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(1214) RESULTS OF 13th WEEK OF 2007-2008 OPEN CHESS TILT (TBN-Feb. 01-07, 2008)

             RESULTS OF 13th WEEK OF 2007-2008
                          OPEN RAPID CHESS TILT

THE 16-player 2007-2008 Open Rapid Chess Tournament resumed on Jan. 25, 2008 at Jean’s Boutique and Store and at Palau Royal Resort Dormitory 1 for the 13th week of this double round-robin tourney where Dennis Lara (1838 National Rating) swept co-employee at PRR Jaime Guevarra (1951).
                Earlier in the day, Lara halved the point with Jose Omega (1870-FIDE). Guevarra and Palau first National Master (NM) Manuel Nedic agreed to play their 2 games on Sat., Feb. 02 at Jean’s Boutique and Store. Lara made it almost a perfect day (4.5/5) after sweeping another co-employee Paul Garcia.
                Still at PRR, Garcia extracted a full point from PRR Rating Chess Tournament champion Roberto Hernandez but lost in their 2nd game against his roommate at Dormitory 1 of PRR.
                At the first venue, best friends Nedic and venue host Gene Pastrana played their game and the former clustered a crucial win to keep abreast with frontrunner Antonio Villa in the standings after sweeping Garcia later in the afternoon.
                Cyril Montel, Jr. followed suit with a sweep of Pastrana while Lara’s bid to land in the top 5 was derailed when he was swept by Michael Mercado. Garcia slid farther in the standings after being swept by Pastrana.
                Two more sweeps were recorded when leader Villa upended Joven delos Santos and Pastrana blanked Andres ‘Aying’ Mestizo II in the last game of the day.
                The other participants who didn’t see actions were Menandro ‘Boy’ Manuel, Palau’s 2nd NM, Koror State Legal Counsel Craig Dittrich, Dennis Gonzales and Danny Dandoy, Math Teacher at Palau High School.
                The penultimate and final round of this event will be played on Feb. 03 and 10 respectively. While this tourney is on its final phase, the PRR own version of rapid chess tourney will commence on Feb. 17 with Class A, B and C to accommodate all chess players of PRR whatever level of play they’ve got to make this an interesting and fun event.

Solution to last week’s puzzle No. 4445: 1. …Nf3+ 2. Kh1 Nxg3+ 3. Nxg3 Rh2 mate.

This week’s puzzle No. 4391: Black to play and mates in 3 (Solution next issue)

Source: Chess Mate by Roberto Hernandez
             Tia Belau Newspaper
            Pages 9-10
            Volume 17
            Issue 06
            February 01-07, 2008

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