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(289) BERMUDA NIPS PALAU; Manuel's high blood pressure...

Palau Chess Team lost to Bermuda team by a close 2.5-1.5 margin. First to lose is Elizabeth Manuel again who didn't follow to build a fortress and almost all of her moves are pawn moves. Bernard equalizes with a win over Gary Cooper. Hernandez lost to Clever Bacchas where he won the exchange early in the game. Menandro suffered a high blood pressure and have to draw the game with winning position.
(Photo by Roberto Hernandez)


ELIZABETH Manuel didn't build a fortress and lasted only 12 moves for the first loss at Board 2 of Palau. Bernardo Garcia equalizes for Palau with a victory over Gary Cooper in 44 moves of Sicilian Defence.

When Roberto Hernandez lost to Clever Bacchas, the load now is up to Menandro Manuel at Board 4 to equalize with a win. He is on his way to win 2 pawns and a knight with a very strong attack against Michael Radford when the medical team of Istanbul Olympiad checked his blood pressure.

It shows that he has a 240/140! Manuel can't believe it as he feels good and his nape is not aching. The medical team asked him to rest for 30 minutes before continuing his game. But he will lose his game by time forfeit because they haven't reached yet the 30th move to have another 30 minutes to finish the game.

The only choice now for Manuel is to draw the game. You can't offer a draw if you haven't make 30 moves yet. So Manuel makes 2 more moves to complete 30 moves and offer the draw which Radford happily accepted.

A win by Manuel should have tied the match at 2-2 and Palau suffered a heartbreaking loss by 2.5 - 1.5 margin.

Manuel then rested at the ambulance for 30 minutes and his blood pressure went down to 160/90.

It was learned that Manuel don't take his high blood medicine if he feels well. The maintenance medicine should be taken regularly and they have brought those medicine in Istanbul that is good for only 5 days if taken twice a day.

Hernandez offered his extra medicine to Manuel but he said there is a pharmacy nearby where they can buy some with the doctor's approval.

The bus that they took on their way back to Adela Hotel where Palau team is booked, passed through that pharmacy where Bernard bought his ascorbic acid.

While looking for Elizabeth to tell her what happened to Menandro, Hernandez took a few minutes glimpe at the 6th round matches where the Philippines is facing a tough Bulgarian team.

GM Wesley So and GM and former world champion Veselin Topalov have drawn their game at board 1, while GM Eugene Torre and GM Mark Paragua drew also their game.

The remaining game is between GM Oliver Barbosa and his GM opponent where Barbosa have 2 rooks for a queen, a knight and 4 pawns to his adversary's queen, bishop and 4 pawns.

Hernandez left and just learned later that Barbosa had a win after his opponent blundered for a stunning Philippine win 2.5-1.5 and will now face Hungary in the 7th round at table 3.


Roberto Hernandez' solo at the board.
Bernard's turn, A win solidify his chance for FM or CM title.

Clever Bacchas vs. Roberto Hernandez 0-1
D. James vs. Elizabeth Manuel 0-1
Gary Cooper vs. Bernardo Garcia 0-1
James Warren vs. Menandro Manuel - draw

A stunning win of Philippines over Bulgaria. Wesley So, vs. Veselin Topalov, Eugene Torre and Mark Paragua drew their match but it was GM Oliver Barbosa who delivered the final blow for a 2.5-1.5 upset.


THE 6TH round of the 40th Chess Olympiad was a showcase of classic monster matches. When Godzilla and King Kong fight you don't get in the way. You step back and and watch the destruction hoping you don't become collateral damage. You're torn between wanting to see one of the monsters completely destroyed or having them step back to lick their wounds living to fight again.

In the Open section, top seeds Russia and Armenia met with monster mayhem on boards 1 and 2. Kramnik with the white pieces searched for some small opportunity to squeeze his Armenian opponent and his opportunity came about when Aronian pressed too hard, handing Kramnik the victory. Read the transcript of Vladimir Kramnik's press conference.

On the board next to them the classic Sasha Grischuk appeared, throwing himself into an insanely complicated position but it was not meant to be for Sasha and he lost. The bottom two boards drew their games and the match was tied at 2-2.

China delivered blow after massive blow taking their opponents of Bosnia down with the score of 3.5-0.5. Hungary and Azerbaijan dispatched of their opponents, Poland and Croatia respectively,with the score of 3-1. After Leko's game, he was in the press room analyzing his game. Watch the short video on the official YouTube site of the Olympiad.

Finally, the USA and German teams held each other to a draw with even scores on all boards. No boards seemed to be in any danger of losing their games.

A three-way tie exists for first place with Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan respectively. These results leaves the medal hunt still wide open with 5 rounds to left to go.

In the Women's section, favorites Russia and China squared off. They exchanged losses on boards 1 and 2 respectively and drew on boards 3 and 4. A near identical repeat of what happened in the Open section. Board 4 was first to complete with a bloodless bishop of opposite color draw, but it soon was to get bloody when WWCC Yifan Hou delivered the death blow to T. Kosintseva. The elder Kosintseva avenged her younger sister's loss by dispatching her opponent to even up the match score. Board 3 soon drew afterward securing a drawn match.

Russia's lead is now gone, as the ladies of Poland caught up with a massive win over Serbia. Led by GM Socko, Poland took out Serbia with a score of 3.5 - 0.5.

Georgia, Ukraine, France and Vietnam have all moved ahead with neat victories in the 6th round. Spain and Hungary exchanged a pair of wins and drew two games to finish the match in a 2-2 tie.

Source: World Chess Olympiad
Bulletin 6
September 04, 2012
Istanbul, Turkey

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