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               6 Filipinos comprised Team Guam in 2014 Chess Olympiad, 9 in Palau team. In the 2012 WCO in Istanbul, Turkey, 4 Filipinos (Roberto Hernandez, right, Elizabeth Manuel, taking this photo, Bernardo Garcia and Menandro Manuel) in Palau team were swept by Maldives team who are all from India. There are Filipinos also in Macau, Hong Kong, Fiji, Solomon Islands, USA, Australia and Papua New Guinea Olympiad teams.                                 (Photo by Roberto Hernandez)


THE 2nd Rapid Chess Tournament of the year will fire off on June 26 at either Bethlehem Park or Surangel’s Campaign Headquarters from 2pm onwards.
                The first Rapid Chess Tournament this year has a time control of 25 minutes to finish the game with 10 seconds increment. This 2nd edition is faster with only 15 minutes for each player to finish the game without increment. Registration fee is peg at $5.00 with the top 3 finishers receiving medals. The fee might increase to have some cash prize as suggested by Palau Chess Federation President Eric Ksau Surangel Whipps.
                Manuel ‘Jun’ Mahor, Jr. is currently on vacation. He sent a message to PCF site that if it’s not possible for him to catch up when he returns from vacation, then he will skip this tilt. This tourney is Swiss system and a player must play 2 games every Sunday. It will be unwise to list him as participant and will lose his first 4 games by default. It’s very hard to catch up with a 0-4 slate to start with.
                This tourney is also one of the preparatory tournaments for Palau Chess Team that will participate in the 2016 World Chess Olympiad in Baku, Azerbaijan from Sept. 01-14. After this, a round-robin event with Olympiad time control of 90 minutes + 30 seconds increment to make 40 moves and another 30 minutes to finish the game with 30 seconds increment likewise, will held right away.
                The 7-player field will include PCF top player Cyril Tomas Montel, Jr. and No. 3 Tito Cabunagan to clash wits with Roberto Hernandez, Jeff Balbalosa, Dennis Gonzales, Paquito Suringa, Jr. and Allan Alcid, who are already registered in the coming Olympiad.
                The registration fee to Baku Olympiad is 100 Euro per person. This fee covers the accreditation and transportation costs for the whole Olympiad. The upgrading fees and the accompanying persons’ accommodation fees payment must be made before the Olympiad via a bank transfer or by cash upon the arrival of the teams.
                There’s a penalty fee for late registration of 100 Euro per person, in addition to the regular registration fee. For no-show, it is equal to one hotel night price.
                The total sums to be paid by the Federations will be calculated after their Registration. The bank details for the transfers will be communicated to the Federations in the Invoices that they will get from the organizers.
                The Federations are considered responsible by the Operating Committee for their accommodation reservations. In case of no-shows or problems regarding the payments, the organizers will address the Federations for financial regularizations. The financial officers of the Olympiad will be located in the venue, and in the Boulevard Hotel. Everybody is asked to refer to the Informative Bulletin to check their working time.
                The transportation from and to the Airport is guaranteed by the organizers. In the airport, the organizers will have an information desk just after the luggage pick-up, where the participants will be able to get necessary information and help.
                The organizers don’t bear any responsibility of lost luggage. Participants taking connecting flights should foresee the possibility of a lost luggage and take some belongings in their cabin luggage. They should inform the organizers at the Airport Help Desk about lost luggage to allow them to bring the luggage to the hotels once it arrives to Baku. The daily transportation between the hotels and the playing Hall venue, to and from the Opening and Closing Ceremonies as well as to and from the Bermuda Party is provided by the organizers.
                The transportation schedule will be available at the Info desk of each hotel, in the Info Bulletin and on the official website of the Olympiad: www.bakuchessolympiad.com in the section “For participants”.
                The Palau Chess Team will be bringing $1,000.00 for payments to the FA, FI, NI and DI licenses of its players. It needs to double that amount for the registration fees of its players.

                Solution to last week’s puzzle No. 3945: 1. Qb3+ Ka4 2. Qxb5+!! axb5 3. Ra8 mate.

                This week’s puzzle No. 3946: White to move and mates in 3 (Solution next issue)

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             Chess and Music (Perfect Combination)
             The Beginning of Chess in Palau
             By Roberto Hernandez
             To be published as a book in the future

            Music and My by Roberto Hernandez
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           April 2013 -- June 27, 2016

           The History of Chess in Palau 
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