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(1171) MUSIC AND ME (Feb. 11, 2016) How Many Glasses of Water Roberto is Drinking a Day?

     Roberto's urine is always clear as he drinks a lot of water every day -- 16 glasses. Four of it while playing for 2 hours at Waves Restaurant of Palau Royal Resort from 7-9pm, Monday to Friday. Once in a while, it is changed to red or white wine that guests are giving him. Still, he will finish the water as well as the wine.                                                (Photo by Roberto Hernandez)

They say, “You must drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.” Roberto’s statistics of water drank a day goes like this:

                Monday - Wake up at 8:30am and have breakfast at Palau Royal Resort Canteen drinking Pito-Pito herbal tea. Pito is Filipino word for seven as that tea is extracted from seven herbs – 1. Alagaw (Premna odorata blanco-Anti-acid) 2. Banaba (Lagerstroemia speciosa-Diuretic) 3. Mangga (or Mango) (Mangifera indica-Anti-cough and cold) 4. Bayabas (or guava) (Psidium guajava-Antiseptic) 5. Pandan (Pandanus amaryllifolius-Nerve tonic) 6. Lagundi (Coriandum sativum-Antibiotic) 7. Anis (Pimpenellia anisum-Anti-mucus and anti-acid).

                He will drink one cup of it while having breakfast. There’s still some left for second serving of one tea bag and he will use it when taking Ferrous Sulfate after lunch. Roberto will drink 2 glasses of water during breakfast and another glass 30 minutes before lunch. He will drink two glasses of water while having lunch and another glass before napping for an hour.
                He will drink another glass of water before teaching Dichem Tmetchul, daughter of Palau Senator Mlib Tmetchul, from 5-6pm. While taking the diabetic medicine Glyburide (5mg), he will drink another glass of water before dinner at 6:30pm. During dinner, he will drink 2 more glasses of water.
                At 7pm, before playing piano at Waves Restaurant of PRR, he will drink one glass of water, look at the guests to see who are Japanese or Chinese and bring the water goblet full of water and put it at the left side of the piano. He can distinguish the guests if they are Japanese if there are drinks on their table. If only water, they are Taiwanese or Chinese.
                Sometimes, there are Chinese who have drinks on their table or ordered a bottle of red or white wine but Roberto can still distinguish that they are Chinese because of their table manners. Japanese drink their wine with a touch of class and not ‘rough’ as like the others.
                After one hour of playing instrumental piano music, Roberto has finished the 2nd glass of water. Before taking a short rest to the rest room, (that’s why they call it rest room, it’s where Roberto take his rest), he will drink another glass of water and refill the glass and put it back again at the left side of the piano. He will finish the 4th glass of water before proceeding to Breeze Bar of PRR for another 2 hours of instrumental keyboard music from 9-11pm. Most of the times, he don’t drink water anymore there.
       Sometimes, guests give Roberto wine (red or white) but still he will finish the water also.

    The Japanese guy in the middle gave me $10.00 tip and a glass of red wine. The Waves Restaurant supervisor, Fe, asked a bartender/waitress to tell me not to drink it while on duty.            (Photo by Roberto Hernandez)

THE LAST WALTZ-Japanese Version

ON October 05, 2013, there are moderate number of guests at Waves Restaurant of Palau Royal Resort, when I started to play piano at 7pm. 

Minutes later, a Japanese couple came with their grandson (photo). While getting his food at the buffet, the guy usually sang a part of Japanese song that I'm playing.

I played Japanese songs, Taiwanese songs and American songs alternately because there are some guests of these nationalities.

The Japanese guy came to me once more and gave me $10.00 tip. He can't speak English but I understand what he is saying 70% because he speaks so clearly and got a very good and powerful voice.

He also asked a waitress to give me red wine (my choice -- good for the heart). Then he asked me if I know the song "The Last Waltz" and then he proceed to his table with a plate of food.

When I started to play the intro of that song which is sung by Engelbert Humperdinck, he runs to me and sung the song in Japanese version. He's really got a powerful voice that he needs no microphone.

Fe, the supervisor, made a sign to me that he can't sing. But he's already singing and it would be a unethical to stop him from singing in the middle of the song.

I have a mixed feeling while playing with him singing -- The Japanese version of the song is so fitting to his voice and the selection of lyrics is so right that I'm inspired to play with expression but it's not fully expressive as there is a hindrance of getting another demerit for letting a guest sing.

After the song, Fe talked to him that he is not allowed to sing. When he sits down to his table, the red wine was put near to my water goblet. I put it on the top side of piano and the red wine was put to the place where the goblet was.

Then Jovy Rodriguez, the lady bartender, told me that she will put the wine in a plastic glass and I can drink it at Breeze Bar. 

While I continue to play the rest of my schedule there, the former Executive Chef Masaki Horie, who was the brainchild of disallowing guests to sing or touch the piano, passed by with the new Exec. Chef Mr. Daizuke. 

Chef Horie is also the one that tells the staff not to allow me to drink the alcoholic beverage that the guests are giving me.

I discovered that order when a Filipino guest told me that, "I wanted to give you a drink but the waitress said that you are not allowed to drink while on duty."

It didn't even come to Chef Horie's mind that if customers want to give me drinks, they should have give me juice or Drink of the Month (DOM) without alcohol so that it adds to the sales.

My main concern for accepting drinks that the guests are giving me is help in adding to the sales. Most of the drinks that guests are giving me, especially beers in can, I just keep in my room. 

At 9:00pm, after securing my things and the piano, I went to their table and we talk for a few minutes. They really can speak English so I have to really stretch my hearing and understanding of the words they are saying.

I asked them for a souvenir photo before I go to Breeze Bar. When we are posing at the piano, my cell phone's camera is not working (with error warning). I have to asked them to use their camera first and turned the power off of my camera.

I proceed to Breeze Bar with the red wine in a plastic glass. There, the regular guests (the Pineda brothers: Bobby, Ogie and Dodie) are there.

They have some family discussions which is very nice to hear. The side of one is different from the other 2. Half hour later, an American couple sit at the table beside them.

When I started to play "Hotel California", they are singing with it so I sang the song on the 2nd stanza. Four of us are now singing -the couple, Bobby and me.

I followed it up with the 2nd Eagles song "Desperado" and the American guy knows the song and sang with me.

All the other songs --Stand By Me, Let It Be, Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You, Careless Whisper were also sung like a choir.

Bobby sang "Sometimes When We Touch" and "My Way" and also do the "drumming" using a chopstick, plates and table to the amazement of the American couple.

Before 11pm, the couple left and at exactly 11pm, I stopped playing. While securing the keyboard, the couple came back with their luggage. They are leaving in an hour to go back to USA. 

The guy is expecting me to be playing for another hour. I just sit down with them and they gave me a shot of sake (Japanese wine). 

When the conversation was focused to chess, I asked the guy if he plays chess. He said just a little. They are surprised to know that I represented Palau in Australia in 2009, in Russia in 2010, in Istanbul, Turkey last year and will represent Palau again in 2014 in Norway. 

The lady said they will follow the event next year and hopes to see me again in the news or TV. I gave them my calling card and wish them a good and safe flight back home.

Source: Chess and Music (Perfect Combination)
           The Beginning of Chess In Palau
           October 2013
           To be published as a book in the future                       

                During supper, Roberto will take 2 more glasses of water and a glass of soy milk, which is without glucose but has the same calcium as other fresh milk.
                Every Tuesday, he drinks 2 glasses of water after waking up at 4:15am to attend the Morning Devotion of Pentecostal Missionary Church of Christ (4th Watch) Palau Locale. After it, he will proceed to the Track and Field Oval to jog for 30 minutes and do 30 push-ups.
                Before, Roberto thought that the best place to jog is at Long Island Park. It’s still the best place to jog leisurely but if anybody wants to perspire, the oval is the place! You can also measure/calculate how many meters you had jogged/walked.
                There are a lot of joggers there as early as 5am. Roberto counted it at 5:45am and there are 25 joggers. Fifteen minutes later, more than 30 joggers. He met there in early January 2016, Lucio Ngiraiwet, his long time friend and a Delegate from Ngardmau State, who said, “So, you still find some time to exercise. This Yuletide season, I ate a lot. I need to shed some fats.” Also the former Palau President Johnson Toribiong jogs/walks there regularly with friends.
                He will have breakfast at 6:30am with 2 glasses of water again and a cup of herbal tea before sleeping again for 4 hours.
                The same routine but the music student (guitar) is Hanson Campbell from 4-5pm. Every Wednesday, Roberto has the same routine as Monday and the same piano student (Dichem) from 5-6pm.  Currently, no student on Thursday but Friday is hectic. Morning Devotion again at 4:30am, jogging for 30 minutes from 5:45-6:15, breakfast, sleep again for 4 hours, lunch, teach Hanson guitar 2-3pm, teach Samantha guitar/keyboard from 3-5pm, play music from 7-11pm.
                Saturday is more hectic – teach Shane guitar from 8-10am, lunch, teach Norma Neriquita keyboard from 1:30-3:30pm, early dinner at 4:30, teach Brandon Kyle L. Soriano guitar and chess from 6pm-8pm (1 hour guitar, 1 hour chess).
                Sunday is the only morning that Roberto drink coffee at breakfast so that he will not fall sleepy during the Sunday Services of PMCC, where he is the President again for 2016 after being the President from 2008-2010. He drinks 2 glasses of water there during the 9am-12:30pm services.
                Late in 2015, Roberto is teaching his first genius piano student, 24-year-old Japanese lady Yoko Tomita every Tuesday (2 hours) and Thursday (1 hour) but the schedule becomes irregular when she started to work as volunteer at Dolphins Pacific in Feb. 2016. In March, 2016, sometimes it’s Mon., Tue, Wed or Friday, depending on her available time. She or her mom always gives me a glass of water before we start our lessons. ANOTHER EXTRA GLASS OF WATER!

Sources: Music and Me by Roberto Hernandez
                   Tia Belau Newspaper
                   March 15, 2012 -- April 2013
                   April 2013 -- March 11, 2016

                  Chess and Music (Perfect Combination)
                  The Beginning of Chess in Palau
                  By Roberto Hernandez
                  To be published as a book in the future 

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