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(1199) MUSIC AND ME (Feb. 18, 2016) Young Palauan Mother Wants Music Lesson

     Before leaving Waves Restaurant of Palau Royal Resort after their dinner, Roberto Hernandez invited the young Palauan couple to have a photo with their baby at the piano for possible feature at Music and Me. Here it is...
                                       (Photo by Roberto Hernandez)

                   MUSIC LESSON 
   ON JANUARY 20, 2016 at Waves Restaurant of Palau Royal Resort, we have a young Palauan couple who had dinner while I'm playing piano instrumental music from 7-9pm.

   They have a baby with them and while the guy is using the rest room, the young mom approach me and said she knows me long time ago but it's her first time to meet me in person. And that she's honored to meet me at last.

   She mentioned about having music lessons with me. I gave her my card and discuss the possibility of it. If guitar or keyboard lessons. I'm willing to lend her my spare keyboard if she would like to have keyboard lessons and another spare guitar if it will be guitar lessons.

   After their dinner, they are about to leave and I talk to her about having picture taken with them at the piano to have them be featured in my Music and Me site.

   I told her that idea while her husband is using the rest room. After 2 photo shots, they left with me still thinking of the possibility of her having music lessons.

   Being a full time mother, I know that it will be very hard for her to spare a few hours for music lessons. But anyway, if there's a will, there's a way.

                            CONTINUATION OF


            SA AKING PAG-IISA (Cinderella)(Filipino Song)                                     OPM    7      
            SAAN KA MAN NAROROON (Ric Manrique, Jr.) (Filipino Song)         OPM   30
            SACRIFICE (Elton John)                                                                              DB227
196      SAD MOVIES (Lennon Sisters)                                                                    B   131
            SAD SONGS (Says So Much) (Elton John)                                                  DB226
            SAID I LOVE YOU… BUT I LIED (Michael Bolton)                                  B   291
            SAIGO NO IIWAKE (Japanese Song)                                                         J      37
1972    SAILING (Rod Stewart)                                                                               DB192
            SAIL ON (Lionel Richie)                                                                               G     88
            SAKEYO (Japanese Song)                                                                           J      38
            SA KABUKIRAN (Filipino Song)                                                             OPM125
            SALAWAHAN (Boyfriends) (Filipino Song)                                               OPM231
            SA LIBIS NG NAYON (Filipino Song                                                       OPM113
            S   A   M     (Olivia Newton-John)                                                                R     77
            SANA AY MAHALIN MO RIN AKO (Filipino Song)                             OPM  68
            SAMPAGUITA (Filipino Song)                                                                 OPM
1985    SANA IKAW NA NGA (Basil Valdez) (Filipino Song)                              OPM152
            SANA KAHIT MINSAN (Filipino Song)                                                 OPM
            SANA MAULIT MULI (Gary Valenciano) (Filipino Song)                        OPM148
            SANA’Y LAGING MAGKAPILING (Filipino Song)                               OPM151
            SANA’Y WALA NANG WAKAS (Sharon Cuneta) (Filipino Song)          OPM    1
            SAN FRANCISCO                                                                                    G     57
            SANTA LUCIA (Italian Song)                                                                    DBI   6
            SAPAGKAT KAMI AY TAO LAMANG (Filipino Song)                         OPM  10
            SAPAGKAT MAHAL KITA (Filipino Song)                                            OPM  88
            SARANGGOLA NI PEPE (Celeste Legaspi) (Filipino Song)                   OPM  40
            SARONG BANGUI (Filipino Song)                                                        OPM117
1958    SATIN DOLL                                                                                            B     76
1992    SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST (Denice Williams)                                        DB  31
1960    SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME (The Drifters)                                   DB  31
196      SAVE YOUR HEART FOR ME (Gary Lewis & The Playboys)                 DB  30
1985    SAVING ALL MY LOVE FOR YOU (Whitney Houston)                         B   190
1980    S A Y A N G   (Claire dela Fuente) (Filipino Song)                                   OPM196
            SAYANG NA SAYANG (Manilyn Reynes) (Filipino Song)                       OPM  58
                              (Tony Orlando & Dawn)                                                           DB135
            SAY THAT YOU LOVE ME (Martin Nievera)                                        OPM182
1985    SAY YOU SAY ME (Lionel Richie)                                                            B   235
            SCARBOROUGH FAIR/CANTICLE (Simon & Garfunkel)                       B   178
1960    SEALED WITH A KISS (Brian Hyland)                                                    G     25
1974    SEASONS IN THE SUN (Terry Jacks) (Kingston Trio -1960’s)                 B     89
            SEL TICKET (From “Cotton Fields”) (Palauan Song)                                 
1953    SECRET LOVE (Doris Day) (S. Whitman)                                                  DB136
            SEL SAYANG (Palauan Song)                                                                     G  P  8
            SEND IN THE CLOWNS (Ray Connif) (Shirley Bassey)                            R     59
            SEND ME THE PILLOW THAT YOU DREAM ON (Hank Locklin)         R     46
            SENTIMENTAL LADY (Bob Welch) (Fleetwood Mac)                             DB228
            SEPARATE LIVES (Phil Collins & Marilyn Martin)                                      B   260
1979    SEPTEMBER MORN (Neil Diamond)                                                        B   103
1938    SEPTEMBER SONG                                                                                 V     57
            SEVEN BRIDGES ROAD (Eagles)                                                             DB  58
            SGT. PEPPER’S LONELY HEART CLUB BAND (Beatles)                      R   201
            SHANG MU, SHANG YI, YONG SHANG FONG (Chinese Song)          DBI  3
1978    SHARING THE NIGHT TOGETHER (Dr. Hook)                                      B   269
1979    S   H   E     (Jack Jones)                                                                               R   111
1977    SHE BELIEVES IN ME (Kenny Rogers)                                                     G   124
1963    SHE LOVES YOU (Beatles)                                                                       R   200
1982    SHE’S A LADY (Michael Stelio) (Richard Sanderson)                                B   299
            SHE’S ALWAYS A WOMAN (Billy Joel)                                                   R   139
            SHE’S LEAVING HOME (Beatles)                                                             R   224
            S H I P S   (Barry Manilow)                                                                         B     14
1992    SHOW ME A SMILE (Apo Hiking Society) (Filipino Song)                      OPM174
196      SHY GIRL (Cascades)                                                                                B   173
            SI FELIMON (Yoyoy Villame) (Filipino Song)                                          OPM124
1970    S I G N S   (Five Man Electrical Band)                                                        DB  32

Sources: Music and Me 
              By Roberto Hernandez
              Tia Belau Newspaper
              March 15, 2012 -- April 2013
              April 2013 -- February 18, 2016

              Chess and Music (Perfect Combination)
              The Beginning of Chess in Palau
              By Roberto Hernandez
              To be published as a book in the future 


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