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Senator Rene A.V. Saguisag, left, and Philippine Sports Commission Chairman Cecil G. Hechanova did the ceremonial first move in the opening of 1990 National Chess Championships held yesterday at Ninoy Aquino Stadium, while watching them happily are (from left), Grandmaster Eugene Torre, International Chess Federation President Florencio Campomanes, Sports Commissioner Jun V. Castro and Philippine Chess Federation President Art Borjal.
(APN Photo by Chito Vecina)
Torre leads winners,
Campomanes for re-election
GRANDMASTER Eugene Torre, the top seed, successfully started his campaign to be the top board player of the Philippine team for the 20th time in World Chess Olympiad.
His opponent, Jose Esperanzate, didn't show up and started the winners of other top seeds in the opening round of 1990 Philippine National Chess Championship yesterday at Ninoy Aquino Stadium.
A brief opening ceremony was held in this tournament organized by Philippine Chess Federation in coordination with Philippine Sports Commission.
A total of 234 leading chessplayers of the country participated in this event with the top 6 finishers to represent Philippines in the 1990 World Chess Olympiad in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia in November.
The 39-year-old Torre, Asia's first Grandmaster and a member of the exclusive Calsberg Club of Champions, won by default over Esperante, the 116th seed and qualified due to his strong performance in the 1990 Far East Bank RP Open Championships last May.
In the early completed games yesterday, the seeded players who won were No. 9 Petronio Roca over 124th seed Hilario Serrano; Adrian Pacis (10) drubbed Daniel Jovacon (125); Antonio Calvo (22) subdued Rolando Pates (141); Dick Gicain (31) beat Christine Mariano (146);
Rolando Nolte (33) crushed Ramon Perucho (148); Allan Sasot (36) nipped Dominador Guerra (151); Barlow Nadera (40) trounced Emilio Cabagay (155); Nelson Marinao II (42) took the measure of Lorenzo Bunda (157); Selowyn Songquit (43) clobbered Armelito del Agua (158); and Carlo Lorena (46) outwitted Rene Narca (161).
On the other hand, upsets were recorded by Nimrod Bolongaita (127) over 12th seed Rodolfo Toledo; 153rd Antonio Gopilan over 38th seed Jayson Gonzales; Donald Pagulong (165) tripped Luis Abriam (50); Sergio Santos (166), a co-worker of Roberto Hernandez at The Plaza Restaurant in Makati in mid-70's) upset 51st seed John Olanday; Deogracia Mangubat (187) toppled Alfredo Base (72); Luis Astibe (198) defeated Mila Emperado (83) and Balden Corpuz (204) over John Villamin (89).
The 2 drawn games were between Alexander Vinas (61) vs. Romeo Almazan (176) and Elmer Carag (41) vs. Grace Terrado (141).
Meanwhile, PCF President Art Borjal said that the nomination and candidacy of FIDE President Florencio Campomanes was already certified by the PCF for Campomanes 3rd term as the head of world's governing body in chess.
In the last 8 years, Campomanes led FIDE, which is based in Switzerland. FIDE will hold its election of new president during the 1990 World Chess Olympiad in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia this November.

(Antonio, leads Open Chess)
2nd round
International Master Rogelio Antonio used his vast experience to register his 2nd consecutive victories last night at the 1990 Philippine National Open Chess Championship at Ninoy Aquino Stadium.

The 23-year-old 3rd seed Antonio, with the white pieces, clobbered 70th seed Roberto Bautista in 22 moves of Sicilian Defence.

He leads the other 5 of the top 10 seeds with 30 others with 2 points after 2 rounds of the tournament.

23rd rank National Master Antonio Calvo was upset by almost unknown Juancho Caunte in 44 moves of King's Indian Defence.Tourney has P100,000.00 cash prize at stake for the champion.

The 94th seed Caunte, of Kalookan City has 2 points together with 6th seed Chito Garma, 7th seed IM Rogelio Barcenilla, 8th seed IM Ricardo de Guzman and 9th seed FIDE Master Vince Alaan.

Eight game were adjourned and those will be resumed this morning that included 5 of the top 10 seeds. These games are from top seed GM Eugene Torre, 2nd seed IM Rico Mascarinas, 4th favorite Ruben Rodriguez and 10th seed NM Petronio Roca.

INTERNATIONAL Master Rogelio Barcenilla, left, and veteran Odillon Badilles in action in the ongoing national chess tournament. Barcenilla won to join seven others on top with three straight wins.
(Photo by Luis Garcia, Jr.)

National junior champion Solomon Bautista continued his remarkable performance yesterday by beasting National Master Eric Gloria to join 16 other players in the lead with 3 straght wins in the 1990 National Open Chess Championships at Ninoy Aquino Stadium.

The 17-year-old Pangasinan bet sacrificed 2 of his center pawns in the opening to gain the initiative and then forced his opponent to resign after 35 moves of a Queen's Indian Defence.

"This is a big win for me," said Bautista, who will be leaving for Dubai to compete in the Asian Juniors championship next month.

Grandmaster Eugene Torre, who re-adjourned his 2nd round match, crushed Catalino Quibral after only 24 moves of a Sicilian game to stay within striking distance with 2 points.

International Master Rico Mascarinas who narrowly missed competing in the last World Chess Olympiad, adjourned his 3rd round game against Danilo Marquez.

The country's 2nd ranked player still has one adjourned game in the 2nd round.

Other 3 pointers are IM Rogelio Antonio, who trounced NM Susano Aguilar in 34 moves of Caro-Khan; NM Luis Chiong who humbled Selwyn Cabaluna in 35 moves of Sicilian; NM Chito Garma who whipped Eduardo Agagon in 48 moves of Ruy Lopez; IM Rogelio Barcenilla who dumped Edmundo Gatus in 42 moves of another Ruy Lopez; NM Petronio Roca who nipped Barlow Nadera in 39 moves of King's Indian Defence and NM Fernie Donguines, who stopped Stewart Manaog in 36 moves of another King's Indian Defence.

Meanwhile, Romeo Alca finished with 6.5 points out of possible 7 to capture the Nestle Cabuyao Open chess tournament last Aug. 19.

Ronnie Ybuan was 2nd with 6 points followed by Rodrigo Carabana with 5.5 points.

The 2 winners received their prizes from Nestle Cabuyao personnel manager Honorato Sablon.

GRANDMASTER Eugene Torre rekindled a spark of his brilliance to keep his place at the top in the company of seven others yesterday after four rounds of play in the National Open chess championships at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium.

Torre, who finally outlasted unfancied Danilo Marquez in their twice-adjourned 2nd round match, outplayed veteran Ponciano Badilles in 62 moves of Reti Opening to notch his 4th straight win and keep his share of the lead.

It was the vintage Torre who entertained the motley crowd with a crushing combination assaulting Badilles from every angle with his two powerful knights and a menacing queen. Badilles, who was down with two pawns and stuck with an immobile bishop, clung to dear life to the end before resigning.

Also gaining a share of the upper bracket with 4 points were Rogelio Barcenilla, Chito Garma, Eduardo Ortiz, Dennis Gutierrez, Rodrigo Atutubo, Bende Joseph Lagua and the unheralded Juancho Caunte, who claimed his third national master victim in Buenaventura Villamayor.

Like Caunte, a 25-year-old campaigner from Caloocan City, Ortiz and Gutierrez both humbled their respective NM opponents with Ortiz beating Fernie Donguines in 54 moves of the French game and Gutierrez outwitting Luis Chiong in 32 moves of a Gruenfeld.

Chiong, who tried to push his luck further in a drawish game, saw his ploy backfire when he blundered away a rook (Rc3) in the 32nd move, setting up Gutierrez who had earlier signalled for a draw with repetitious moves, for a mate in one with a rook and a ......

giant-killer check with a bishop at d3. This enabled Lagua to set up an open check and claim his fourth straight win.

Barcenilla outclassed Odillon Badilles in 47 moves of an English Opening while Garma took the full point against Adrian Pacis in 46 moves of the French. Atutubo stopped former Asian junior champion Vince Alaan in 42 moves of a Sicilian to remain at the top.

IM Rogelio Antonio dropped off the pace with 3.5 points when he settled for a draw in 49 moves of a French against Elias Lao. Petronio Roca and Allan Sayson also halved the point in 45 moves of an Old Indian and Solomon Bautista agreed to a truce with Dick Gicain in 43 moves of the Modern Benoni to stay half a point off the leaders.

IM Ricky de Guzman, Mirebeau Maga, Paulino Valdez, Alexander Vinas and Allan Sasot stayed within striking distance with 3.5 points after besting their respective rivals. De Guzman beat Jose Jude Ulanday in 29 moves of a Queen-Pawn opening while Maga subdued Cristobal Digamo in 40 moves of King's Indian Defence.

Source: Tempo Newspaper
With report from Ray Roquero
Sports Page
August 29, 1990 (Wednesday)

NOTE: The 1990 Philippine National Chess Championship was the only NCC that Roberto Hernandez has participated. Ranked 218th, with a national rating of 1800, he scored 6 points in 13 rounds.

Eugene Torre, Vince Alaan, Joey Antonio and Chito Garma (clockwise, from top, left) in action. (Photo by Luis Garcia, Jr.)

Grandmaster Eugene Torre vanquished the last non-titled player in the upper ladder yesterday when he defeated unseeded Dennis Gutierrez to grab the solo lead in the 6th round of National Chess Championships before a sparse crowd at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium.

Playing black, the 38-year-old top seed wove an intricate 40-move victory of the Giocco Piano to move away from erstwhile co-leader International Master Rogelio Antonio with 6.0 points, only 4.0 points off the magic number to virtually secure a place in the RP team to the Olympiad.

Barcenilla, the youngest IM at 18 and still unbeaten in 6 outings. settled for a quiet draw with fellow IM Rogelio Antonio after a quick 18-move exchange of a Ruy Lopez game to share the 2nd and 3rd posts with 5.5 points each and stay in the running for the top stake of P100.00

Gutierrez, who sealed his doom in the 32nd following a passive Qg7 move that allowed Torre to regroup his pieces and launch a rook and knight attack in the simplified endgame, was marooned with 5.0 points in the company of IM Peronio Roca and 7 others.

Roca halved the point with Bende Joseph Lagua in 15 moves of Bird's Opening to join the group of National Masters Luis Chiong, Mirebeau Maga, Eric Gloria and Elias Lao and untitled Rodrigo Atutubo and Barlow Nadera who beat their respective rivals and boost their tallies to 5.0 points each.

The 30-year-old Chiong, a native of Antique, gave up a pawn in the opening to marshall a massive attack on Allan Sasot's weak pawn structure, forcing his rival to resign in 30 moves of a Gruenfeld in the face of a mating threat in one move.

Maga outwitted Selwyn Cabaluna in 37 moves of King's Indian Defence while Atutubo defeated Eduardo Ortiz in 51 moves of a French.

Nadera employed the Torre Attack to beat Efren Arguelles even as IM Ricardo de Guzman bounced back from a 5th round loss to Yves Ranola with a 32-move win over Celso Rabago.

IM Rico Mascarinas also kept his hopes alive with 4.5 points after beating Louis Pablo in 31 moves of Nimzo-Indian. Also gaining 4.5 each were Rodolfo Toledo, Angelo Young, Ponciano Badilles, Carlo Lorena and Jesse Sales, who posted their 4th win against a draw.

Source: Tempo Newspaper
With report from Ray Roquero
Sports Page
August 31, 1990

Inspite of bowing to International Master Rogelio Antonio in the resumption of their adjourned game the other day, top seed GM Eugene Torre held on to the lead after 9 rounds of 1990 National Chess Championships at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium.

The 39-year-old Torre has now 7.5 points after drawing with National Master Chito Garma, whom he shared the lead of this tourney's earlier rounds.

Antonio and Barlow Nadera also drew their game after only 25 moves.

Trailing the 4 leaders with 6.5 points are still playing as of press time -- Angelo Young vs. IM Ricardo de Guzman and Yves Ranola vs. Petronio Roca who have all 6.5 points each.

6th seed Fernie Donguines got his 7th points after subduing Walter Neri while 11th seed Vince Alaan trounced Dick Gicain and 16th seed Joseph Bende Lagua outduelled Jayson Gonzales.

Second seed International Master Rico Mascarinas only managed a draw against Venerancio Malinao and stay at 6.5 points in the company of IM Ruben Rodriguez who defeated Dennis Gutierrez.

With 6 points each and still playing at press time, Luis Chiong vs. Rolando Nolte and Eric Gloria vs. Juancho Caunte.

Adrian Pacis, Rodolfo Toledo, Alex Milagrosa, Efren Bagamasdad, Rodrigo Atutubo and Eduardo Agagon all have 6.5 points after winning over their respective opponents.

The top six finishers of this 13-round Swiss system event will represent the Philippine team to the 1990 World Chess Olympiad to be held in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia in November.

A total of P100,000.00 and a spot for the 6-member team that will compete in the 1990 World Chess Olympiad in November is at stake for the winners of 1990 National Chess Championship to start on August 25 at Ninoy Aquino Stadium.

Asia's first Grandmaster Eugene Torre is sure to participate in this 13-round Swiss System tournament.

Also expected to join are former members of Olympiad team IM Rico Mascarinas, Ruben Rodriguez and NM Eric Gloria and Rogelio Barcenilla. (MT)

GREECE Olympian Joey Antonio turned a losing game into a decisive victory against National Master Chito Garma last night to grab solo leadership and move closer in bagging the top prize of P100,000.00 after 11 rounds of play in the National Chess Championships at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium.

And his chief rival, Grandmaster Eugene Torre, matched Antonio's Houdini act to salvage a draw against FIDE Master Vince Alaan and remain half a point behind the leaders with two rounds left.

Antonio has 9.5 points against Torre's 9 points. "I guess I was just lucky. But I hope to maintain my position at the top. The last 2 rounds will prove to be decisive in this tournament," said Antonio who clinched the victory by time forfeit in 39 moves of the Sicilian Defence, drawing cheers from the handful of spectators.

Garma, who played white, enjoyed a positional advantage in the middlegame but spent so much time trying to transform his edge into a smashing victory and he lost precious minutes in the process.

Antonio, who conquered Torre 2 rounds earlier, pounced on his opponent's lapse to turn the game around. It was truly a heartbreaker for Garma as Antonio offered a draw after his 15th move, Qb2, which Garma promtly rejected.

"He (Antonio) offered a draw but I thought I could win it. My only blunder was that long analysis which brought me nowhere," said Garma, who slid to the 3rd group with 8.5 points in the company of Alaan, IM Rico Mascarinas, Louie Ocampo and Ricky de Guzman.

At the end, Antonio, who played a key role in the Philippines highest ever finish (7th place) in the 1988 World Chess Olympiad in Greece, had 2 queening pawns on the 6th and 7th ranks aside from his material edge.

Torre lost ground early to Alaan who masterfully developed the white pieces for an assault on the kingside. The young hopeful gained material advantage when he forced Torre to trade his rook for a bishop but in his excitement to score a big win, Alaan unknowingly moved his queen to g6 thrice, for a repetition of moves.

The forced draw came on the 44th move of a Ruy Lopez and Alaan, too stunned to say a word, was in near tears.

Mascarinas beat NM Rodolfo Toledo in 29 moves of the King's Indian Defence, Pablo upset IM Ruben Rodriguez in 31 moves of the English Opening and de Guzman defeated Jayson Gonzales in 47 moves of the Queen's Gambit Declined to remain in the thick of the fight for a slot in the 6-man RP Olympiad Team.

IM Rogelio Barcenilla also kept his flickering hopes alive with a 40-move victory of the Ruy Lopez against Yves Ranola for 8.0 points, the same tally posted by NM Fernie Donguines, who subdued Elias Lao in 30 moves of King's Indian and Eduardo Agagon who outwitted Bende Joseph Lagua in 41 moves of the Ruy Lopez.

The players take a break today through Sunday. On Monday, competition will resume at 2:00 pm.

The 13-round Swiss system has been criticized by Torre because of its irrelevance and lack of titled campaigners.

Tempo Newspaper
with report from Ray Roquero
Sports Page
September 07, 1990

NEW PHILIPPINE CHESS CHAMPION Rogelio Antonio, left, is congratulated by PCF President Art Borjal as Sports Commissioner Chairman Cecil Hechanova prepares to award the championship trophy in yesterday's rites at the MOPC. Antonio also won P100.000.00 in cash.

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