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(1155) PASTRANA'S 1st AND ONLY BLITZ TITLE (TBN-March 03-10, 2006)

     Eugenio 'Gene' Pastrana, 2nd from right, is checking the equipment and time clock of the game between Xyron Singson and his youngest son Geaury Ken Pastrana during the middle rounds of the hectic 2005-2006 Palau Rapid Chess Championship being held at the premises of his Jean's Boutique and Store. In the middle is Jielton Cabierte and coming from crossing the road is Parinas. The elder Pastrana will host the 2006 Palau National Chess Championship that will start on March 19.
                                                           (Photo by Roberto Hernandez)

THERE ARE a lot of blitz chess competition in Palau that Eugenio Pastrana had joined but he never finished at the top in any of them except in the pre-National Chess Championship (2006) Blitz Chess competition that was held in his Jean’s Boutique and Store on March 05, 2006.

                As usual, it’s a double round-robin format with 10 minutes time control (no increment because Palau Chess Federation is using mechanical clocks at that time).

 Registration fee is peg at $5.00 with the champion/s keeping the half of it and the other half will be spent for drinks of players. In some occasions, the drinks were already consumed and the tourney is not yet finished. Some players, like Manuel Nedic, Consul General Julius Torres, and Eddie Grefiel have spent their champions’ purse to buy another round of drinks for players or whatever the cost of the rest of the purse.

                The participants are Pastrana, Roberto Hernandez, Cyril Montel, Jr., blitz chess specialist Edwin Eti and Jimmy ‘the Drunken Master’ Valenzuela. Because of the small purse for the champion ($12.50), it was decided no drinks will be given to the players while playing and the champion/s will keep all the cash prizes.

                Pastrana got his first ever chess title (in any time control) with a 5-1-2 win-loss-draw record. BUT, Hernandez tied him for top honor with a 6-2-0 slate. All blitz tourneys in Palau don’t use tie break with the tied players splitting the cash, which happened to Eugenio and Roberto.

                Eti finished the tilt with 3-5-0 card while Montel, Jr. and Valenzuela sported an identical 2-5-1 record. The blitz tourney was held 2 weeks prior to the opening round of 2006 PNCC.


March 05, 2006

Double Round Robin

                   Players                                                               Win   Loss   Draw      Total

  1. GENE PASTRANA                                                   5        1         2              6
  2. ROBERTO HERNANDEZ                                        6        2         0              6
  3. EDWIN ETI                                                               3        5         0              3
  4. CYRIL MONTEL, JR.                                               2        5         1            2.5
  5. JIMMY VALENZUELA                                            2        5         1             2.5

 Source: Chess Mate by Roberto Hernandez
                Tia Belau Newspaper
                Pages 9-10
                Volume 15
                Issue 10
                March 03-10, 2006

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