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(1138) MUSIC AND ME (Nov. 26, 2015) ANDY UERBELAU and the "HARBOR LIGHTS"

      Andres 'Andy' Uerbelau, right, likes oldies but goodies songs. It's a first time when I was requested to play "Harbor Lights" in key of Eb (Eb). When I sang it, I realized that the lyrics of that song is not the usual theme that a man working on a ship (military or commercial) found a girlfriend when on the shore. It's the lady in this song that on a ship.
                                       (Photo by Roberto Hernandez)

       ANDY UERBELAU and the
             'HARBOR LIGHTS'

ON Nov. 26, 2015, a Palauan guest is waiting for me to play piano at 7pm. I remember him came more than a month ago and he requested a song which I can’t remember at that time. When he passes to me to go to the Coral Bar of Waves Restaurant of Palau Royal Resort, I asked him, “Would you like to request a song or two?” He answered back, “I hope you remember what I have requested you.”

                That makes me think for a while. I have played 5 more songs before I realized that he requested an unfamiliar song to me because it is in key of E flat (Eb) and I know only 3 songs that I play in that key. That song is “Harbor Lights” by The Platters. When I played it instrumental, I guess that he will like it more if I will also sing it. I’m not mistaken!
                After the song, he asks a waiter to give me Asahi beer. When he comes to me, he said, “I’m very happy that you remember my favorite song.” I answered back with a little exaggeration, “It’s because it’s one of the only 4 songs that I play in key of Eb.” Actually, it’s only 3 as I have written in one of my posts. It will become 4 now with the addition of “Harbor Lights” when I update it.
                He said also that when he visited Philippines, he always goes to bars and asks the musicians to play that song and some other oldies but goodies songs. Before he left, I ask for a photo and his name. He said “Andres” but I can call him Andy. And that his family name is Uerbelau and he has a brother, which I know as Victor, who also writes at Tia Belau Newspaper once in a while.
                On Dec. 17, 2015, Andy is back at Waves Restaurant all by himself again. After I played and sang “Harbor Lights”, a waiter asked me what do I’d like to drink. I should have said “Red Wine” should I saw it earlier that he’s having red wine. I said Asahi again.
                After going to the rest room for a 5-minute break, I saw 2 requested songs written by Andy at the piano –Love Letters in The Sand and An Affair to Remember. NOW I KNOW WHAT HE LIKES!
                From then on, I played all oldies but goodies songs –Mona Lisa, Too Young, Only You, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, Ebb Tide, Somewhere My Love, Moon River, Strangers in the Night, Fascination, Something Stupid, Yesterday and more…
                At 9pm, before going to Breeze Bar to play for another 2 hours of keyboard music, I talk to Andy for a few minutes. He will come again to listen to me play those oldies. He mentioned again about his trips to Philippines and enjoyed those kinds of music played live by a variety of musicians. He saw some senior musicians still loving to play piano and keep doing it for the love of music.
                He also said that he can’t find any place in Palau that have a musician like me that can play old songs in his generation. I mentioned to him that I once got a letter from a Japanese lady that is written in Japanese downwards that I have to ask our GM Isao Takahashi to translate it to me. It says there that when I’m playing those old American songs, she reminisce the time when she was young enjoying those music. And that it looks like she’s young again because of that. She also included $30.00 tip inside the envelope and left it at the front desk of PRR upon checking out in 2009.
                I also mentioned to Andy that Chief Justice Arthur Ngiraklsong also enjoyed my music at Breeze Bar and that he likes Greek songs also because of the movie Zorba, the Greek. He said CJ is a colleague and also his brother Victor. Andy is also a lawyer.

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             Chess and Music (Perfect Combination)
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