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(1103) PASTRANA -- NEW VENUE HOST (TBN-Oct. 14-21, 2005)

                                New venue host Gene Pastrana, middle, played in the 3rd round of 2004 Rapid Chess tilt. Although he lost his first ever serious game against Roberto Hernandez, he bounced back and won the next 2 over Morton Sawaichi, left, and Mariano Agustin, Jr. In the background are Cyril Montel, Jr. and Menandro Manuel watching the junior players practicing and using the blue and big mechanical chess clock bought by Roberto in the Philippines during his vacation.


AFTER participating in the last 3 major chess tournaments in Palau, Gene Pastrana is ready to host the 2005-2006 Rapid Chess Tournament that will commence on October 23, 2005 and will conclude on Feb. 12, 2006 at the premises of his Jean’s Boutique and Store just across Sacred Heart Church.
                Exactly a year ago (Oct. 24, 2004), Gene was persuaded by Roberto Hernandez to join the 2004 Rapid Chess Tournament because the venue, the Parish Center for Migrants, is just across his Jean’s Boutique and Store. It was co-sponsored by The Filipino Community in Palau (TFCP), Margarita Borja Dalton (Beverage Sponsor) and Kelvin Cuenco of Kabayan Restaurant (Refreshment Sponsor).
                Gene finished at 11th spot with an 8-9-0 win-loss-draw slate, ahead of Joel Azana, Morton Sawaichi, Dennis Gonzales, Mariano Agustin, Jr., Wilson Milambiling, Pastor Fontanilla and Mike Miguel, Jr. It is also in this tournament that a new junior champion of Palau was proclaimed – Em-R de Vera.
                The venue is like a ‘home court’ advantage for Jose Misael de Jesus as he is living just 2 meters from that venue. Maybe the home court advantage favored De Jesus as he finished a very strong 3rd place ahead of Menandro Manuel (4th), Cyril Montel, Jr. (5th), Jose Omega, Ivan II Chess Computer, Jimmy Valenzuela, Lin de Guzman, Bong Alipoon, Gene Pastrana and 7 others as mentioned above.
                De Jesus defeated eventual champion Eddie Grefiel while Hernandez finished 1st Runner-Up again in succession (2004 Open, 2004 Rapid and 2005 Regular).
                In the 2005 Regular Chess Tournament, held from January 16-April 17, and sponsored by Palau Paradise Lion’s Club, Gene and Dennis Gonzales finished tied at 9th-10th place with an identical 10-7-4 win-loss-draw record. Gonzales edged him in winning the Most Improved Player award via tiebreak.
                Gene improved a lot in the next tourney, the 2005 Open Chess Tournament that was held from May 22-Sept. 25 and being sponsored this time by Bendix N. Lakobong, Leo Lacambra, Jr. and Roswell C. Macapagal of T-Shirt Printing Atbp.
                He finished tied again for 6th-8th place with Jimmy Valenzuela and Morton Sawaichi with an identical 7-7-1 win-loss-draw card. This time, he edged Valenzuela and Sawaichi and won his first chess trophy (Most Improved Player).

SOLUTION TO LAST WEEK’S PUZZLE: (It is white to move, not black. And mates in 2, not 3)
                                                                   1. Qc7 a6 2. Qc5 mate
                                                                 1. Qc7 a5 2. Qc5 mate
                                                                 1. Qc7 Kb4 2. Qc5 mate.

Source: Chess Mate by Roberto Hernandez
             Tia Belau Newspaper
             Pages 9-10
             Volume 14
             October 14-21, 2005 

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