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(1108) Looking Forward to 2006 World Chess Olympiad in Torino, Italy (TBN-Jan. 06-13, 2006)

     Left to right, Jielton Cabierte, Xyron Singson and Geaury Ken Pastrana will have their own 12-years and under category in the ongoing 2005-2006 Palau Rapid Chess Championship if there is at least 4 contestants. Arnel Vingcoy is a possible addition aside from Ivan II Chess Computer which will be set to E (Easy) strength.
                                    (Photo by Roberto Hernandez)

                LOOKING FORWARD TO 
                  IN TORINO, ITALY  

There is a two-week break from competitive chess in the resumption of 2005-2006 Palau Rapid Chess Championship. The Sundays (Dec. 25 and Jan. 01) are Christmas holidays and players are enjoying the break. Plays will resume on Jan. 08, 2006 where the 19th and 20th round will be played.
                In the meantime, all eyes are focus to the 2006 World Chess Olympiad in Torino, Italy where Palau is eligible to play for the first time if the financial obligation would be met (the 2005 due to FIDE in the amount of $576.00 or 600 Swiss Francs).
                The total collection from various individuals is $418.00 including the $100.00 that Oceania Zonal President Gary Bekker had pledged.

ALMOST two years of persistence bears fruit as Palau's application for International Chess Federation (FIDE) membership was approved by the FIDE Executive Board at its meeting in Dresden, Germany from August 1.

In an email from FIDE Secretariat Elli Sperdokli, the membership is under the condition of fulfilling the financial obligations in a period not later than 3 months. And to contact the FIDE Treasurer, David Jarret for further information at

Knights and Rooks Chess Club chairman Roberto Hernandez immediately notify Tutii Joe Chilton and they will have a meeting soon about the good news where chess players from Palau can already participate in international competitions.

Many interested young and old players can now start training for World Chess Olympiad in Dresden, Germany.

In 2004, Chess Olympiad was held in Mallorca, Spain with 124 countries participated. Turin, Italy will host the 2006 Olympiad but it's too soon to prepare for it and Palau might be an observer first before it can participate in the biennial event.

Hernandez also notified the players about the development in the 13th round of the 2005 Open Chess tournament held Sunday, August 28 at Privilege Family Store and sponsored by Bendix N. Lakobong, Leo Lacambra, Jr. and Roswell Macapagal of T-Shirt Printing Atbp.

Jose Omega is now the solo leader after defeating Joel Azana in 38 moves of Modern Defence. He also collected half point after Dennis Gonzales accepted his offer of draw of the said game. He will withdraw from the tournament due to his transportation problem as he resides in Ngchesar.

Omega's win-loss-draw record is 8-1-1 and will play against Bong Alipoon in a special game on Wednesday at Omega's residence. This is allowed because Alipoon had only 2 days off in a week, Wednesday and Thursday.

James dela Cruz, who resides in Airai View Hotel Annex and neighbor of Hernandez, is a late comer but still managed to play 3 games in semi-blitz format (15 minutes for each player to finish the game).

He lost to Jimmy Valenzuela, Alipoon and to Palauan bet Morton Sawaichi but won by default over Rodriguez and Chilton, who was very busy on Sunday and most of his games were losses or draws by default.

Manny Nedic (8-3-0) is now in solo 3rd spot after clobbering Azana in 33 moves of another Modern Defence game where Azana missed the right queen defence and was mated instantly.

Nedic lost to Alipoon later in the night and Alipoon is still the only remaining undefeated player.

Idle Cyril Montel, Jr. (8-1-0) collected 2 default wins over Rodriguez and Chilton to keep abreast with Omega at 2n place. Their anticipated match seemed to be the championship game and will be their first ever title.

Hernandez emailed Gary Bekker, the Oceania Zone 3.2b President and he responded with a very encouraging email.

He had made similar donation of chess sets and books to other Oceania nations such as Fiji and PNG, in an effort to further develop the chess community within the Oceania Zone.

He encouraged the Palau Chess Federation to stage an international event in the future. He said by joining FIDE, Palau will be able to stage international rating tournaments and send representatives to international competitions such as Oceania Zonal Chess Championships and the World Chess Olympiad.

All Oceania chess federation sent teams to the 2004 Chess Olympiad.

He also hopes to personally come over and help organize a FIDE-rated tournament in Palau sometime in the future.

His suggestion is to run a 10-player all-play-all (round robin) tournament, in which the top six players from Palau compete against four overseas players with relatively low international rankings.

He suggests playing 2 games per day, like at 10:00 am and 4:00 pm over a period of one week.

It would be necessary to provide a suitable tournament venue (a local hall or conference center), a reasonable prize fund, and discount accomodations for the international players.

He said that it would be important that all games are played, without any forfeits or withdrawals, and that each player scored a rating comparable to FIDE standard.

The 3 best Palau players could expect to gain an international ranking. Such an event was held in Fiji during 2003 and several Fijian players gained their international rating from the event.

He is sure to encourage 4 international chess players to take a chess-holiday in sunny Palau!

Solution to last week's puzzle: CONGRATULATIONS TO JOSE OMEGA for solving the puzzle in less than 15 minutes: 1. ... Ne3+  2. Kh2  Qxg3+ 3. Kxg3 Be5 mate.

Source: Chess Mate by Roberto Hernandez
              Tia Belau Newspaper
              Volume 19
             Page 14
             September 02-09, 2005

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