Tuesday, June 28, 2016

(1228) ANOTHER RAPID CHESS TILT ON JUNE 26 (TBN-June 13, 2016)

                    FIDE Instructor (FI), National Master (NM) Roberto Hernandez, left, and Developmental Instructor (DI) Paquito Suringa, Jr., both from Palau Royal Resort, are teammates in the upcoming 2016 World Chess Olympiad in Baku, Azerbaijan. In the 2014 WCO in Norway, NM, National Instructor (NI) Cyril Tomas Montel, Jr. and Candidate Master (CM) Bernardo Garcia were the duo from PPR.
                                                 (Photo by Roberto Hernandez)

           ON JUNE 26, 2016
IN PREPARATION for the upcoming 2016 World Chess Olympiad in Baku, Azerbaijan, the Palau Chess Federation will be holding 2 chess tournaments before the 6-member Palau Open Chess Team leaves for Manila-Dubai-Moscow-Azerbaijan flight on Aug. 31, 2016. The Olympiad will commence on Sept. 01 (Arrival and Opening Ceremony) and will conclude on Sept. 14 (All-day for departure).

                The Palau Open Chess Team is consist of PCF President Eric Ksau Surangel Whipps as Head of Delegation and Congress Delegate; Roberto Hernandez, Player and General Assembly Delegate; Players Dennis Gonzales, Paquito Suringa, Jr., Jeffrey Balbalosa and Allan Alcid.

                The first prep tourney is the Rapid Chess tilt with time control of 15 minutes for each player to finish the game without increment. It is a 9-round Swiss system event with the players having to play at least 2 games every Sunday at the venue – Bethlehem Park or Surangel’s Campaign Headquarters.
                Registration fee is peg at $5.00 with the top 3 finishers receiving medals. There is a suggestion from Mr. Eric that the registration fee to be higher and there will be some cash as well to the top 3 slots.
                Immediately after this event, the 5 Olympiad-bound players will have a round-robin event with additional strong players added to the list (No. 1 Cyril Tomas Montel, Jr. and No. 3 Tito Cabunagan) with a time format the same as the Olympiad.
                Baku Olympiad Registration and Accreditation Manager Kema Goryaeva wrote an email to Hernandez that says: Kema Goryaeva (Baku Chess Olympiad 2016) <kema.goryaeva@bakuchessolympiad.com> To Palau June 5 at 2:59 AM
Dear Mr. Hernandez,
                Please note that I have validated your account and connected it to your Federation in the registration system of the Baku Chess Olympiad. You may proceed with registering your teams, officials, delegate and accompanying persons. Please meet the deadlines of the registration to avoid late registration fee. Also, please pay a special attention to the passport details and passport scan to be added when registering your people.
                Very important is to instruct your team members and representatives on the visa procedure if they hold a passport of a country whose citizens need visa to Azerbaijan.
Everyone should take three documents with her/him before traveling to Baku: visa form (correctly filled in), accreditation proof (to be printed out from the system, you will be informed how to print), and visa invitation letter (will be sent to everyone in due time). These documents will be asked in Baku Heydar Aliyev International Airport.
                Thank you so much for your kind cooperation,
Kema Goryaeva
Registration & Accreditation Manager
                Solution to last week’s puzzle No. 3943: 1. Qb5+!! Qxb5 2. Rc3+! Kxa4 3. Ra3 mate.

                This week’s puzzle No. 3944: White to move and mates in 3 (Solution next issue)

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              Chess and Music (Perfect Combination)
              The Beginning of Chess in Palau
              By Roberto Hernandez
             To be published as a book in the future

             Music and Me by Roberto Hernandez
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             April 2013 -- June 13, 2016

             The History of Chess in Palau
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