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(1137) ONE-DAY BULLET CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP ON JAN. 11, 2016 (TBN-Dec. 21, 2015)

                   Rico Mangayan, 3rd from right, and Josef Karlo Moyet, left, are two of the latest young chess talent discoveries in Palau. The 2 will definitely participate in the first ever Bullet Chess Championship on Jan. 11, 2016. At right is Bobby Maltizo, a steward at Palau Royal Resort, who gave Roberto, PRR Musician,  a T-shirt with a printing fit for him –“MUSIC IS NOT WHAT I DO, IT’S WHO I AM.”
                                       (Photo by Roberto Hernandez)

                  ON JAN. 11, 2016 
PALAU Chess Federation will hold its first ever Bullet Chess Championship, the 2nd fastest Blitz Chess format, on Jan. 11, 2016 (Monday) at either Bethlehem Park or Surangel Construction Office in Malakal. It will also be the first time that a one-day chess tourney will be held on a Monday. This is to allow everybody to participate after office hours, preferably from 5pm or 6pm onwards.

                The time format in this event is 3 minutes for each player to finish the game with only 2 seconds increment. The fastest Blitz Chess competition in the world is the Lightning, where each player have 1 minute to finish the game without increment.
                World Chess Federation (FIDE) has been rating international players in Standard, Rapid and Blitz more than a year ago but had yet to rate players in Bullet and Lightning formats. The World Champion in Standard is Magnus Carlsen of Norway. He is also the reigning champion and defended his title in the World Rapid Chess Championship this year while Alexander Grischuk of Russia won the recent 2015 World Blitz Chess Championship…

           October 14, 2015 – Berlin, Germany – Today the 5-day World Chess Rapid and Blitz Championships concluded in Berlin, with Russian Grandmaster Alexander Grischuk claiming the World Blitz Champion’s title.
          The winner scored 15,5 points in the 21-round tournament. The prize fund for the Blitz tournament was $200,000. Grischuk earned $40,000.
          Alexander Grischuk, 31, became the first three-time Blitz World Champion. He previously won the titles in 2006 and 2012.
          Two players, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave of France and Vladimir Kramnik of Russia, finished a half point behind Grischuk. On tie-breakers, Vachier-  Lagrave took the silver, and Kramnik the bronze.
          The Blitz tournament was held over two days and included nearly 190 players from 50 countries. That set a new record for the number of countries represented in the fast-chess championships.
         The championship was organized by the World Chess Federation (FIDE) and Agon Limited, its commercial partner.
         “A record number of countries in a fast-chess world championship proved that chess has a strong foundation, and a truly global presence,” said Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, FIDE’s President. “We hope that the great media interest for this tournament shows fast-chess can one day be an Olympic sport.”
          The award ceremony was held at Bolle Meierei, the venue of the tournament, and took place shortly after the tournament ended. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, FIDE’s President, praising the high level of play during the tournament by the world’s top players, awarded the Rapid and Blitz Championship winners with medals, and declared the Championship officially closed. The medals were provided by ADAMAS, official supplier of World Chess and FIDE.
         “The Championship proves that chess has a huge audience, and can be an effective marketing platform for sponsorship and partners,” said Ilya Merenzon, President of Agon Limited.
           The World Chess Rapid and Blitz Championship were played out in Berlin October 10-14. The Rapid Championship was held over the first three days and included 158 players.
          The tournament had huge, enthusiastic crowds throughout the five days. Several thousand spectators visited Bolle Meierei, the site of the tournaments, and hundreds of thousands of people watched live video and streaming of the games on, the new official broadcasting Web site for championship events.
           For further information about the tournament, or to arrange interviews, please contact
          Tournament photos are available for media on the official tournament website: If you want to receive a high-resolution image, please contact
          The full results of the Championship are at You can follow all post-tournament analysis, and other chess news and stories at
About World Chess by Agon Limited:
Agon Limited is the official partner of World Chess Federation (FIDE) and owner of commercial rights to the World Chess Championship cycle. The company aims to develop and commercialize chess, create favorable environment for partners, players, and brands, and to significantly expand the broadcast coverage of the sport. With this in mind the company introduces World Chess brand, targeting 600+ million chess players and spectators all over the world.
         Agon became owner of commercial rights in 2012. The company successfully managed the 2012-2013 Grand Prix Cycles, and the 2014 World Championship Match. For commercial and partnership opportunities, please visit

                On the final day of 2015 Palau National Chess Championship on Dec. 06, a young chess player Rico Mangayan was invited by Roberto Hernandez to come at Bethlehem Park to socialize and practice with available players. He showed up and practices with 7th place finisher in the Top 10 Division Angelo Salvadora. When Hernandez is not busy anymore, he played 3 games against Rico and won 2 and lost 1. Tito Cabunagan, seeing the potential of the boy, tried also the oozing talent of Rico. The results were not known as they all proceeded to Executive Lounge for the Awarding Ceremony.

            Solution to last week’s puzzle No. 3799: 1. Qh8+!! Kxh8 2. Nxf7++ Kg8 3. Nh6 mate.

            This week’s puzzle No. 3800: White to move and mates in 3 (Solution next issue)

Source: Chess Mate by Roberto Hernandez
             Tia Belau Newspaper
             Pages 9 & 11
             Volume 24
             Issue 102
             December 21, 2015 

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