Saturday, September 22, 2012


Stand in Silence
The Turkish National Anthem
Speech of the Head of the Organization Committee
Speech of the lord Mayor of Istanbul
Speech of the President of FIDE
Speech of the Minister of Youth and Sports of Turkey
Category Prizes
Board Prizes
The Cup of Gaprindashvili
Olympiad Prizes
Lowering the flag of FIDE
FIDE anthem
Taking over FIDE flag to Norwegians
Demo of Norway - Tromso
At the entrance, 15 minutes before the start of closing ceremony, from left, Menandro Manuel, Roberto Hernandez, vintage GM Eugene Torre and Bernardo Garcia, who obtained a Candidate Master title to be Palau's first titled chess player.

Elizabeth Manuel, left, with the wife of Eugene Torre, Marilyn, who said that GM Levon Aronian is the most friendliest GM she has ever met.

Roberto Hernandez poses with the Turkish lady receptionist at the door while waiting for more guests to come. More pictorials to follow.

Elizabeth Manuel's turn.

With a young girl participant.

Menandro Manuel, left, Roberto Hernandez and the mother and daughter participant.
Palau has a husband and wife, there are teams which has brothers and sisters, etc.

Opening speech by Turkish Chess Federation President and FIDE Vice President Ali Nihat Yazici. The 4 boys watching at the bottom of this photo are members of Turkey2023 Chess Team.

All with headphones so that there is translation if the speech is spoken in Turkish.

Roberto Hernandez' headset stopped working after it dropped accidentally. He didn't get a new one but Eugene got one.

Turkish most popular lady singer performs for 45 minutes. It gets louder and louder and the Torre couple couldn't stand the noise and left the place for 45 minutes. When they come back, Eugene asked Roberto, "The loud noise didn't bother you?"/ He said, no, because he used to play with different bands.

Winners of Category E. 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Sertab Erener Live Performance
During her student years in Istanbul State Conservatory, Sertab Erener's musical distinctness and her voice known as Soprano attracted attention.
With her band 'Sakin Ol (Go Easy)' which sold more than one million copies, she became the best newcomer singer in Turkey.
In 2003, she won the Eurovision Song Contest with the song 'Everyway that I can'. In 2005, in the 50th celebration of Eurovision, 'Everyway that I can' has been chosen the best 9th song out of 1000 songs which had competed in 50 years.
In the summer of 2003, 'Everyway that I can' got the number one of the selling lists in Europe and it stayed in the top 10 lists of Germany and Switzerland and in the top 5 lists in Spain, Austria, Belgium and Holland.
It stayed as the number one in Greece for four weeks. Sertab Eraner was awarded by a platinum disk in Greece.
"Everyway that I can' became hit in Israel, Czech Republic and Poland and it achieved to enter the top 75 list in England.

2nd place.


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