Wednesday, May 4, 2016


     Early in 2016, I've met different nationalities and personalities at Breeze Bar of Palau Royal Resort. Whether they are alone, couple or group, it's interesting to learn more about different cultures and other stuff.
                                            (Photo by Roberto Hernandez - Taken by Den Flores)

                      MEETING MORE
                            IN 2016 

DIFFERENT NATIONALITIES, different experiences. This happens to my musical career in early part of 2016. In Jan. 26, a Chinese couple is enjoying my music. The lady seems to be very seductive that when we have a photo taken, her boobs got closer to my left side and I feel uncomfortable with her husband beside me. I just moved my left arm holding to a chair in front of me.
                I don’t remember if they gave me tip. When I check my diary of expenses, there’s no tip given to me there. Expenses are for soymilk ($1.99), bananas ($.97), Fuji apple ($.51), Valencia navel orange ($.46), bar soap (Irish Spring) $.89, Vitamin (One a Day –Men’s) $9.95, crackers ($1.69) and sour sap at $2.55 which were bought at Surangel’s Supermarket. Papaya at $.95 was bought at WCTC.

                On Feb. 24, I met a half-Filipino, half American guy. He understands Tagalog but can’t speak it fluently. He said he can play guitar but I don’t want to get my Yamaha guitar to my room because one of the string, the thinnest one, don’t sound good because there’s a slight defect with the fret. We talk for a while about our lives and plans for the future, hobbies, chess and music. We have 2 photos taken and with the 2nd shot, he took off his glasses so that he will look younger.

                On March 07, a lone Japanese lady sits in front of keyboard while I’m playing in lackluster fashion as there are few guests. Knowing she’s Japanese, I played and sing the song “Oribia O Kikinagara” without looking at the songbook. I continue to play more Japanese songs and she enjoys it. We have a long conversation before a photo was taken. Her first words about the song I played and sing is, “That’s a very lonely song”.
                She’s a very intelligent middle-aged woman. When our subject of conversation focus on chess and music, she more interested especially about the prospect of Tokyo, Japan bidding in the 2020 World Chess Olympiad during the 2016 World Chess Olympiad in Baku, Azerbaijan where I will be participating as Delegate and Board 5 (Reserve) of Palau Open Team.
                After the photo was taken, that’s the time that I asked for her name. I told her that the photo might be published in someday and I want to get the right name of the person that will be featured. She wrote her name on a piece of paper and I noticed it was long… Yukiko Yamanaka.

                I also took a photo of full moon on Jan. 25 which is like a moon surrounded by breaking ice bergs. It’s very nice to the naked eye but the result in the photo is not that good as it is. It is also the time that Breeze Bar has more tents now so that when there is a function of about 100 or more persons, there’s no need for double setting in case it rains, which is very tiring for staff.

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