar                         Moses Uludong                                        Tequila Sunrise

Jan. 16       Coral Bar                            Japanese guy                                                     $5.00

                  Breeze Bar                       Same Japanese couple (yesterday)                       $5.00

                  Breeze Bar                        Another Japanese couple                                      $3.00

                                                    (Requested “I Left My Heart In San

                                                     Francisco” & “Unchained Melody”)

                                                             Japanese couple                                                     $5.00

                                                   (Requested “Only You” &“Subaru”)

Jan. 20           Waves                         Young Taiwanese couple                                          $5.00

                                                The lady sing with me “I’ll Be There” and

                                                         the guy asked Arj to give me the tip.

                                                      Chef Horie also clapped after her song.

Jan. 22            Waves                     Japanese guy with Filipina wife                                  $20.00

                                                (Requested Bossanova “Girl From Ipanema,

                                                   Wave, Memorandum, etc.) He asked Arj to

                                                                       give to me the tip.

Jan. 23            Breeze Bar                            Taiwanese ladies                                              $1.00

Jan. 25                                        (Chinese New Year) Taiwanese family of 3                      NT100.00

                           Waves                                        Taiwanese couple                                            $5.00

Jan. 26               Waves                          Japanese and Filipina couple again                              $10.00

                                                          (Requested “Killing Me Softly With His Song”

                                                                           & “You Needed Me”)

Jan. 27               Waves                                        Old Japanese guy                                           $5.00

                                                            (He put it in the Chiba Shinkin Bank envelop)

                         Breeze Bar                                 Japanese- Filipina couple                                $5.00

Jan. 29             Breeze Bar                                   Lone Japanese guy                                       $20.00
***(The published part was shortened up to here. The Part 2 started on March 02 and ended in August 30. The conclusion part was stopped by Editor Kambes Kesolei)***

                                                                      (Requested“To Love Again” (Nocturne-

                                                                  Classical, Jazz, Rock and Japanese songs)

                                                               He really tested my repertoire. I was able to play

                                                             all his requests. Encore of his first request.

                          Breeze Bar                               Old Japanese couple                                        $10.00

Jan. 30              Breeze Bar                    Young Japanese couple who can speak                        $5.00

                                                               Tagalog. They gave Ronald and Mildred

                                                                                 $5.00 each.

Jan. 31               Waves                        The same lone Japanese guy yesterday                       $10.00

                                                               (Requested“To Love Again” written on a

                                                              tissue paper. After his dinner, he sits near

                                                             me & asked me to play “To Love Again”

                                                               and some Beatles song and give me --                     $50.00

                          Waves                                    4 young Japanese ladies                                 $10.00

                          Breeze Bar                        Old Japanese guy from long table                       $10.00

                                                                                (He said “chipu”)

                          Breeze Bar                                 Lone Japanese guy                                      $10.00

                                                               (He asked me to play international songs)

Feb. 01              Breeze Bar                                    Old Japanese couple                                  $20.00

                                                               (They are already paying their bill when they

                                                               see me setting the keyboard. They stayed for

                                                           30 minutes more. They sing with me “My Way”

                                                                                &“Love Me Tender”.)

Feb. 02           Waves                                      Old Japanese couple                                         $20.00

                                                                      (They sang for 15 minutes using my

                                                                                Japanese song book).

                         Breeze Bar                              Japanese couple last night                                $10.00

                                                                        One of their 3 Japanese guest                            $10.00

                                                                                     Korean lady                                          $10.00

                                                               (Requested “Hotel California” & ”Yesterday)

                                                                                    Taiwanese couple                                    $2.00

                                                                             (Requested“Close To You”)

Feb. 03            Waves                                               Japanese family                                        $5.00

                                                                       (A lady requested Beatles songs)

                     Breeze Bar                                              2 Korean guys                                       $3.00

                                                                        (Requested Korean song “Chinkuya”)

                                                                               6 Filipinas –Juliet gave me….                    $5.00

                                                                  (She invited 2 Korean ladies to dance. They

                                                                                      danced for 4 minutes.

                                                                                         2 Korean ladies                               $10.00

                                                                       (They come to me and said they enjoyed

                                                                                               the night.

Feb. 05                  Waves                                                2 Japanese ladies                             $10.00

Feb. 07                  Waves                                                 Japanese couple                                $3.00

                                                                       (Requested“Hey Jude” & “Ob-la-di Ob-la-da”)

                                                                                       Japanese guy                                        $5.00

                                                                       (Requested Jap. Song “Love Is Over”)

                                                                                    2 Japanese ladies                                   $20.00

                                                                          (The same ladies on Feb. 05)

Feb. 08                     Waves                                           Mr. Komatsu                                        $3.00

Feb. 09                     Breeze Bar                                      Palauan guy                                       $1.00

Feb. 10                     Waves                                          Japanese lady                                     $10.00


                                Breeze Bar                   Former Palau President and now Senator

                                                                            Tommy Remengesau, Jr.                              $5.00

Feb. 12                     Waves                            A group of Japanese old men

                                                                             One requested “Enka”                                 $5.00

                                                                            The tallest one gave me…                            $5.00

                                                               The one who sung “Sukiyaki” gave me…              $10.00

Feb. 13                 Waves                                  Same Jap. Group last night

                                                                     The tallest one again gave me                            $5.00

                                                                       (He gave Lysa 1,000 yen)

Feb. 15                Breeze Bar                             Japanese couple                                             $5.00

                                                           (Requested songs of Simon and Garfunkel,


Feb. 16               Breeze Bar                  The same Japanese couple last night                     $5.00


Feb. 17             Waves                              Same Japanese couple again…                            $5.00

                        Waves                      A Japanese lady with hand disability danced

                                                       with me while her blind friend plays piano and

                                                           the lady on a wheelchair gave me ….                      $10.00

Feb. 19            Coral Bar                                  Japanese guy                                              $10.00

                                                        (Requested“Oribia O Kikinagara” and sits

                                                              near me while listening to the song)

Feb. 20              Waves                           Taiwanese guy                                                  $5.00

                                                    (Requested“Happy Birthday for Thomas”)

Feb. 24                               Waves Japanese family of 8 with boy named  Kent        4 cans of beer

                                               “played” piano with me with his father taking

                                                               video and everybody enjoyed.
Music and Me by Roberto Hernandez
Tia Belau Newspaper
Pages 6 & 9
Volume 21
Issue 58
August 23, 2012

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